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AP Claims Mexicans Fear US Immigration Bill

From those open hearted reporters at the Associated Press:


Mexicans fear U.S. immigration plan

By TRACI CARL, Associated Press Writer

MONTERREY, Mexico – Many in Mexico expressed disappointment Friday with the U.S. Congress’ immigration reform proposal, arguing it doesn’t let enough Mexicans enter the United States legally to work, while focusing on an arduous path to residency for those who have already taken the illegal path.

Mexican news media and activists attacked what they viewed as a measure to limit the number of seasonal workers allowed into the United States — even as the compromise’s proponents said it would let in many more.

Migrants as well as U.S. employers who need workers for low-skilled jobs had hoped Congress would streamline and vastly expand the existing guest worker program, allowing more to cross legally, work a few months, then return home with their savings to build homes and businesses.

The new proposal did include a new guest worker program, but it appeared to limit the number of times workers could renew the temporary visas…

Mexican newspaper and television news broadcasts led with news of the proposal Friday, with El Universal newspaper headlines reading: “Immigration reform divides the United States” and “Latinos: It isn’t what we hoped for.” …

Victor Aviles, a spokesman for Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department, cautiously welcomed the initiative.

“The Mexican government hopes that the different actors involved in the debate and eventual approval of this initiative take advantage of the opportunity it presents,” he said in a statement.

Miguel Garcia, 35, of Maravatio in the western Mexican state of Michoacan, said he was glad that the U.S. was giving illegal migrants a chance at fixing their status.

“They shouldn’t punish people who are just trying to get ahead,” he said.

The important thing is to please the criminals.

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