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AP Deletes ‘Revised Number’ From Article

It’s Thursday, which means we’re due for another round of spin the unemployment numbers. This entry is from the Associated Press:

New filings for jobless benefits tumble

By Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer
September 8, 2010

WASHINGTON – The number of people signing up for unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in two months, an encouraging sign that companies aren’t resorting to deeper layoffs even as the economy has lost momentum.

The Labor Department reported Thursday that new claims for unemployment aid plunged last week by a seasonally adjusted 27,000 to 451,000. Economists had predicted a much smaller decline of just 2,000.

Is 27,000 really a “plunge”?

The number of new claims filed in the previous week turned out to be flat, versus a small drop as first reported. But they fell sharply the previous week.

Once again it turns out that last week’s good news was a lie. (Just as we predicted.) Will that happen to this week’s?

But it is perhaps more interesting to note that the AP cut the above paragraph almost immediately. It does not appear in its current version of this article.

According to the Department of Labor’s press release, on which this story is based, it was an accurate paragraph. So why was it removed?

New applications for jobless benefits shot past the half-million mark in mid-August, the highest level since November. Since that spike, they have drifted lower. New filings for jobless benefits are now at their lowest level since July 10…

Wow, since way back then.

In a second hopeful sign, the government said the trade deficit narrowed significantly in July as exports climbed to the highest level in nearly two years. The narrower gap reflected big gains in exports of U.S.-made airplanes and other manufactured goods. Imports declined.

Together, the two reports eased fears that the economy might slide back into recession

As if we have ever left. Using the standards that are used to claim the Bush recession began in December of 2007, we are still in a recession.

But that was then and this is the era of Obama. And we must make the most of it.

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13 Responses to “AP Deletes ‘Revised Number’ From Article”

  1. bullforever says:

    Did you catch the part that 9 States did not even report numbers, including California? So, The Department of Labor “estimated” link to article on Drudge here:

  2. proreason says:

    The situation might well have moved beyond the point where the Cabal can influence it in any way other than to make it even worse.

    It is well known that businesses are sitting on trillions of dollars of cash, and individuals have increased their savings rate (read that REDUCED their spending rate) by 6% (which amounts to 1 trillion dollars a year for the economy as a whole).

    So it is clear that there is plenty of capital for businesses to expand and add jobs.

    But as many have pointed out, and as every reader knows, there is a stench of fear in this country. People are palpably afraid of what the government criminals will do next, and the entire country has hunkered down to wait until the jackboots move out of town.

    That kind of fear is not going to be relieved by another stimulus bill or more tax credit trickery. Even if the thugs pass something that genuinely might help the economy, I can’t see people believing them. Oh their tit-suckers might, but the union, welfare, and government tit-suckers don’t create jobs.

    We need to prepare for 2 more years of stagnation…..after which, assuming the country rejects the criminals, there will be a pent-up boom that will rock the world.

    • jambon says:

      “We need to prepare for 2 more years of stagnation…..after which, assuming the country rejects the criminals, there will be a pent-up boom that will rock the world.”

      That assumes the country doesn’t vote in a lying RINO like McCain, Powell, (Newt, to some degree) etc.

      To be fair, i’m not certain McCain has a chance against Obama, either. I can’t envision a helluva lotta net difference between the two and at least Obama has delivered on his promises. McCain would probably back-peddle and be a lame-duck like Ford (from what little I know about Ford, that is).

      Wringing hands, compromising, bipartisanship, etc. All useless. Unless someone steps up to the plate for 2012 and really shows some spirit to kick some ass I don’t see things changing much. Palin, maybe; Gingrich, no.

    • proreason says:

      “Unless someone steps up to the plate for 2012 and really shows some spirit to kick some ass I don’t see things changing much. ”

      I disagree.

      Even if we get stuck with a McCain-like person (can’t quite imagine it, but even so), the economy will rebound strongly.

      If I’m right about 2 more years of stagnation, the economy will be like a coiled spring after 5 years of nada. Any amount of relief at all will release forces that will have huge impacts very quickly.

      Any Republican, no matter how rinoee, will be extremely beneficial. If it’s a strong conservative, or even just a stong fiscal conservative, it will be an explosion.

      In fact, I think it will be so explosive that the effects will be felt in 2011, as soon as it’s clear that Obama will be defeated.

    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Gotta go with pro on this one. I generally hate to go along with the “morality by degrees/lesser of evils” mentality, but I think in this instance it would be inaccurate to say that things wouldn’t have been different with McCain. No fan of his, but he at least was smart enough to go conservative once in a while. If we got another McCain in 2013, the economy would improve simply by the fear abating while the new regime settled in to what it would do. However, I don’t think a McCainian type would do anything to reverse the damage. That will be a task for a hyper mutant conglomeration of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Jefferson Davis and General Patton.

    • jobeth says:

      If Pro is right…now is the time to snatch up as much low cost investment opportunities as possible in various venues.

      Hope he is right. We could sure use a rebound.

      But I won’t be fooled in thinking like I did in ’08. I looked at the group of those running for president on the right and felt “surely” we could find at least one who could beat the left. I wasn’t worried….I don’t take anything for granted now.

      Although I can’t for the life of me see how anyone could continue to vote for the left.

