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AP ‘Fact Checker’ Hack Re-Writes His ‘Fact Check’

From the Associated Press:

FACT CHECK: A Sebelius dodge at hearing

By CALVIN WOODWARD | October 30, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Here’s what some Republicans want to know: If Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius thinks the new health insurance marketplace is going to be so great, why doesn’t she get her own coverage from it?

Just yesterday, Mr. Woodward said the Republicans were asking Sebelius to do the impossible. Funny how times (and ‘fact checks’) change.

As a Medicare beneficiary, she can’t.

Once again, this is simply not true. Ms. Sebelius could easily drop her Medicare Part A enrollment. So there is still no legal requirements preventing her from enrolling in Obama-Care. As this ‘fact checker’ has now falsely claimed twice.

(Moreover, there is still some debate as to whether someone on Medicare can sign up for Obama-Care, or not. Which just shows how haphazard the law has been written, if such a major portion of the population could be left out.)

Anyway, the real point is Sebelius doesn’t have a clue about the law that she is supposed to implement. And that is a fact.

But her response to Republicans who pressed her Wednesday to sign up under a health insurance exchange was problematic. She said that because she’s part of the federal employee health plan, she’s not eligible to switch to the exchanges.

In fact, Americans who have workplace health insurance, as most with coverage do, can drop it in favor of individual policies offered by the exchanges. But doing so would not make financial sense for most.

That is not what this ‘fact checker’ claimed yesterday. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. But he doesn’t admit to being wrong. He doesn’t apologize. Apparently, being a news media propagandist means never having to say you’re sorry.

A look at the back and forth at a House hearing, with underlying facts…

Which seem to have changed since yesterday.


It would be financially nonsensical for most with federal employee health insurance to step away from it in favor of an individual policy in the exchange. Doing so would mean losing the employer contribution to the health plan…

Then how come Congress and their staffers aren’t losing theirs?

But Sebelius’ point that she can’t do it because her federal employee insurance disqualifies her doesn’t hold up.

And yet yesterday, Mr. Woodward smugly said it did. And he had the ‘facts’ to back it up. What happened?

What does block her from enrolling in an exchange is her status as a Medicare beneficiary, which she did not mention at the hearing. Plans offered by the exchanges cannot be sold to people on Medicare, and her department said in a statement that "the secretary is a Medicare enrollee." …

Once again, this is not a fact, no matter how many times Mr. Woodward claims it is. Ms. Sebelius could easily drop her Medicare Part A enrollment. You can even do it online.

EDITOR’S NOTE _ An occasional look at claims by public figures that take shortcuts with the facts or don’t tell the full story

‘Physician, heal thyself.’

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2 Responses to “AP ‘Fact Checker’ Hack Re-Writes His ‘Fact Check’”

  1. canary says:

    I think AP’s Calvin Woodward might owe Sebelius a favor. Perhaps his health insurance is giving him a difficult time over a procedure or meds, as they have to pick up the slack and compensate for paying insurance for youth that wish to become organizers and or go to law school, although universities do offer health insurance for their students.

  2. captstubby says:

    the ‘facts’ to back it up.

    has Illinois always been a Blue State?

    fact check;


    The Land Of Lincoln.

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