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AP Compares Gitmo To Low Grade Fever

From an always forgiving Associated Press:

Gitmo: The prison that keeps causing trouble

By Pete Yost, Associated Press
April 5, 2011

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has given up its bid to try professed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in civilian court, a bow to political reality that leaves the administration’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay hanging by a thread.

Like a low-grade fever that’s hard to get rid of, the Gitmo problem is back at the White House, early enough in the president’s re-election campaign to be treated successfully but still troublesome because it could make many return appearances between now and election day 2012.

Proof, as if any were needed, that campaign promises can be dangerous to those who make them…

Whew. Was that ever close. But thankfully the AP has pronounced that this won’t hurt Mr. Obama’s re-election. Which, after all, is all that really matters.

And think about it. Would it have helped Mr. Obama’s re-election chances to have Khalid Sheik Mohammed making speeches from the witness box a few blocks from the site of the World Trade Center?

Hence the about face. As always, Mr. Obama’s decision had nothing to do with the merits of the case and everything to do with ‘the optics.’

The administration of George W. Bush opened Guantanamo Bay as a prison for terrorist suspects. President Barack Obama, amid a clamor here and abroad to close the place, vowed to do just that and move the detainees.

Notice that there is no longer any such "clamor." You can go to the ACLU’s website, to Amnesty International’s, to Code Pink’s. Suddenly, they don’t care about Guantanamo — now that Mr. Obama is safely ensconced as President.

Which simply proves that all the so-called "clamor" about Gitmo had nothing to do with justice or rights, and everything to do with getting power. Now that their man is in the White House, the left is not going to sweat the ‘small stuff’ like military tribunals.

But that was then and this is now, and the picture has changed because of one simple question: Move them where?

You see, nobody in the Obama campaign or administration had ever thought to ask themselves this question before. That is how far-seeing they are.

Monday played out as a sort-of warmup for the presidential campaign. The White House had little to say. Republicans had a lot to say. And Attorney General Eric Holder, caught in the middle, refused to be pushed around.

Again, this is supposed to be a news article. Beside, it seems to us that Mr. Holder got "pushed around" quite a bit here.

"Members of Congress simply do not have access to the evidence and other information necessary to make prosecution judgments," the attorney general told a news conference

Then why didn’t Mr. Holder give Congress that evidence and other information? – Just kidding. We know that there is no such information to give.

"Too many people, many of whom should know better, many of whom certainly do know better, have expressed doubts about our time-honored and time-tested system of justice," said Holder. "That’s not only misguided, it is simply wrong."

Mr. Holder is an arrogant ignoramus. Military tribunals date back to General George Washington. Presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Franklin Roosevelt have used them for precisely these same kind of cases.

Does Mr. Holder think he understands our justice system better than Washington, Lincoln and FDR?

The White House left it to the attorney general to announce the switch, just as the White House did when Holder announced in November 2009 that the five men would be tried in civilian court.

Asked whether the president had any involvement in the decision, White House spokesman Jay Carney said, "I believe there are conversations about heads-up and that sort of thing, but nothing substantive."

What a coward Mr. Obama is.

"The president’s primary concern here is that the perpetrators, the accused perpetrators of that terrible attack on the American people, be brought to justice as swiftly as possible and as fairly as possible," said Carney.

It’s all too clear that the President’s "primary concern here" is to get re-elected. If he could get re-elected by releasing all of the terrorists in Gitmo for a life of ease on beautiful Bermuda, he would do it tomorrow.

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6 Responses to “AP Compares Gitmo To Low Grade Fever”

  1. Right of the People says:

    I still say move them to Fort Richardson in Alaska. Even if they escape, where are they going to go? They won’t really fit in with the indigenous population and it’s a long way to anything resembling civilization. Problem solved. We’ll have a bunch of Jihadicles.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    The one thing I’m not reading or hearing anyone say is why chairman O’s presidency must be listed as a “success”. It has been the ongoing course of affirmative action that, because a person is black, they must be successful when given the position normally held by a Caucasian. Given their efforts to prove this and the results usually proving otherwise, they have really put all their eggs in one basket here and hitched their wagon to a disaster. But they cannot admit it as being so. To do so is admission of monumental bad judgment in who they selected as their candidate. Therefore, it is not even so much the tea party they accuse of being racist when it rightly criticizes the goings on of the man-child president, it is, instead their insistence for their own reinforcement of a bad idea.

    They put him up there, ignored all else, his past, his voting record, his anger, his associations for one reason and one reason alone: He’s black. And it is backfiring heavily and as I predicted, he is not just ticking off the conservative right, he is now disobeying the desires of the left…what with this Libya thing and now doing a marvelous tap-dance over Gitmo. But still, they must support him even if it kills them to do it. Lip-biting in the national socialist camp most certainly has replaced the usual act of just giving conservatives the finger. So much so that I’m sure Anbesol and gauze have come into short supply around the DC beltway.

    But they would just die if their first attempt at an affirmative action president was chronicled and documented for all of history as a complete and utter failure…a disaster….a sham and a waste. And yet, no matter how much they try to reinforce the foundation of The Big Lie, Blammo the boy king repeatedly becomes more and more un-protectable by his own hand and words. The national socialists have their own version of a loose cannon on the deck and are torn between letting it run wild and chaining it down. But they are getting the picture that both choices are bad. So they run cover for his actions, stupid things that come out of his mouth and his less-than-stressful work schedule. What else can they do? They put him there, they wanted it and now they’re stuck with him, albeit in different fashion than the conservatives feel they are stuck with him.

    Then, there’s the additional factor where lack of intelligence on the part of his cabinet members, appointed other racists and pro-muslim gang that is getting harder and harder to hide and also cover for. One thing about national socialists: They all believe they are in the most powerful position in the government and have no problem letting people know it…so like Comic Book Guy on “The Simpsons” display their arrogance and ignorance on a regular basis.

    All of which works well for conservative America, if only people would look.

  3. Mae says:

    You’ve hit it, Rusty. So much invested in this, their ultimate experiment, and it’s failing big-time. Such a huge lesson “if only people would look.”

  4. JohnMG says:

    …….”The White House left it to the attorney general to announce the switch…….”

    Thinking back to all the mean, nasty, viscious things that were said about Condi Rice, I feel some apologies are in order. (Like that’ll ever happen!)

    Meet Eric Holder; epitome of the “house negro”.

  5. canary says:

    Now Obama is trying another terrorist from Gitmo prison in civil court NYC. I assume it will end like the last one. A slap on
    the hand for conspiracy to destroy property. Or as we’ve seen another jury change because some muslim in attendance will make a neck slitting gesture towards the jury. Obama’s mentality to try near ground zero is a punishment to them is insane. The last one blew up the UN in Africa & killed hundreds. It’s more of perk to these monsters to get tried next to their trophy.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    I do not watch PMSNBC but at hot air they posted a commentary on Morning Joe – where Joe says Obama should apologize to Bush, Cheney and the American people. The other ‘panelists’ of course dance around throwing out ‘just words’ to defend the actions of Obama – missing of course (as Joe repeatedly attempts to drag them back to) – that Obama campaigned on how wrong, against the Constitution, humanity and everything decent (i.e. evil) – Gitmo et al was – and has not only NOT ended it all – but doubled or in some cases tripled down.

    Very good point – and I guess in a way – really important to be made on such a left wing channel – I imagine Joe will be looking for a new job soon.

    Ed’s final line however is the nail that should be in Obama’s political (you do know, as this budget mess is exploding – he left DC this AM) coffin –

    Even apart from the apologies Obama owes to Bush, Cheney, and the American people, why should anyone believe a word he says as a candidate ever again?

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