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AP: CT 911 Call Shows ‘Racial Disparity’

From a shameless Associated Press:

911 call on Conn. shooting shows racial disparity

By John Christoffersen, Associated Press Writer
August 5, 2010

ENFIELD, Conn. – A woman hiding under her desk tells an emergency dispatcher that a co-worker is in the midst of a shooting spree. The dispatcher presses for any information about the man.

"I don’t know anything," the woman says, according to a 911 tape released Wednesday. "He’s a tall black guy. He’s like the only black guy that works here."

Family and friends say Omar Thornton was only too painfully aware of that distinction, as he claimed he was subjected to racial discrimination while working as a union driver at Hartford Distributors in Manchester

You see? Thanks to the tireless investigation by the Associated Press, it can now be proven that Mr. Thornton was discriminated against.

“He’s like the only black guy” that worked for the company. (Notice, however, that the AP never bothers to tell us if Mr. Thornton was indeed the only black employee of the company or not.)

And, after all, which is the worse crime? Racism or mass murder?

Hopefully the families of the dead and wounded will pay reparations to Mr. Thornton’s family and (white) girlfriend.

Company officials have denied to The Associated Press there was any racial discrimination, and the union said Thornton never filed a formal complaint. The president of the family-owned company planned a news conference for Thursday afternoon.

Thornton’s girlfriend of eight years, Kristi Hannah, told the AP on Wednesday she knew something was wrong when he left for work a day earlier.

"He just kept having this dazed, confused look on his face, and I never saw him like that before," she said. "I could tell something was bothering him. I asked him what was wrong a bunch of times and he said nothing was wrong with him. … That’s why he gave me a long hug and kiss before he left."

Could that “dazed state” have been caused by Mr. Thornton’s knowledge he was about to be fired, and that he was going to gun down his bosses and fellow workers in retaliation?

No, of course not. It has to have been that the racism had finally gotten to him.

Hannah said Thornton, 34, had complained of racial harassment to her months ago and had shared with her evidence of it: photos of racist graffiti and a surreptitiously monitored conversation allegedly involving company managers.

Where are the photos? Where are the “monitored conversations”?

Union and company officials say Thornton never complained of harassment and there have never been reports of racial discrimination at the company.

A union official described Thornton as a dissatisfied worker whose first targets were the three people in his disciplinary meeting: Steve Hollander, 50, a member of the family that owns the company, who was shot twice but survived; Bryan Cirigliano, 51, president of Teamsters 1035 and Thornton’s representative at the hearing; and Louis Felder, 50, who news reports described as the company’s operations director.

Other victims were Doug Scruton, 56; Bill Ackerman, 51; Francis Fazio Jr., 57; Edwin Kennison, 49; Craig Pepin, 60; and Victor James, 60. Jerome Rosenstein, 77, was wounded and was in serious condition Wednesday at Hartford Hospital.

Note Mr. Thornton’s obvious discrimination against people of age.

Friends and family of those who died said they couldn’t imagine their loved ones discriminating against Thornton.

One driver who was killed, Kennison, had mentioned Thornton before but never in a derogatory way, said Mark McCorrison, a close friend. Kennison was not the type to make bigoted remarks, he said.

"I can tell you right now: Eddie is not that person," McCorrison said.

Pepin, also a driver, was never angry, let alone someone who showed any hint of racism or bigotry, said a neighbor who knew him for 25 years.

"Craig, who was active as a coach in town with all kids — all races of kids — for years, he didn’t care. He just worked with the kids," Ted Jenny said. "There was no way Craig Pepin was racist."

Eight people have been murdered in cold blood, and their families have to defend them against after the fact and absurdly flimsy charges of racism. The world has gone mad.

Or, rather, it has been driven mad by people who have found a way to profit from madness.

The only complaint Thornton ever made to the union was when he asked to be promoted from an entry-level job to a driver, said Gregg Adler, a union lawyer. The union explained to him that because of seniority rules, he would have to wait his turn until a job opened up. Eventually it did, and he was promoted about a year ago, Adler said.

That promotion was probably racist, too.

Michelle T. Johnson, a diversity consultant and former employment lawyer, said workers who face discrimination are often reluctant to file a formal complaint, even if the misconduct is serious.

"Once a person of color raises an issue of discrimination, the reaction they can get just makes it very stressful," she said…

Speaking of the people who are profiting from this endless race-baiting.

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12 Responses to “AP: CT 911 Call Shows ‘Racial Disparity’”

  1. proreason says:

    Why did he kill himself?

    He would never have been convicted. Probably never brought to trial. Not for such a justifiable act.

    He might well have been appointed to a high administration position. Director of African American Anger Management or somesuch.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    I have not read the back stories on this – has it come out anywhere as to exactly why this guy was going to a ‘discipline hearing’ and facing being fired? Perhaps that is the answer to all of the questions.