      However…I still run in to quite a few dead-heads who are still blaming Bush for getting us into a huge deficit. When I remind them that Obalmy quadrupled it in less than 18 months…I see a totally blank look in their eyes…They DON’T KNOW!!!! Mindless useful idiots, all. And they suddenly don’t want to talk about politics if you show them where they are wrong and proof there of. They just don’t want to know. Frustrating.

      I don’t’ put anything in the “sure thing” file anymore. What seems so obvious to those of us who do our homework is out of the realm of those who don’t. Yet their vote is as valid as mine and yours.

    • Petronius says:

      AcornsRNutz, that’s a pretty good combination. If you can find some of that DNA for “a hyper mutant conglomeration of John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Jefferson Davis and General Patton,” please let me know. I’d like to bottle it and sell it.

      Pro’s take on the US’s potential for economic rebound is pretty darn good as well, except that there are a few big wild cards in the deck. Iran is one. Oil prices is another. Cost of compliance with Obamacare, ditto. And debt-driven inflation and interest rates is one more. General Mills just reported it is experiencing 5% cost inflation in food commodities. If food prices go up 5%, the government is not going to be able to sell any more 2% Treasuries. The Fed will have to raise interest rates at some point, and that’s going to sting.

      Note that yesterday CNBC stock pundit Jim Cramer picked gold and silver ETFs as his top defensive plays in the market.


    • AcornsRNutz says:

      Lets not forget a couple of other wild cards. Namely, China’s anger over our military actions so near to pakistan, pakistan’s nuclear technology being perilously close to some real nasty people’s control, and of course, Isreal. The interest rate hike that will eventually have to come will sting in the short term, but that may prove to actually be a big part of a reversal strategy, an effort to prevent the hyperinflation forthcoming from this massive influx of fake money artificially dumped into our economy. I just hope there are enough real assets remaining to survive that eventuality. In many ways this Country is going to need a tremendous amount of fortunate timing to survive. Something as silly as a 10 cent per pound increase in the cost of corn might be enough to completely tip the scales if it happens at the right time.

    • Ultra-C says:

      Hey, as long as we’re saying “what if,” I think that there would have been ZERO diff between a McCain admin and Bush admin had McNugget been elected in 2000. Only, we wouldn’t have gotten Sarah Palin, which would be a damnable shame.

    • proreason says:

      Lots of wild cards, but I still say the economy takes off if / when Obamy is evicted.

      Of course, we could all be radioactive by that point and hyper-inflation is more than a possibility before that day.

      But I’m assuming that any Repub who wins in 2012 will have to begin implementing something like Paul Ryan’s proposal, if not immediately, then immediately after GDP rises x%. If that doesn’t happen, it will be back into the slowly boiling pot, which the adults won’t stand for this time around.

      All of that is in the mix for my (admittedly no-proof) prediction.

      It will be like the end of WWII. The country’s problems will be washed away in an orgy of relief and ecstacy. Another madman defeated. The cleanup will take decades, but the meter will turn up on day 1, and stay there for years.

      And it won’t just be the US. Despite the rhetoric from abroad, the world will celebrate the moment just as much as we will. Pax Americus will be back.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Great discussion. The coming ground-swell in November might be the first stable plank investors need to immediately loosen the purse-strings a bit. If all goes well, the recovery could be very quick because of technological and organizational modernity. Pax Americanus returns just in time to meet Islamus Mortem and ChiComus Prime.

      The former will probably have to be dealt with forcefully, the latter we can only hope has more in common with us, that is self-interest, than they do Islam, self-destruction.

      Stability is the objective, security is the key. Domestic and Foreign.

      On November 2nd, we’re going to shatter one of the pillars of deceit and advance into the strongholds of their professional grassroots. You better believe that means fierce uphill fights on tax policy, federal cuts, repeals, investigations.. and that’s just on the reform side.

      Petronius had a great point to bring up OPEC, which surely will have the backdoor blessing of our defeated Kinglette and his servants to ramp up oil and attack our transportation industry. If we face anything like the embargo in the 70’s, the untold damage from the gulf moratorium and regulatory agencies refusing to issue permits is going to become blatantly apparent – at crisis levels.

      We need a sound energy policy. That means finishing off the radical environmentalist movement in the wreckage of their Global Warming scam.

      The borders – federal land even – needs to be secured. That means bucking the UN and facing the international backlash.

      State Education, our most expensive and precious investment, is a complete failure. The reform movement is underway and already the dynamics of power are shifting out of Government Unions (Stern) and back to Labor (Trumka). Well articulated Conservatives have the opportunity to pick up a good chunk of the disillusioned Working Class Democrats with mobsters like him continuing to run the show and that could bode well for future relations with Labor and Business.

      I’ve meandered a bit too much with this post but yeah, love the thoughts. Plenty of awareness out there of the task at hand, but a lot of hope, optimism, and (dare I say) anticipation for the challenge?

  3. tranquil.night says:

    “For the remora economy, anticipating the needs and desires of consumers is all but futile. The smart play is to anticipate the needs of the State, and the desires of its dominant ideology… then latch onto the bloated shark when it swims by, and hang on for dear life. Businesses attached to the State always find ways to profit from the relationship… and eventually, they become dependent upon it, and actively resist attempts to restrain the government spending and regulation which has become integral to their business model.”

    Another good one from DoctorZero cogently detailing why we’re experiencing these economic hazards as a result of No Rules Government.

  4. Ultra-C says:

    “Wow, since way back then.”

    Ann, you totally crack me up.

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