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AP Frets: Obama Is Losing ‘Younger Voters’

From a suddenly concerned Associated Press:

Once Obama’s, younger voters in play this election

April 25, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Once thought to be solidly behind President Barack Obama, younger voters burdened by a bleak employment picture, high gas prices and student loan debt are being aggressively wooed by the Democrat and his likely Republican challenger, Mitt Romney.

You mean "younger voters" have to live in the Obama economy, too? Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing that about women.

In 2008, Obama had a 34-point advantage over Republican Sen. John McCain among voters under age 30. He won about two-thirds of the vote in that age group.

But a new Harvard poll suggests the president may face a harder sales job with younger voters this time around. Obama led Romney by 12 points among those ages 18-24, according to the survey. Among those in the 25-29 age group, Obama held a 23-point advantage.

Et tu, Harvard?

It’s an opening Republicans hope to exploit by focusing on young people’s disillusionment with the candidate who promised "hope" and "change."

Isn’t it funny how the AP always see such things as openings for Republicans to try try to exploit. Obama’s problems are never bad in and of themselves.

[Romney’s] aides and advisers have been sharpening a message that assails Obama for an economy that has young people feeling the pinch, too. The Republican National Committee is preparing to launch what it calls the Social Victory Center, which promises to turn the Facebook accounts of supporters into an outreach arm of the party. And Romney’s five telegenic sons, none of them younger than 30, are ready to reprise their roles as campaign surrogates.

They are such manipulators. Unlike Mr. Obama, who never panders to anyone. Even when he campaigns with Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. Even when he promises to give everybody free college tuition.

Obama has spent the past week casting himself as a defender of the middle class and urging Congress to keep the 3.4 percent student loan interest rate from doubling to 6.8 percent in July…

An increased that was passed by the Congress in 2007, when both houses were controlled by a veto-proof majority of Democrats. Though, to be fair, Mr. Obama did not bother to vote on the bill either of the two times he had a chance to. He was too busy campaigning.

Despite attempts to relate to college audiences by opening up about his and his wife’s experiences with student loans, polling suggests Obama’s job approval rating among these voters has declined. The 75 percent rating he enjoyed in 2009, the year he took office, has dropped to 57 percent, according to Gallup.

Et tu, Gallup?

That opens the door for Romney and the Republican Party.

Again, this is the AP’s kneejerk response.

As a result, Democrats and Republicans alike have to court a new class of college-age voters this election cycle, not just in traditional GOP states like North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana that helped push Obama to victory in 2008, but across the country

So brace yourself for a constant deluge of stories from the AP and the rest of our one party media about all the wonderful things Mr. Obama is doing for the young people in our country. Maybe they will even show up in ‘Tiger Beat’ or whatever the kids read today.

The last Republican presidential candidate to win voters under age 30 was Republican George H.W. Bush. He won 52 percent of those voters on his way to defeating Democrat Michael Dukakis in 1988.

Because young people thought they were voting for a third term of Ronald Reagan.

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6 Responses to “AP Frets: Obama Is Losing ‘Younger Voters’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I would tell you what I hope Obama loses but the SS is gunning for something to redirect attention from their massive failure of good sense and mission integrity that I better not.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    “The 75 percent rating he enjoyed in 2009, the year he took office, has dropped to 57 percent…”

    Which proves that children can learn by being shown. That utopianism is a dish best served in hypothetical classroom discussions with the caveat that it’s only imaginary, do not try this at home. Reality has a particular sting to it when it’s cold and sharp.

  3. Petronius says:

    Would it help if we lowered the voting age again?

    The rationale for the 26th Amendment (biggest mistake of 1971) was, “If we’re old enough to fight, we’re old enough to vote.”

    The rationale this time will be, “If we’re old enough to pay off the national debt, we’re old enough to vote.”

    By that rule the unborn and yet-to-be-conceived should be registered to vote. And no identification required.

  4. JohnMG says:

    Didn’t the First Wookie say these young graduates should forego jobs in the private sector and work instead for social justice causes? “Just think, boys and girls, you too can parlay your stint as a community organizer into becoming President!”

    I guess that was an order, rather than a suggestion. Alas! Even those jobs aren’t posting any openings.. Since none of the last group of mush-heads who voted for him have benefitted materially from his policies, and since none of them are getting YOUNGER, the next batch coming through are taking a look at ‘the Won’ with a jaundiced eye. They would probably like to get on with their lives before their lives are half over.

  5. AcornsRNutz says:

    “Maybe they will even show up in ‘Tiger Beat’ or whatever the kids read today.”

    Kids don’t read today.

  6. untrainable says:

    No matter how artfully it’s done, even a baby knows when he’s had his candy taken away.

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