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AP Frets: $2000 Is Too Much For US Citizenship

From a hand-wringing in advance Associated Press:

Immigrant reform might raise price of citizenship


EDINBURG, Texas (AP) — Hilda Vasquez squirreled away the money for her U.S. citizenship application by selling batches of homemade tamales at South Texas offices.

Meanwhile, how many lemonade stands run by (legal) American children has the government shut down?

Carmen Zalazar picked up extra babysitting jobs at night after caring for kids all day in Houston. The women scrimped and saved for months to pay for the $680 application, but for other applicants in the future, it might not be enough.

As President Barack Obama renews his quest for immigration reform, some proposals would impose fines of $2,000 on top of application fees, making the financial hurdles much taller for people who are here illegally…

Here we go. Any ‘fine’ included in amnesty will be immediately judged to be too high. And Obama will have to do away with it, via executive order.

The struggle is familiar to millions of immigrants. A 2012 survey by the Pew Hispanic Center showed that only 46 percent of Hispanic immigrants eligible to become citizens had done so. The top two reasons were lack of English skills and lack of money to pay for the application…

Both of which sound better than admitting you don’t care about becoming a citizen. That all you want is the higher wages and/or welfare benefits.

Republican supporters of the proposed fines say penalties are necessary to defend against any appearance that creating a pathway to citizenship amounts to amnesty…

And God knows $2,000 is an impossible sum. Especially if you want a flat screen TV.

But, lest we forget, this $2,000 fine is supposed to make up for all the years that illegal aliens have lived in the US without paying taxes. All the years they and their family have gotten free education and free welfare benefits.

Not to mention the free use of our police, firemen, roads and infrastructure in general. (Which, by the way, they ‘didn’t build.’)

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank that supports tighter immigration controls, said if immigrants who are in the country illegally are allowed to seek citizenship, they should have to pay the costs, which will increase if millions of applications need to be processed…

"It’s stupid to price people out of the market," Krikorian said…

Notice how the only time the AP ever quotes any ‘conservative’ on immigration is when they think they agree with them.

But there is no need to worry. If push comes to shove, the Democrat Party will pay these fees. (And push will never come to shove.)

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2 Responses to “AP Frets: $2000 Is Too Much For US Citizenship”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    But $15,000 for a coyote is okay?

  2. AcornsRNutz says:

    Well if 2000 is too much for citizenship, then why are most citizens paying 10 times that in taxes each year?

    And even though I don’t pay a whole lot in taxes personally, let me tell you what I paid for my citizenship sometime. Sure, there was some free travel to exotic places, and I got a few extra bucks for it, but I assure you it was more difficult than picking fruit.

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