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AP: Embarrass Obama – Get A ‘Scandal’

From those relentless investigators at the Associated Press:

AP Exclusive: Gregg had stake in, won aid for base

By SHARON THEIMER, Associated Press Write

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s former nominee to become commerce secretary, Sen. Judd Gregg, steered taxpayer money to his home state’s redevelopment of a former Air Force base even as he and his brother engaged in real estate deals there, an Associated Press investigation found.

Gregg, R-N.H., personally has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in Cyrus Gregg’s office projects at the Pease International Tradeport, a Portsmouth business park built at the defunct Pease Air Force Base, once home to nuclear bombers. Judd Gregg has collected at least $240,017 to $651,801 from his investments there, Senate records show, while helping arrange at least $66 million in federal aid for the former base.

Gregg said he violated no laws or Senate rules.

But the senator’s mixture of personal and professional business would have been difficult to square with President Barack Obama’s campaign promise to impose greater transparency and integrity over federal budget earmarks — funding for lawmakers’ pet projects. Gregg said that during his consideration for the Cabinet job, the White House did not know about his Pease earmarks, although the administration knew about his investments at Pease.

Under new Senate ethics rules, Gregg had to certify that federal aid he directed to specific projects was not intended solely to enrich him or immediate family, including siblings. Senators are also supposed to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest, though the Senate Ethics Committee seldom investigates or disciplines senators when questions are raised about their activities.

"I am absolutely sure that in every way I’ve complied with the ethics rules of the Senate both literally and in their spirit relative to any investment that I’ve made anywhere," Gregg told the AP. "These earmarks do not benefit me in any way, shape, manner financially, personally or in any other manner other than the fact that I’m a citizen of New Hampshire." …

Now that Mr. Gregg is not an honored member of the Obama administration, the truth can be told – such as it is. Of course if Mr. Gregg were a Democrat rather than a Republican, we still would have never heard a peep about this activity.

Indeed, note how the AP somehow managed to work in Gregg’s party affiliation by the second sentence. Something which we would never have been told if Mr. Gregg were a member of the protected class.

But not only is Gregg a member of the GOP, he made our new President look bad. So he must be punished to the fullest extent our media can achieve.

But the senator’s mixture of personal and professional business would have been difficult to square with President Barack Obama’s campaign promise to impose greater transparency and integrity over federal budget earmarks — funding for lawmakers’ pet projects.

Has the AP or any members of our one party media ever mentioned Mr. Obama’s long and sordid history of providing kickbacks earmarks to this wife’s employers, to Tony Rezko and to his other political mentors and benefactors?

Apparently, Mr. Obama would never qualify to serve in his own administration under its new (mostly pretend) moral strictures.

But Mr. Gregg embarrassed “The Won.” Therefore Mr. Gregg must be punished.

And the AP, like the rest of our lickspittle media, is always only too eager to serve its masters.

An independent press would instead be writing about the real scandal here. Which is that the US Census has been handed over to that most viciously partisan hack, Rahm Emanuel.

But we don’t have an independent press.

This article was posted by Steve on Friday, February 27th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

14 Responses to “AP: Embarrass Obama – Get A ‘Scandal’”

  1. Confucius says:

    When will those bipartisan-loving Republicans ever learn?

    Offer an olive branch, and the Democrats will beat you with it.

  2. Gila Monster says:

    “But we don’t have an independent press.”

    And sadly SG, perhaps we never will.

    Maybe someday down the road, our colleges and universities will no longer be dominated by leftist-socialist ideologues masquerading as professors and educators. The unfortunate leftovers of the hippie generations, churning out good little libtards to continue infecting our American society and in particular, our fields of journalism.

    The Ward Churchill’s, the Bill Ayers’, the Noam Chomsky’s, etc have been following the Alinsky model for years, indoctrinating young minds with their atheistic liberal-socialistic drivel to continue the cycle, perpetuating the model as you will.

    Until that bastion of liberalism is changed to at least a modicum of neutrality, we can expect more of the same from the MSM.

    But of course, I’m not saying anything new here.

  3. brad says:

    None of the democrats or their viewpoints are properly criticized. In fact, their people need to only wait a little while, and Hollywood will make a movie about their heroes to tell everyone the “real” story,and how great they were.

    The film about Obama already has an outline, it just takes a little bit to get the timing for the release right.

    If you can actually win an award about the life of Ray Charles (who nobody cared about when he was alive), then certainly an academy nomination is sure to be up for any light skinned black guy who wants to play the part.

  4. doctor tecate says:

    aren’t we kind of neglecting the fact that someone else was going to be in this spot before? but then…scandal….

    Maybe this is why he backed down, thinking he could keep it from being brought to light. After all this was right after Geithner and Daschle, which were kind of a scandal

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Kind of a scandal, hey doc? Kind of a scandal?
      What….pray tell is a scandal, according to you?
      Never mind…….you are probly going to be dishing out the gubbamint health plan at your sleazy backalley office for million$$ of gubbamint money which will be worthless.

      BTW…….Mengela was a Doctor too!!

    • DEZ says:

      Tecate is a smarmy lil Mexican city, or gutter swill Mexican beer, pick one.

  5. canary says:

    evil oOllah Obama orders doctors to perform abortions. Reason being the shortage of doctors and nurses. Why not just start a new medical specialist field, and call it medical abortionists. Two weeks government paid schooling.


    • canary says:

      oLLah Obama orders Doctor’s they must chop off heads. Doesn’t ordering Doctor’s who believe it’s murder to kill an unborn baby in violation of the freedom of religion in this country. Obama is going after Freedom to bare arms, Freedom of Speech, and now Freedom of Religion. With his new federal tax funding on abortions, I guess the clinics already in business will be short handed. We had a Doctor that started dumping the aborted on his farm property. Oh my gosh, remember the abortion Doctor in Oklahoma convicted for murdering his wife on Valentines Day. A former patient came to his defense he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Again, oOllah Obama’s nuke is taking lives faster than any bomb in history.

  6. MinnesotaRush says:

    Holy smokes! The AP was on top of this one, ay?!? Probably had to set aside (again) the stories on Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Plegher, Richards, etc., etc., etc,. Journalistic urgencies and priorities ya’ know.

    • doctor tecate says:

      Holy smokes! This is becoming ridiculously entertaining. How do you know about those stories if they weren’t reported? Oh right, they were all national stories. For weeks and weeks some of them.

      Yikes, no wonder everyone thinks of us as a fringe party. Let the air in under that aluminum.

    • VMAN says:

      Holy Smokes Doc I didn’t see the AP pick up any of those stories. Yea we heard the stories but not from the MSM I mean the Obama propaganda machine. Go back and crawl under the America hating rock you came from.

  7. Reality Bytes says:

    Course none of this mattered to Obama’s vetting dept…until Gregg withdrew that is.

  8. aze_216 says:

    Something very wierd and dangerous is happening here. It would seem that we should have long passed the tipping point where Obama or his minions would undergo even a modest amount of investigation. If they got by with the “stimulus” package, this budget and all his other lies, misstatements and clear folly (breakout groups?). – there doesn’t seem to be a turning back. The AP and other “news” organizations are simply extensions of the Obama propoganda department. How far are we really from a police state?

  9. toxicbrainpoison says:

    Remember Monica Lewinsky? We all know liberals can’t keep their pants up. Is that the kind of scandal you are referring to? Something that has no bearing on reality or something political?

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