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AP Does Hit Piece On Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko

From an outraged (at the opposition leader) Associated Press:

Ukraine parliament head takes presidential powers

By ANGELA CHARLTON | February 23, 2014

KIEV, Ukraine — With an ally claiming presidential powers Sunday and the whereabouts and legitimacy of the nominal president unclear, newly freed opposition icon Yulia Tymoshenko may feel her chance to take Ukraine’s leadership has come. But even among protesters who detest President Viktor Yanukovych, Tymoshenko sparks misgivings.

The former prime minister, who was convicted of abuse of office in a case widely seen as political revenge by her arch-foe Yanukovych, is a polarizing figure in a country staggering from political tensions that exploded into violence. Admired and even adored by many for her flair and fiery rhetoric, Tymoshenko is regarded by others as driven by intense ego and tainted with corruption.

Unlike most political leaders, like say, Barack Obama.

Just a day after she left the hospital where she was imprisoned, demonstrators outside the Cabinet of Ministers expressed dismay that she could be Ukraine’s next president. One of them held a placard depicting Tymoshenko taking power from Yanukovych and reading, "People didn’t die for this." …

This is practically a hit piece on Ms. Tymoshenko. And it reminds us of the the media’s efforts to discredit Boris Yeltsin. Who, in reality, did more to ‘reform’ the Soviet Union that Mikhail Gorbachev ever did. — That is, it was Yeltsin who turned it from a Communist to a capitalist country.

But our news media smeared him as a drunkard because they didn’t want to see economic Communism dismantled. Of course, Yeltsin made his own mistakes. Especially, in turning over the country to Putin. (Though he may have been forced to do that.)

Ukraine is deeply divided between eastern regions that are largely pro-Russian and western areas that widely detest Yanukovych and long for closer ties with the European Union…

The eastern part of Ukraine is in fact heavily Russian. And the Soviet Union always seeded their republics with native Russians, both via bureaucrats and the military. (In fact, Hitler had counted on the Ukrainians rising up against Stalin when he invaded in WWII. But because of the heavy Russian population, they did not. And that miscalculation cost him the war.)

After WWIII, Stalin added a large chunk of Russia to Ukraine to ´anchor´ it to Soviet Union. So when the Soviet Union dissolved, most of the Russians remained behind, intermarried and raised families. They retained their native Russian language, culture, and allegiance.

Tymoshenko’s admirers remember her as the most vivid figure of the Orange Rvolution [sic], which forced a rerun of a fraud-riddled presidential election purportedly won by Yanukovych. After the new vote, won by Viktor Yushchenko, Tymoshenko became prime minister…

Nicknamed "The Gas Princess," she was accused of giving kickbacks to then-premier Pavlo Lazarenko, who is no [sic] imprisoned in the United States for fraud. Later, as deputy prime minister, she pushed through reforms of the energy sector that some said did little more than fill the pockets of her associates…

The conviction that sent Tymoshenko to prison was for allegedly negotiating an excessively high price for Russian gas…

Imagine if we arrested our administration officials for such cronyism.

Protesters smashed portraits of Yanukovych and took down statues of Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin in several towns and cities. On Sunday, some pro-Russian protesters took up positions to defend Lenin statues in Donetsk and Kharkiv. Statues of Lenin across the former U.S.S.R. are seen as a symbol of Moscow’s rule.

You can just hear the sob in the AP’s voice here. Still, they keep the hope that the pro-Russian protesters will turn back the tide.

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One Response to “AP Does Hit Piece On Ukraine’s Yulia Tymoshenko”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I wondered about her. But now that AP has taken sides, I’m reassured. If the Associated Press is against her, I’m for her.

    /reliable barometer

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