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AP: First Lady Praised For Style, Warmth In China

From a shameless Associated Press:

US First Lady Praised for Style, Warmth in China

By DIDI TANG and LOUISE WATT | March 23, 2014

BEIJING (AP) – U.S. first lady Michelle Obama brought the importance of education to the foreground on Sunday on the third day of a visit to China, where she has won praise for her approachability and admiration for her comments supporting freedom of speech.

We thought reporters were prohibited joining Michelle and her mother and the girls on their taxpayer funded vacation cultural exchange. So this article must be a press release from White House writers. (Not that there would be any real difference if the AP had written it.)

But, sure, Michelle is famous for her approachability. And for her support of free speech. Oh, and her ‘warmth’ and ‘elegance.’

Mrs. Obama, traveling with her two daughters, has been photographed at famous spots including the Forbidden City and Great Wall during the first independent trip by a U.S. president’s wife to China. She has won compliments for her elegant clothing and her interactions with ordinary people in a country where it is rare to see leaders’ spouses or children in public.

One of her elegant outfits featured a giant unicorn on her blouse. (Which was probably meant to represent her husband.)

"She is very warm and frank, and when she is talking to people she conscientiously listens to what they have to say," said Wu Qing, a retired professor of Beijing Foreign Studies University who met Mrs. Obama on Sunday…

Huh. Too bad she doesn’t do that in our country.

T-shirts of President Barack Obama in a Mao hat that are common at Beijing tourist sites were absent from souvenir stalls Sunday, although at least one vendor showed a whole box of them when asked…

So even the Chi-Coms are embarrassed to have Obama associated with Chairman Mao.

Zhang, the historian, said the clothes worn by the two presidents’ wives during the trip appeared to be from different seasons, with Mrs. Obama wearing summer clothes and Peng, a former folk singer while in the army, somewhere between winter and spring.

"I think Peng’s clothes are too formal. They look like a uniform," Zhang said. "Peng just looks like she’s still on a stage, while Michelle appears quite casual, like she’s traveling in China." …

For the record, the ‘former folk singer,’ Peng Liyuan, was and is hugely popular in China. And she is certainly viewed by the populace there as far more glamorous than Michelle Obama.

But what do you expect from a White House press release?

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4 Responses to “AP: First Lady Praised For Style, Warmth In China”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Does anyone remember Brain “The Boz” Bosworth Oklahoma outside linebacker? Drafted by the Seahawks in 1987? Before the 1987 game with the Denver Broncos Boz trash talked John Elway, Denver’s Hall of Fame quarterback to such an extent that a massive amount of Denver fans ended up wearing Ban The Boz T-shirts to the game. Not knowing Bosworth’s merchandising company was selling the shirts.

    The above illustrates my suspicion that Michelle owns Rights to all the Obama Communist Che Mao styled T-shirts sold in China.

  2. canary says:

    An earlier article on Michelles and company visiting was their clothing was for summer when the weather was cold.

    For Michelle to tell China the importance of education shows that her meeting with Chinese exchange students here in the US to teach her about culture did not pan out.

    I really felt sorry for the girls and grandma, not only being cold, but grandma’s outfits look like she is impoverished.
    I applaud her for dressing so modest and plain when so many in America are financially bad off and can’t even afford a mini vacation.

    • canary says:

      Economy milk at Walmarts still over $5 dollar a gallon. They started carrying a cheaper brand that comes from Illinois ususally found only in 3rd world owned convienent stores. Don’t let those home farmed fresh labels fool you.

      Then again Walmarts has boasted of a new 250 Billion dollar endeavor to sell more made in USA products. Don’t let that fool you either. It might be 100% grown cotton in the USA, but they export the cottom to a foreign country to make products. If it says made in the USA it still might be food packaging containers made in a poor country out of undisclosed packaging.

      They have been importing some good deal products made in Israel to my amazement.

      Now can you tell I’m a woman.

    • GetBackJack says:

      Bob? Is that you?

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