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AP Celebrates Obama Camps And ACORN

From the DNC’s Associated Press:

The campaign’s got your number, and your bar code

By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer

BLUE BELL, Pa. – Barack Obama, a former community organizer, is spending untold millions of dollars to identify and mobilize voters, and Republicans acknowledge that John McCain’s team probably will be outspent and outmanned. They hope it won’t be outmaneuvered

This year, Democrats say they are determined not to let the White House slip from their grasp for a third-straight election and Obama has made turnout efforts a true priority. “We’re waging a very aggressive campaign to use our network of neighborhood volunteers to persuade voters wherever they are,” said Jon Carson, Obama’s national field director…

One morning earlier, some 50 Obama supporters climbed in a charter bus in Largo, Md., bound for Richmond, Va., 120 miles away. Out West, Californians headed for Nevada. These volunteers, from two safe Democratic states, were putting their energy into neighboring battlegrounds.

“This is why he’s going to win — when you get this many people out here giving up a weekend,” said Noluthando Crockett-Ntonga from Laurel, Md., as she looked at the crew undergoing a 15-minute training session at Obama’s Virginia headquarters.

Staffers distributed packets of names and addresses of voters, along with those computer-generated barcodes, for the assembled volunteers to contact. They handed out campaign literature, neighborhood maps and a script to read. The goal: collect information on each voter, including who they are supporting. If Obama, encourage them to volunteer.

“You have a really good case to make,” said Obama field organizer Kristen Dore, 22, a “Hope” tattoo on her right foot. “Tell them, ‘I’m in your backyard and I’m from Maryland, why aren’t you in your backyard?'” …

Money is a huge factor, too.

A prolific fundraiser, Obama opted out of the taxpayer financing system and has a huge war chest.

Democrats say he has devoted potentially record-breaking sums to registering new voters, primarily blacks and youth, and building neighborhood-by-neighboorhood networks to create a “persuasion army” to court friends, relatives and neighbors. Social networking Web sites and text messaging are central.

Obama’s campaign has made aggressive pushes to register voters on campuses and in the black community, for instance establishing voter-information outposts in barber shops and beauty salons. TV and radio commercials echo that effort

Democratic sign-ups dramatically exceed Republican by the tens of thousands in battlegrounds such as Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio and Florida.

Also, Obama campaign offices and paid field staffers far outnumber McCain’s in Iowa, New Mexico and Wisconsin, if not every other state…

Obama’s campaign puts heavy emphasis on face-to-face contacts.

Maryland volunteer Yolanda Jackson, 37, hadn’t reached her first house in Richmond when the homeowner beat her to the punch. “I’m planning to vote for Obama,” Kathy Monday, 58, said with a grin and a wave. “Absolutely committed” to both voting and volunteering.

It wasn’t that easy for canvassers Linda Ransom, 49, and Charles Sloger, 69, at the large brick home next door.

“I’m undecided about everything,” Mary Baylor, 54, said on her front stoop. “I usually wait until the last minute.” After they left, Baylor said she appreciated the information sheet they provided though “I noticed it’s all Barack and that’s nice but I’ll go look up about McCain.”

Lillian and Glenn Kersey, both age 55, had even less luck.

Of the first four houses they approached, one person wasn’t home, another didn’t plan to vote, and two backed McCain, including one elderly woman who yelled: “If you’re coming into my yard to talk about Obama, I don’t want to talk to you!”

Even so, the couple from Maryland kept in good spirits.

“It’s certainly not a waste of time,” said Mrs. Kersey, recalling her march as a North Carolina teenager to the board of education during the civil rights movement as white men bearing guns taunted her and other blacks. “We fought the fight then, we’re fighting the fight now.”

Mr. Obama’s get out the vote effort principally relies upon two twin operations. His Alinsky modeled ‘Obama Camps’ and ACORN, who have gotten out the vote for him since his very first campaign.

Somehow this lengthy Associated Press article neglects to mention either operation.

But you can read about the Obama Camps here, here and here. And here you can see a selection of our numerous articles about the notorious ACORN group.

Also, please check out the related articles linked below.

You don’t expect the Associated Press to tell anyone about these activities do you?

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6 Responses to “AP Celebrates Obama Camps And ACORN”

  1. nicotusc15 says:

    I also love how the MSM never misses a chance to a)make every McCain supporter sound like a crotchety old troll, and b)elevate every Obama get out the vote effort as something akin to the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s. That last quote…about fighting then and fighting now? Please tell me where the police dogs and firehoses are, because it sounds to me like they are simply walking door-to-door in suburbia.

  2. gopland says:

    I wish they’d come to my house…… I sure would love to waste their time.

  3. 1sttofight says:

    If they come to my house, I will sic my dog on them and let her have some good fun and exercise.

  4. Byrd says:

    This election is the most dangerous I have known in my lifetime. Those who vote are made up of 2 basic groups. Those who have a good idea of what is going on, are responsible and those who don’t. It is very dangerous for a group to “use” those who don’t. It has happened in the past. Hitler had the “brown shirts” which were basicly the unemployed. Joseph Stalin called his “useful idiots”. Castro also organized the poor. The Alinsky modeled ‘Obama Camps’ and ACORN groups it seems are using this tactic. The methods are successful when the people who are capable of making good choices do not.

  5. DEZ says:

    They can come to my house to 1st, but I wont let the dog near them, they might give him rabies.
    But I could borrow a wood splitter! hmmmmm.

  6. sheehanjihad says:

    If they come to my house, my idiot dog would show them where the Alpo was kept, my cash, the car keys, and then run over by the door and drop a steaming obama on the carpet because she was “excited”. That useless football with legs wouldnt stop anyone.

    However. I would.

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