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Sanctuary Priest: Radical Amnesty Opponents

From a still smarting Associated Press:


Mexicans chide U.S. over immigration

By LISA J. ADAMS, Associated Press Writer

MEXICO CITY – Opinion makers and migrant advocates in Mexico said Friday that the collapse of U.S. immigration reform plans hurts Mexican workers, U.S. employers and anti-terrorism efforts.

President Bush’s plan to legalize as many as 12 million unlawful immigrants from around the world while fortifying the border failed in the Senate on Thursday.

“This is very bad news for Mexican migrants in the U.S.,” said Jorge Bustamante, special rapporteur to the U.N. human rights commission for migrants. “It means the continuation and probably a worsening of the migrants’ vulnerable conditions.”

The Rev. Luis Kendziersky, director of a shelter for migrants in the border city of Tijuana, said U.S. senators appeared to be “focused more on the political game than on the real needs of the people.”

“According to polls, the majority of the people (in the U.S.) want legality with concessions for undocumented migrants, but the radicals make a lot of noise,” he said

From Mexico’s Univision affiliate KMEX-TV:

Border Sanctuary

KMEX-TV (Univision): 8/4/03 and 8/5/03

Catholic order provides for immigrants spiritually and physically at US-Mexico border.

At the Casa del Migrantes in Tijuana, Mexico, migrants can find a bed and three meals a day in their journey toward or away from the United States. Father Luis Kendzierski, shelter director and member of a Catholic order of priests called the Scalabrini Missionaries, says the shelter welcomes all migrant men. Casa del Migrantes is for Mexicans and Latin Americans leaving the U.S. or trying to make their way – legally or illegally – into the U.S. In 2002, Casa del Migrantes housed 4,700 men, about half of whom were deported from the U.S.

The Scalabrini Order is the only order devoted exclusively to immigrants and migrants in the Catholic Church. It has a presence worldwide, with about 600 priests in over 20 countries…

Father Kendzierski says the priests don’t ask whether people are trying to enter the U.S. illegally, adding it is a pleasure to help those in need and people arriving with only the clothes on their backs need help surviving. It is one of five such shelters in Mexico and Guatemala. Casa del Migrantes is one of five such shelters in Mexico and Guatemala. [sic] Shelter staff help the men find temporary work, feed them, provide medical attention, legal assistance if necessary, spiritual guidance and clothes…


Father Luis Kendzierski
Casa del Migrantes
Calle Gallileo 239
Colonia Postal, Mexico
Phone: 011-52-66-46-825-180

Who is the “radical” here?

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