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AP Crows: Fidel Will Appear On Cuban TV!

From a giddy Associated Press:

Fidel Castro to appear on Cuban television program

By Paul Haven, Associated Press Writer

July 11, 2010

HAVANA – Fidel Castro is back.

The aging revolutionary leader will appear Monday Cuba’s key public affairs television program, according to a front-page headline in the Communist-party newsletter Granma. It may be the most prominent appearance by the former president since he fell ill in 2006.

Castro, 83, was set to discuss his concerns about the Middle East on the Mesa Redonda — or Round Table — a daily talk show about current events that is usually transmitted live on state media and seen across the island.

"This afternoon, special Mesa Redonda with Fidel," blares the headline.

We suspect that Mr. Castro has heard that Larry King’s slot is available, and this is his subtle way of auditioning. (Though, he probably isn’t far enough left to fit CNN’s roster these days.)

The announcement did not specify if Monday’s program would be broadcast live. Castro also appeared in a brief videotaped interview on the program in 2007 to discuss Vietnam…

Castro remains head of Cuba’s Communist Party and continues to publish his thoughts on world events in frequent opinion pieces, called Reflections. Recently, he has voiced alarm about America’s standoff with Iran over nuclear issues..

Or, more specifically, as we noted last month, Mr. Castro kindly pronounced that 1) the US had supplied Saddam with the nerve gas he used on Iran troops and his own citizens; 2) that the US sunk the South Korean submarine; and 3) that the US is about to attack Iran and trigger a nuclear war.

But he has stayed almost entirely out of the public eye since ceding power, helping Raul Castro carve out a role as the country’s leader after a lifetime spent in his more famous brother’s shadow…

The photographs of Fidel published this weekend were taken on Wednesday at a scientific think tank in Havana. He is shown smiling and waving at workers, appearing relaxed and happy, but somewhat stooped

Well, as long as Fidel is happy, the Associated Press is happy.

Indeed, we haven’t seen the AP this rapturous since their other heart throb, Mao Tse Tung, swam the Yangtze River – after having rid his country of a few million troublesome miscreants.

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One Response to “AP Crows: Fidel Will Appear On Cuban TV!”

  1. NoNeoCommies says:

    Name that show!
    How about: “Noche de la vida muerta”?

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