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Poll: GOP Push Gas Price Down For Votes

Another DNC press release manufactured by their minions at Gallup and presented as news via their outlet, the Associated Press:

Many Americans look for political manipulation as gasoline prices plunge

By Brad Foss, Associated Press

WASHINGTON — There is no mystery or manipulation behind the recent fall in gasoline prices, analysts say. Try telling that to many motorists.

Almost half of Americans believe the plunge at the pump has more to do with politics and the November elections, than economics.

Retired farmer Jim Mohr of Lexington, Ill., rattled off a tankful of reasons why pump prices may be falling, including the end of the summer travel season and the fact that no major hurricanes have disrupted Gulf of Mexico output.

"But I think the big important reason is Republicans want to get elected," Mohr, 66, said while filling up for $2.17 a gallon. "They think getting the prices down is going to help get some more incumbents re-elected."

According to a new Gallup poll, 42% of respondents agreed with the statement that the Bush administration "deliberately manipulated the price of gasoline so that it would decrease before this fall's elections." Fifty-three percent of those surveyed did not believe the conspiracy theory; 5% said they had no opinion.

Not surprising, almost two-thirds of those who suspect President Bush intervened to bring down energy prices before Election Day are registered Democrats, according to Gallup.

White House spokesman Tony Snow addressed the issue Monday, telling reporters that "the one thing I have been amused by is the attempt by some people to say that the president has been rigging gas prices, which would give him the kind of magisterial clout unknown to any other human being."

"It also raises the question, if we're dropping gas prices now, why on earth did we raise them to $3.50 before?" Snow said…

Twenty-eight-year-old attorney Amnon Siegel sensed more than market forces at work.

"I'm sure there's some sort of string-pulling going on," Siegel said.

Many Americans say that Gallup and the Associated Press (and the rest of our one party media) will say anything to defeat the current administration and to help our country's enemies.

But you know, if the Republicans are so brilliant as to be able to manipulate world markets at whim, despite OPEC and Hugo Chavez, why shouldn't they be running the country?

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