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AP Challenges Brewer On Illegal Aliens

From a purple with outrage Associated Press:

Ariz. gov: Most illegal immigrants smuggling drugs

By Paul Davenport, Associated Press Writer Fri Jun 25, 2010

PHOENIX – Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday that most illegal immigrants entering Arizona are being used to transport drugs across the border, an assertion that critics painted as exaggerated and racist.

Brewer said the motivation of "a lot" of the illegal immigrants is to enter the United States to look for work, but that drug rings press them into duty as drug "mules."

"I believe today, under the circumstances that we’re facing, that the majority of the illegal trespassers that are coming into the state of Arizona are under the direction and control of organized drug cartels and they are bringing drugs in," Brewer said.

"There’s strong information to us that they come as illegal people wanting to come to work. Then they are accosted and they become subjects of the drug cartel," she said.

Brewer’s office said it was preparing a statement in response to a request by The Associated Press for any statistics or other information supporting her assertion.

Notice how the Associated Press immediately demanded that Governor Brewer produce documentation to back up her assertion. When have they ever done this with any Democrat or anyone pushing their liberal agenda?

"Unless Gov. Brewer can provide hard data to substantiate her claim that most undocumented people crossing into Arizona are ‘drug mules,’ she must retract such an outrageous statement," said Oscar Martinez, a University of Arizona history professor whose teaching and research focuses on border issues. "If she has no data and is just mouthing off for political reasons, as I believe she is doing, then she must apologize to the people of Arizona for lying to them so blatantly."

Does the AP have these “experts” like Mr. Martinez on file, when they want to have someone say what they are thinking?

Sen. Jesus Ramon Valdes, a member of the Mexican Senate’s northern border affairs commission, called Brewer’s comments racist and irresponsible.

"Traditionally, migrants have always been needy, humble people who in good faith go looking for a way to better the lives of their families," Ramon Valdes said.

Notice that the AP does not directly quote Mr. Valdes calling the comments racist and irresponsible. Perhaps they just assumed he said that, since this is the usual, even Pavlovian, response.

By the way, where is Mr. Valdes’ documentation to prove that the illegal aliens Ms. Brewer referenced are of a different race? If they are Hispanics, they are not.

A Border Patrol spokesman said illegal immigrants do sometimes carry drugs across the border, but he said he couldn’t provide numbers because the smugglers are turned over to prosecutors.

"I wouldn’t say that every person that is apprehended is being used as a mule," spokesman Mario Escalante said from Tucson. "The smuggling organizations, in their attempts to be lucrative and to make more money, they’ll try pretty much whatever they need."

Why should the AP allow Mr. Escalante to make such claims when he admits that he can not provide any numbers to back up his assertion?

T.J. Bonner, president of the union that represents border agents, said some illegal border-crossers carry drugs but most don’t. People with drugs face much stiffer penalties for entering the U.S. illegally, and very few immigrants looking for work want to risk the consequences, Bonner said.

"The majority of people continue to come across in search of work, not to smuggle drugs," he said. "Most of the drug smuggling is done by people who intend to do that. That’s their livelihood."

Did the AP request that Mr. Bonner provide proof for his assertion here?

A spokesman for a human rights group said Brewer’s comments were "an oversimplification of reality."

"We have some stories of people being forced to carry drugs," said Jaime Farrant, policy director for Tucson-based Border Action Network. "We disagree with the assessment that people are crossing (to carry drugs). We have no evidence that’s the truth. We think most people come in search of jobs or to reunite with their families." …

Did the AP demand that Mr. Farrant produce his evidence that Ms. Brewer’s claim is not true? Or even to prove that the Border Action Network is a "human rights group"?

Francisco Loureiro, who has run a migrant shelter for more than 20 years in Nogales, Sonora, across the border from the Arizona town of the same name, said Brewer’s comments are aimed at turning the people of Arizona against migrants and strengthen support for the state’s new law.

"That governor is racist and she has to look for a way to harm the image of migrants before American society and mainly before the people of Arizona," Loureiro said.

Where is the AP’s demand that Mr. Loureiro document his slanderous claims about Governor Brewer? (And why didn’t the AP mention that Mr. Loureiro is a well known militant ‘activist’ for illegal aliens?)

Robert Suro, a University of Southern California journalism professor who founded a research center on Hispanics, said he was skeptical of Brewer’s assertion, partly because federal authorities would be trumpeting many more drug seizures than they do. "The Border Patrol is not secretive about saying when they apprehend 10 people and found knapsacks (containing drugs) nearby," he said.

Once again, Mr. Suro does not back up his skepticism with any form of documentation.

