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AP: Chavez ‘Refutes’ US Hezbollah Charges

From his tireless champions at the Associated Press:

Chavez refutes US Hezbollah charges

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez says the United States is trying to bring him before an international court.

Chavez says the United States is using accusations that the Venezuelan government is supporting the Lebanese group Hezbollah to "see if the world will make a move" against him.

The U.S. has charged a Venezuelan official and others with helping Hezbollah. Washington considers the armed group and political party in Lebanon a terrorist organization.

The U.S. Treasury Department said Wednesday that it has frozen the accounts of two Venezuelans: Diplomat Nasr al Din and Lebanese-born businessman Fazwi Kan’an.

Kan’an, who owns a travel agency in Caracas, called the accusations "pure lies."

Chavez spoke out against the accusations on Friday.

Would it be picking nits to note that Mr. Chavez did not "refute" the US charges?

From the Oxford English Dictionary:

refute, v.

† 1. trans. To refuse, reject (a thing or person). Obs. rare.
2. To prove (a person) to be in error, to confute.
3. To disprove, overthrow by argument, prove to be false:
a. a statement, opinion, etc.
b. an imputation, accusation, etc.
4. absol. To demonstrate error.
¶ 5. trans. Sometimes used erroneously to mean ‘deny, repudiate’.

There is nothing in the Associated Press article (reproduced here in toto) to indicate that Mr. Chavez disproved anything.

Perhaps this was just an innocent error on the part of a sub-literate AP headline writer. Or perhaps it is just the AP doing all it can for its hero — if only subconsciously.

Given the amazing consistency of AP’s "mistakes," we tend to suspect the latter.

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