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AP: Chavez Wins New Socialism ‘Endorsement’

From a relieved Associated Press:

Chavez wins third re-election in tightest race yet

By FRANK BAJAK and IAN JAMES | Mon October 8, 2012

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez won re-election and a new endorsement of his socialist project Sunday, surviving his closest race yet after a bitter campaign in which the opposition accused him of unfairly using Venezuela’s oil wealth and his near total control of state institutions to his advantage

He has a new mandate!

With 90 percent of votes counted, Chavez had more than 54 percent of the vote to 45 percent for challenger Henrique Capriles, an athletic 40-year-old former state governor who unified and energized the opposition while barnstorming across the oil-exporting nation…

Even though at least one exit poll showed the challenger winning by 3%. And yet, nobody in our news media is questioning Chavez’s victory. Why is that?

But Capriles’ promises to seriously address violent crime that has spun out of control, streamline a patronage-bloated bureaucracy and end rampant corruption proved inadequate against Chavez’s charisma, well-oiled political machine and a legacy of putting Venezuela’s poor first with generous social welfare programs…

Which is exactly the future the Associated Press wishes for our country.

Chavez rallied thousands of supporters from a balcony of the presidential palace, holding up a sword that once belonged to 19th century independence hero Simon Bolivar.

"The revolution has triumphed!" Chavez told the crowd, saying his supporters "voted for socialism." …

Chavez will now have a freer hand to push for an even bigger state role in the economy and continue populist programs. He pledged before the vote to make a stronger push for socialism in the next term. He’s also likely to further limit dissent and deepen friendships with U.S. rivals.

Which is also what we are going to hear if Mr. Obama is reelected.

A Capriles victory would have brought a radical foreign policy shift including a halt to preferential oil deals with allies such as Cuba, along with a loosening of state economic controls and an increase in private investment.

This is the same threat that the evil Mitt Romney represents.

It was Chavez’s third re-election in nearly 14 years in office. It was also his smallest victory margin. In 2006, he won by 27 percentage points…

Sure he did. And Jimmy Carter helped count the votes.

Voter turnout was an impressive 81 percent, compared to 75 percent in 2006. Chavez paid close attention to his military-like get-out-the-vote organization at the grass roots, stressing its importance at campaign rallies. The opposition said he unfairly plowed millions in state funds into the effort.

Chavez spent heavily in the months before the vote, building public housing and bankrolling expanded social programs.

"I think he just cranked up the patronage machine and unleashed a spending orgy," said Michael Shifter, president of the Washington-based Inter-American Dialogue think tank…

Again, the parallels are quite striking.

"There is corruption, there’s plenty of bureaucracy, but the people have never had a leader who cared about this country," [private bodyguard Carlos Julio] Silva said after voting for Chavez at a school in the Caracas slum of Petare…

Chavez’s critics say the president has inflamed divisions by labeling his opponents "fascists," ”Yankees" and "neo-Nazis," and it’s likely hard for many of his opponents to stomach another six years of the loquacious and conflictive leader…

In any case, congratulations are in order to David Axelrod. Because even if he wasn’t running the Chavez campaign, it sure sounded like it. With the class warfare and the threats.

Gino Caso, an auto mechanic, said Chavez is power-hungry and out of touch with problems such as crime. He said his son had been robbed, as had neighboring shops.

"I don’t know what planet he lives on," Caso said, gesturing with hands blackened with grease. "He wants to be like Fidel Castro — end up with everything, take control of the country."

By the way, you need a national photo ID card with a thumbprint to vote in Venezuela, called a Cédula de Identidad. In fact, almost all of the South and Central American countries require a Cédula de Identidad, including Mexico.

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3 Responses to “AP: Chavez Wins New Socialism ‘Endorsement’”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I hope Capriles has an exit strategy ready. Chavez isn’t going to be happy with him.

    It’s amazing that most of the third world requires ID to vote but here in the US it’s racist if you ask someone to prove they are who they claim to be. God I miss the country of my youth.

  2. It’s all fun n games and free phones til socialism sends in the tanks.

  3. bousquem25 says:

    If it was a close election, then Chavez and cronies didn’t anticipate the support for the opposition and failed to stuff the ballot boxes enough to show a landslide victory. One also has to wonder if all the opposition canididates will all of a sudden be found charged with all sorts of trumped up charges for corruption or BS about disrupting the public good (socialism).

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