Indeed, none of the puppets that the AP trotted outs supplied any substantiation for their flat assertions. Indeed, they seemed to be “just mouthing off for political reasons,” to quote the ‘history professor’ above.

And at every point the AP forgot to demand that they provide documentation for their claims.

Why is that?

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10 Responses to “AP Challenges Brewer On Illegal Aliens”

  1. proreason says:

    60%+ of her state supports her. She’s a shoo-in to be relected. She has become a darling of the conservative movement.

    What could possibly be Ms. Brewer’s motivation to lie.

    And hmmmm, could the AP possibly have a motivation to lie?

    The better question, actually, would be whether the AP is ever motivated to tell the truth.

  2. Chinnubie says:

    Clearly the Ap is outraged at this racist allegation. I wonder how many border agents are on the payrolls of the drug cartels because the documentation the Governor needs more than likely never gets processed when they find a knapsack full of drugs. They aren’t secretive about finding drugs is a joke. I have to assume there are some bought & paid-for border agents that have schedules of their hours when they are working so the cartels send in the mules during these times. When a border agents wants to get paid more than he should he’ll switch shifts and nab a mule taking the drugs and arresting the mule. Anyone think the mule would tell the other officers he was carrying drugs and the arresting officer took them from him? It’s human nature to be greedy and these guys are no different. It can’t be lack of federal help alone that has gotten this problem to the advanced stages it has reached.

  3. JohnMG says:

    …… “If she has no data and is just mouthing off for political reasons, as I believe she is doing, then she must apologize to the people of Arizona for lying to them so blatantly.”……

    And when she does provide the data that proves her charges, is this asshole Martinez going to trip over his own tongue apologizing to Governor Brewer? Probably not—make that, not in this lifetime. Since Martinez is such a great humanitarian, perhaps he’ll go and apologize to the Robert Krentz family for the death of Mr. Krentz at the hands of drug smugglers on his own ranch.

    If blacks, hispanics, orientals, indians, muslims, queers, enviro-whackos, and the like think hollering “racist” or “homophobe” or “islamophobe” or “whateverphobe” does their ’cause’ any good, they are stupid-er than stupid.

    But thay sure as hell are consolidating the other side into a forceful coalition. Don’t anybody tell these dipshits to shut up. They are too valuable an asset.

  4. beefeater says:

    Has anyone asked Peggy West how far it is from Mexico to the Arizona border yet? And how do the undocumented democrats traverse the distance?

    Peggy? Peggy? *hello*

  5. Mithrandir says:

    When liberals DON’T want you to win an argument, they force you to give EXACT numbers, quote figures, name books, researchers etc, then challenge the authenticity of the book or researcher. What color is the researcher? Is he male? Is he rich? Is he Christian? “Well then! We certainly can’t trust someone who obviously is biased against….” –and so it goes.

    When they WANT to win an argument, they give no facts at all:
    “It’s common sense.”
    “The MAJORITY of homosexuals are NOT pedophiles….”
    “We all know that (this or that fact) is true…”
    “Polls show that most people believe that this or that fact is true….”
    “How do you FEEL about this issue? Is it right or wrong?”
    Bring out the mothers with babies for health care, show crying minority children for some bill or another…emotion emotion emotion!

  6. Flession says:

    I assume that the AP feels that the Cartel delivers their drugs to the US via teleportation devices or having its transporters do HALO jumps.

    Because, surely, it couldn’t be the obvious, common sense, and most importantly, cheap way to do it. We’re just too blinded by our fearmongring, racist mindsets to conceive the truth.

  7. misanthropicus says:

    Where is AP (and other liberal joints), demanding dba Obama to prove with documents that he is what he claims to be?

    • Mithrandir says:

      yeah, were is the college records and birth certificate?

      Laser-like focus on people liberals don’t like, ignore and support their heroes no matter how awful they are like Jessie Jackson, having a child out of wedlock with his secretary while married to another woman, WHILE counseling Bill Clinton on his sex affair……D’oh!

  8. Perdido says:

    Another neat Lib trick is to jump over the actual comment and get right to the denunciation.

    Read carefully what Brewer said: They get on their way here. Then they get bullied into service.

    The jump comes when the press goes immediately to “smuggling” without considering that the Undocumented Democrat (UD) is on the way here well in advance of their conscription.

    That’s handy.

    Another non-sequitur is that these poor souls couldn’t be forced to carry drugs by the coyotes. Ha. They do exactly as they are told or they are left out in the open to fend for themselves.

    Let’s hope Ms Brewer demands documentation to disprove her assertions.

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