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AP: Cruz Made GOP Vote To Raise Debt Ceiling!

From an outraged Associated Press:

Cruz’s demands ensnares GOP leaders on debt vote

By DONNA CASSATA | February 12, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sat with eyes glued to his mobile device as the chaos he provoked ensnared his Republican leaders on the Senate floor.

Legislation to raise the nation’s borrowing authority with no strings attached was short of the 60 votes it needed to advance — a threshold Cruz demanded — and without a few conversions, Republicans would be blamed for its failure. The stock market was watching.

Because the financial markets would hate to see the US try to get any kind of grip on its runaway borrowing.

After what seemed like an eternity, a grim-faced Sen. Mitch McConnell, the party leader who faces a tea party challenge back home, finally voted yes. An equally grim-faced Sen. John Cornyn, the party’s No. 2 leader and Cruz’s Texas colleague, changed his vote from no to yes.

Cruz showed no mercy in exposing Republican leaders to widespread criticism from their primary challengers over a procedural vote on the debt limit after their pronouncements about the imperative of spending cuts. It could have been a simple 50-vote requirement, with Democrats delivering the votes to lift the debt limit, but Cruz insisted.

Wow that Ted Cruz is dangerous. He almost ‘ensnared’ his Republican colleagues into standing up for what they supposedly believe in. (Also, notice how the AP has written this up like an episode from a soap opera.)

Pressed after the vote about what he made his leaders do, Cruz was unapologetic.

"It should have been a very easy vote," he told reporters. "In my view, every Senate Republican should have stood together." He added that the verdict on McConnell "is ultimately a decision … for the voters in Kentucky."

McConnell’s GOP challenger, Matt Bevin, seized on McConnell’s vote to criticize him. The Madison Project, a conservative group backing Bevin, accused McConnell of giving President Barack Obama "a blank check." …

Which, of course, is true.

Republicans are intent on avoiding the drama of market-rattling fiscal fights, especially in an election year in which the party sees a legitimate shot at adding Senate control to their majority in the House. They want Obama’s unpopular health care law to be the main focus in the months leading up to the November election.

And they are keeping the focus on Obama-Care exactly how?

Cruz is unwilling to step back from the fight, even if it undercuts his party’s strategy. "Today was a classic victory for Washington establishment interests, and the people who lost today are the American people," Cruz said…

He’s right, of course. Just like he was right to try to fight Obama-Care. But we are supposed to view to think what Cruz did was criminally irresponsible. When, in reality, Ted Cruz is the only Senator who is acting like a responsible adult. The only person who is concerned about the future of our county.

Lest we forget, when Mr. Obama became President, the federal debt was $10.6 trillion. It now stands at $16.7 trillion, which an increase of 57%. In the same time frame under President Bush, total federal debt rose 38%. Under Clinton, it rose 32%. — And Obama is now going to raise it even higher.

So our debt is rising at a rate that is twice as high as the previous two administrations. But anyone who opposes that is irresponsible.

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One Response to “AP: Cruz Made GOP Vote To Raise Debt Ceiling!”

  1. Enthalpy says:

    McConnell and Cornyn don’t live in our world and should be pressed to the max. Isn’t it great that both of them now have this on the record?

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