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AP: Contraception Mandate Bludgeon For GOP

From the always fair and balanced Associated Press:

Analysis: Obama contraceptive mandate has a price

February 9, 2012

The Obama administration’s new mandate that religious organizations pay for their workers’ birth control has become a bludgeon for Republican culture warriors, as social issues have surged to the forefront in the presidential campaign.

What media bias?

Conservatives who believe religious freedom always trumps gender equity in the public arena are outraged.

Conservatives hate ‘gender equity.’ (By the way, is this the same ‘gender equity’ one sees in divorce courts?)

But so too are Roman Catholic and evangelical moderates who have stuck with President Barack Obama, an abortion rights supporter [sic], because of his 2008 pledge to reduce the abortion rate and find common ground among religious and secular Americans. These backers say the administration could have easily avoided the controversy by including broader religious exemptions already in place at some federal agencies.

These backers want to be deluded. They want to be lied to.

After two weeks of unrelenting condemnation led by the nation’s Catholic bishops, the White House has responded by hinting at some compromise in how the requirement is enforced.

That is, they are not going to compromise on the mandate itself. There are not going to be any ‘waivers’ for this one.

Administration officials insist any accommodation for religious groups will leave in place contraceptive coverage, although they haven’t said how.

They ‘how’ is easy. They won’t change the mandate.

But even the suggestion of a revision, no matter how limited, has infuriated Democrats the president hoped to please with the regulation.

This mandate was to please Democrats? We thought it was a matter of health and ‘gender equity.’ But apparently it was just a ‘Get Out The Abortion Vote’ drive.

As the debate rages, women’s groups, liberal religious leaders and health advocates are rallying in favor of the broadest contraceptive coverage that would include Catholic employers.

"We believe that women and men have the right to decide whether or not to apply the principles of their faith to family-planning decisions, and to do so they must have access to services," read a statement Wednesday from liberal religious leaders representing Reform and Conservative Jews, Methodist and Episcopal groups, among others…

And the only way women can decide whether to use birth control or not, is if it provided free by their employers.

The conflict is erupting as GOP candidates compete for the title of the true conservative in the presidential race. The contraception debate is tailor-made for the fight.

Newt Gingrich, a Catholic, told Ohio Republicans that the policy was "the Obama administration’s attack on the Catholic Church." Rick Santorum, also Catholic, said the administration was trying to "use their power to force people" to violate their beliefs.

Mitt Romney, who mostly avoids religious specifics to deflect attention from his Mormonism, has also taken up the issue.

Man, the religious bigots at the Associated Press are subtle. Notice that we never see sentences from the AP like: ‘Barack Obama, who mostly avoids religious specifics to deflect attention from his relationship with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright…’

By the way, what is Mr. Obama’s religion? We thought he was a pious Christian. How come that does not color his views? And where is the supposedly devout Roman Catholic, Joe Biden?

In Colorado, Romney called the policy an "assault on religion," and "a real blow … to our friends in the Catholic faith."

White House spokesman Jay Carney called it "ironic that Mitt Romney is criticizing the president" for a policy that Carney described as identical to the one Romney followed as Massachusetts governor

A policy Romney tried to prevent via a veto, but his veto was overridden.

The debate is stealing attention from where Obama wants it, on the improving economy, and could alienate moderate voters.

Obama did the polling and figures this will help his re-elections. Otherwise, this would not have happened.

Obama, who is Protestant, won the presidency partly because of his ability to attract religious moderates, including white [sic] Catholics and some evangelical voters

For the record, McCain defeated Obama among Americans who attend church once a week, 55 to 43 percent. Protestants supported McCain 54 to 45 percent, a lead he extended among weekly church attendees to 66 to 32 percent. Obama performed well among the 11 percent of people who said they had no religion, winning by a 75 to 23 percent margin.

Oddly enough, self-described Catholics favored Obama 54 to 45 percent. But ‘practicing’ Catholics who attend mass once a week favored McCain by 50 percent to 49 percent.

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8 Responses to “AP: Contraception Mandate Bludgeon For GOP”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Simply an attempt to put the Church at the heel of the state.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      This is what socialist democratic states do. It is clear, and has been clear to us for some time now, but there’s a five-alarm fire going on and the usual “go-along-to-get-along” people are just now starting to hear the faintest whisper of a bell ringing.