    In this current ‘racial climate’ – the comment that ‘once a person of color raises an issue of discrimination. . .’ is beyond hypocritical – it is the source of the ‘racial’ problem in the US – continuing to blame Whitey for one’s own failures.

  3. NoNeoCommies says:

    His girlfriend claims to have seen pictures of racial graffiti and heard recordings of verbal harassment.
    Where are they?
    The MSM would pay her $$$ for the “evidence”.

  4. Right of the People says:

    Well, at least he got the union rep. I guess that shows he didn’t discriminate about who he killed.

  5. jrmcdonald says:

    I’m sorry for the familes of the people killed and hurt. He looks more than a little crazy from the picture. I have to wonder if they didn’t get rid of this guy sooner because he was black?

  6. virginiahot says:

    Why is it everyone always trying to say bad things about our president, the white man has been in the white house forever and look where we are now. The black man can’t do any worst. He is our president if you can’t deal with it kill yourself, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Because i love my president and my country.

    • Petronius says:

      Dear virginiahot,

      Thank you for your kind and respectful remarks.

      I am afraid that dear old Uncle Petronius is having another one of his conniption fits. As a result, we have returned him to the Shady Grove Rehabilitation Clinic for more electro-shock therapy, and, during his convalescence, the family has asked me to respond on his behalf.

      As regards the tragic incident at Hartford Distributors, it would, as a general rule, be improper to consider such untoward events as acts of terror, murder, madness, and mayhem. (I say “as a general rule” because we must make an exception when such acts are committed by pre-middle-aged blue-eyed white males –– who, the experts assure us, fit the definitive profile for serial killers and mass murderers.)

      Indeed, for the most part there are only “man-made disasters” that may sometimes occur when disenfranchised groups or individuals, who are really just misunderstood, have been driven to distraction, often through the suffering generated by centuries of embedded white racism and social injustice. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only reasonable explanation for the tragic case of Mr. Omar Thornton and Hartford Distributors.

      Of course one must never allow a tragedy to go to waste. Therefore, I feel that it is incumbent upon each of us to embrace this opportunity, so that we may learn from the experience, and pledge ourselves to submit to long and intense sensitivity training, so that we may in future better relate to the feelings of others. I trust you will agree.

      Let it not be said that Omar Thornton has lived and died in vain. Rather, let us reaffirm our commitment to inter-cultural understanding, and our belief in the innate goodness of all mankind, and in the righteousness of the oppressed.

      Yours most sincerely,

      Ms. Livia Saunders Bolling
      Tryon, North Carolina

      PS : Reference your suggestion, “if you can’t deal with it kill yourself….” You may be pleased to learn that Uncle Petronius stands resolved to die by his own hand before the Bush tax cuts expire on December 31st, in order that his estate will not be confiscated by the Federal government for death taxes. Of course this presents a distressing dilemma for the family. On the one hand, Dr. Bhopal Hammurabi and other members of the Clinic staff assure us that Uncle Petronius would, in the normal course of events, have a few productive years of life expectancy. And we may take comfort in the certain knowledge that, when the time comes, his estate would be put to better use by the President for the relief of many poor and more deserving Americans. On the other hand, however, Uncle Petronius’ sacrifice is such a noble gesture, so typical of this quaint old Southern gentleman, that it seems a shame to deny him his wish. He will be missed.

  7. proreason says:

    “Why is it everyone always trying to say bad things about our president,” Because he is a marxist idealogue who is trying to destroy the country. BTW, his depression is hurting minorities more than it is hurting white people.

    ” the white man has been in the white house forever and look where we are now.” Racist comment.

    ” The black man can’t do any worst.” Racist comment. Also ungrammatical.

    ” He is our president” No he’s not. He lied and cheated to get to that position. He may be YOUR president, but for me, he’s a dangerous criminal who needs to be removed as quickly as possible.

    ” if you can’t deal with it kill yourself, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.” And you think WE are always saying bad things.

    ” Because i love my president and my country.” But how do you feel about white people?

    • JohnMG says:

      Well, virginiahot, I’d like to see things from your perspective, but I don’t think I can get my head that far up my ass!

      PS. Your president is a racist and a moron. But then I repeat myself. Putz!!

  8. canary says:

    Hasan was full of peace (like Omar) before his cowardly rampage at Ft. Hood.

  9. chainsaw says:

    Here’s a couple more quotes from the deranged killer:

    “I wish I could have got more of the people,” but noted “I’m not going to kill anybody else.”

    Near the end of the call, Thornton said “Tell my people that I love them and I’ve got to go now.”


    Holliday said that Thornton called his mother after the shooting spree and talked to her for about ten minutes, telling her, “I killed the racists that were bothering me.”


    One last question, how can his girlfriend and family say that he was not a violent person?!? Maybe they assisted him?

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