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AP Cheers: GOP Establishment On A Roll Over Tea Party

From a joyous Associated Press:

GOP establishment on a roll over tea party

By DONNA CASSATA | August 6, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Add Kansas to the list of states where tea partyers tried and failed to knock out Republican Senate incumbents. Next up, Tennessee, and the odds are getting tougher for the upstarts.

Three-term Sen. Pat Roberts dispatched tea party favorite Milton Wolf on Tuesday, edging out the radiologist and distant cousin of President Barack Obama in a bitter, closely fought primary…

The Senate GOP establishment, burned in 2010 and 2012 when tea partyers and outsiders cost them majority control —

So this is now being treated as an historical fact by the AP?

— [I]s now basking in a solid string of wins — Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina and Mississippi, though it took six-term Sen. Thad Cochran two tries there before defeating Chris McDaniel, who is challenging the outcome…

And Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat is long forgotten (by the media, anyway).

Three months to Election Day, the GOP is increasingly optimistic about gaining the six seats necessary to seize control of the Senate, no longer worried that not-ready-for-prime-time candidates will stumble in the general election…

Because only Tea Party conservatives make gaffes. You didn’t know that?

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2 Responses to “AP Cheers: GOP Establishment On A Roll Over Tea Party”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I foe one know the GOP heavies are just as capable of rigging an election as any Ward boss in Chicago. (1) how do we know Robertson won? (2) who says so? (3) how can we know with certainty?

    Just cause I’m told the moon is made of Stilton doesn’t mean I believe it.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Years ago, I used to frequent a place in Phoenix called Mr Lucky’s. A great C&W hangout that has (had) a huge following.

    The band there was led by a fellow named J David Sloan who covered all the greats but had a song of his own that was titled “New Box Of People”.

    Lord, this is what we need now. The old box of people has been gotten to by weevils and the contents are ruined.

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