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AP Claims ‘Economic Optimism’ Boosted Obama

From the Associated Press:

Exit poll: Hint of economic optimism boosted Obama

By CONNIE CASS | Wed November 7, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Voters who feel the economic outlook brightening after years of misery and believe Barack Obama better understands people like themselves propelled the president to a second term, exit polls show. Mitt Romney suffered from being labeled a champion of the wealthy over the common man.

And never mind that there is literally nothing in the rest of this article to justify the AP headline and lead. There is no sign of any "economic optimism." In fact, there is just the opposite.

Americans interviewed as they left their polling places Tuesday were in wide agreement that the economy is still in sorry shape. But they were less likely to blame Obama than to point the finger at his predecessor, George W. Bush.

Thanks to our one party news media and our one party schools.

Their biggest worries: chronic unemployment, hovering just under 8 percent, and rising prices.

Still, 4 in 10 said the battered economy is starting to do better. And Obama won 88 percent of their votes, according to the poll conducted for The Associated Press and television networks…

Note that only 4 in 10 think the economy is starting to do better? And this is what the AP calls "optimism."

But whatever happened to Carville’s ‘it’s the economy stupid’? Apparently, today’s voters is too stupid to realize that it’s the economy, stupid. Has the US electorate really gotten that much dumber since 1992, a mere twenty years ago?

Only a fourth of voters thought they were better off financially than four years ago when Obama was elected in the midst of the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. Voters were most likely to say their families were doing about the same — 4 in 10 thought so — but apparently that was good enough. Obama led strongly among that group.

This, of course, was the question Reagan asked voters in 1980. And yet people still voted for Obama. Have the American people really been that dumbed down in just the last 32 years? I guess so.

Nearly 6 in 10 voters ranked the economy the top issue, dwarfing health care, the federal budget deficit or foreign policy…

And yet they didn’t vote like that.

Almost 1 in 10 said they’d only settled on their presidential choice within the last few days or even on Election Day, and they favored Obama 50-44…

These are the truly stupid.

Sixty-four percent of all voters said Obama’s response to the devastation from Superstorm Sandy was a factor in their vote.


All of these numbers, taken together, really represent a tremendous achievement for our news media and school system and pop culture.

They have dumbed down the American voter and filled our heads with so much nonsense that we no longer have any idea how much trouble we are in. We don’t have a clue what is good for us or the country. And apparently, we don’t even care.

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2 Responses to “AP Claims ‘Economic Optimism’ Boosted Obama”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Lookin’ more & more like Detroit every day!

  2. Anonymoose says:

    This election was an upset in many ways; and I think what’s telling is these “exit polls” showed the mentality of the voters who were willing to talk about it. In the big welfare states I can see people thinking like this, and I wonder if the polls were skewed simply by who wanted to answer them. Conservative voters are less and less likely to talk to or answer polls.

    It’s no secret after the 2004 election that Soros and the other billionaire bundlers for the Democrats had a big pow-wow to decide how they could have lost, and the result was Obama. John Kerry was their equivalent of Romney–old school, and not connecting with the voters.

    It’s time the Republicans do something similar, and ask the really hard questions on why they are on the losing side now. The behavior of the party makes me think there’s a few old leaders who are unwilling to change the formula and are terrified of splitting their base.

    A trait of conservatives in general is to be honest, both in what they say and how they fight, which is why there’s one news organization that is conservative. The left has no problem lying and deceiving, so every other news organization is “moderate” or “objective” but under the cover is hard left. It may simply be to win back to country to play those same tactics; playing honest and fair is just getting us beat up.

    I can think of three things the Republicans need to do–

    One is work on P.R.; not just for them but analyze how the Democrats play it. Why did news organizations turn left and stay left? Drop the imagery of a guy in a business suit and become more modernized with the times.

    Second is take back the media and education. Standing and pointing out the bias is getting nowhere; they just laugh and keep on going. They want that conflict, especially to play victim. They say Republicans have piles of money–well let’s put it to good use. Don’t waste it building up a competing conservative news organization or college, grow it from the inside out. Give plenty of money to colleges, but make sure it’s used only for conservative professors and scholarships. You think those scholarships that are open to “anyone” today really are? They give it to the preferred people. Trust me, the key to success in education is always money.

    Identify the moderate or conservative reporters–if any can be found, and give them the good news stories. Buy controlling stakes in news organizations and subtly start changing the message. Encourage bloggers, work on viral tweets, play the new media game.

    Republicans seem to be bending over backwards to be inclusive of minorities and women, yet are still accused of being knuckle dragging Neanderthals only putting up tokens. Newt had said that if people had voted by their economic interest we’d have had 65% of the vote, but instead we got more like 47%. Why is that? Further, it seems the Republicans are always accused of having a far right evangelical component that alienates everyone else.

    Yet the Democrats have radical left wingers who don’t see to be a liability to them. What is the key to the Democrat’s success seems to be hosting an umbrella of beliefs and organizations who all vote for their particular social cause. Blacks voted for him because he was black, Latinos for immigration, gays for gay “marriage,” and so on. Put these people in a room and they’d be at each other’s throats in a heartbeat.

    The key is inclusiveness by ideology–and that is what the Republicans need to do instead. Reach out and include Libertarians, disgruntled Blue Dog Democrats, Hillary supporters who’ve given up–anyone moderate or centrist. That is the broadening of the base that needs to happen.

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