      Undermining a nation’s ability to practice religion freely? Is that the mark of a Constitutional Republic, of of a socialist democratic state? I give you Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, where they are largely catholic, but the state determines when/how/where and even why they practice their religion.

      Another question: In the de-evolution of every nation that has descended into national socialism, what was one of the warning signs?

      Hint: State control of the church.

      But really, although there are lots of fancy names for what’s going on and the talking heads like to wax philosophic about it, the sad truth is that the left wants to control, then delete the church. Of the state, for the state, by the state. Hurray–Utopia at last!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      On another line-of-thinking, what say the Obama administration to restricting the activities of muslims as regards their practices?


      Good double-standard there. You go with that, Barry.

    • Petronius says:

      Rusty : “In the [descent] into national socialism, what was one of the warning signs?”

      First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out….

      He has divided America by race, class, and sex. Now he will divide us by religion.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Truly Brother Petronius….truly.

      Every time I hear this a-hole speak, I cannot help but think of the heated rhetoric of the marixists and fascists of the past. D’Oh-bama is more reserved than even Stalin in “naming the enemy” of the state but the underlying theme is the same. It often flabbergasts me that much of the lessons I was taught in grade and high school about China, India, Russia and the USSR, Cuba, and of course, Nazi Germany are not even discussed in classrooms anymore.

      I’ll admit in Mr Raymond’s Development Of Western Civilization class, I was thinking more about other things than what was being discussed in class….but…some of it sunk in. From Roman history to all the nations that ultimately made up all of Europe, etc.

      And, there was even an occasional Star Trek episode that caused me to look some things up, wondering where they got the idea for the plot-line. Still good science fiction and perhaps that’s why it has endured. (Yes there were some duds, including “Way To Eden” but…which outlined the ridiculous hippie dreams of finding Utopia.)

      Somehow though, I developed a slight passion for world history and that may have had something to do with my being in the military for a good number of years. Seeing these places I had only read about for real made them literally tangible and my curiosity got piqued.

      It also resulted in my revering the incredible wisdom of a group of men in the 1700’s who blueprinted our nation.

      But ultimately, when I hear this arrogant twit of a president verbally chastise banks, corporate jet owners, Wall Street fat cats, and vaguely refer to everyone as racists and assorted other names (actual, really true code-speak and not the perceived ‘dog-whistle’ crap the left is referring to) I can only see him in a brown uniform with a leather shoulder strap, shaking his fist, screaming at the top of his lungs about the evil______ and how they have ruined everything for everyone.

      With any/all “movements” they start small and either grow or die out…but that they can also get reinvigorated. The left has come at us in fits and starts and this is the first time I’ve witnessed the actual, no kidding, birth of facism. The government getting in bed with whores as one historian put it. And he also said, “getting in bed with whores while blaming the client as the bully and cause of the whore’s plight”.

      This is why I turn the sound off when Rush plays a sound-bite of Mr Ears. He literally annoys my every sense. I am also disgusted that more people cannot see it but..again….studying history, it takes a lot for the masses to have any sort of epiphany. Maybe the lightbulb (incandescent, not curly-cued) is slowly starting to come on. This current diktat about birth control and the catholic church has gotten a lot of people’s attention, even on the left and …..they don’t seem to like it.

  2. River0 says:

    This is a gift from God. They crypto-Marxists are ‘cleansing the temple’ of people with suspect loyalties, the ideological misfits. They want only true believers in their Demonic Party.

    This is a huge tipping point, and the beginning of the end. As the mask slips off more and more it will all work in our favor. The truth will come out, and the light will expose all.

  3. Petronius says:

    From AP/Rachel Zoll op-ed hit piece :

    Four of the most preposterous words in the English language : “Obama, who is Protestant….”

  4. Chase says:

    This just in via “Fox News Alert” (I am never sure their headlines relate to the news tho…)

    “President Obama, facing widespread and growing criticism for his decision to require religious employers to provide free birth control to their workers, will announce a policy change that shifts the contraceptive burden to insurance companies.”

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