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AP Does Sob Story On Family Deported Back To Honduras

From a positively tear-soaked Associated Press:

Honduran families deported back to a bleak future

By SONIA PEREZ D. [sic] | July 23, 2014

TOCOA, Honduras (AP) — Elsa Ramirez already had lost two brothers to violence in this remote Caribbean region when co-workers handling clandestine cocaine flights from South America murdered her husband four months ago. Then the killers came looking for her.

Why? We are never told. But somehow we very strongly suspect that her husband was a drug dealer. Which could be why there is so much violence in Honduras.

Ramirez had seen Facebook messages and heard from relatives that mothers travelling to the United States with children would be allowed to stay if they made it across the border, so she took off for the North with her 8-year-old, Sandra, and 5-year-old Cesar, named for his dead father.

So it’s Obama’s fault.

Two weeks and many thousands of miles later, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement flight brought Ramirez back to the badlands of Honduras in Colon province, still fearing her husband’s killers and now lacking a plan for survival. "I didn’t want to come back," she said. "I wanted to give my children a better life and I can’t do that here." …

Overwhelmed by unaccompanied minors and women with children crossing illegally, U.S. authorities have stepped up deportations back to Central America. Ramirez was one of 58 women and children who returned last week on a U.S. flight to San Pedro Sula, considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Actually the number was only 38. And there has been no stepping up of deportations. This single flight is still the only deportation flight we have heard about.

After her husband’s death, Ramirez’s in-laws took possession of their home. The 27-year-old widow was left with his motorbike, clothes and a few cellphone photos of him with his ever-present pistol.

He sure sounds like a drug dealer.

A housewife with no prospects for work, she stayed at her mother’s home until a relative in the United States sent money for a bus trip through Mexico and for a coyote to smuggler her across the Rio Grande to Texas…

As she hailed a cab one afternoon, a group of men grabbed Ramirez and her children. They held the family overnight, demanding money. When she discovered the door was unguarded in the morning, Ramirez and the children escaped to meet the coyote. He kept them for five days, awaiting a $2,000 deposit from her family…

She is so afraid of being kidnapped by gangs, she paid coyotes to take charge of herself and her children. Got it.

She was deported before seeing a judge…

The outrage!

[While in a detention center] one night her son was playing with another child in the bathroom, when he hit his head on the toilet and began bleeding profusely. Immigration guards tried to handcuff her on the ambulance ride to the hospital, where her son’s wound was treated with two stitches. "I said to them, ‘How could you think that I would take off and leave my son?’ "she recalled…

Because none of these illegals ever abandon their children. (This will be forgotten by the end of the AP’s piece.)

When the plane landed in San Pedro Sula, Honduran First Lady Ana Garcia de Hernandez boarded to personally welcome the women and children home. At the migration center, Ramirez was given a bag of groceries with juice to last a day, drinking water and the equivalent of about $25 in lempiras. The deported women were angry…

Who can blame them? The US would have given them free stuff for a lifetime.

When Elsa Ramirez arrived in Tocoa, she collapsed into the arms of her tearful mother in relief and frustration. Neither woman knew what the future would bring. Ramirez could hide out in her mother’s home for a time, she said, perhaps work as a cook or shop clerk.

Or with her husband’s killers still on the loose, she could try again to make the trek to the United States — but without her children…

So she is planning to abandon her children after all, and leave them to the mercy of her husband’s killers.

Anyway, the AP neglects to explain how the United States ever became responsible for everyone in the world with a sad life. After all, maybe instead of dealing in drugs and paying human traffickers, these people might try cleaning up their own countries. — Oh, that’s right. They now want us to do that for them, too.

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2 Responses to “AP Does Sob Story On Family Deported Back To Honduras”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Imagine my interest .. probably a Hamas story anyway, that is, staged in every way.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants keep insisting they “just want a better future.” Why do none of them do anything about their own cesspool countries? You would think that if so many of them despised being drug dealer’s widows or living in violent crapholes, that they might actually do something to improve it, but they never seem to do it. Instead, they bring their 3rd world mentality to the US. Go look at a Central/South American immigrant community and you’ll find exactly the same behaviors, social problems, vices, and apathy that have kept their countries mired in pre-industrial nation status while other nations have developed. The difference is that in the US, they get more stuff for “free” like the woman who wants a better life for her children that she’s going to leave behind as orphans in a “dangerous” Central American drug dealer ghetto.

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