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AP Gives Obama Yet More Cover On Gitmo

From a newly concerned Associated Press:

US President Barack Obama holds an executive order related to the closing of prison at Guantanamo Bay after signing it in Washington on January 22, 2009.

Issue of terrorists’ rights to test Obama’s pledge

By ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press Writer

Sun Jan 25

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama’s pledge of bipartisan cooperation with Congress will be tested as he tries to fulfill a campaign promise to close Guantanamo Bay and establish a new system for prosecuting suspected terrorists.

The undertaking is an ambitious one. Fraught with legal complexities, it gives Republicans ample opportunity to score political points if he doesn’t get it right…

So far, Obama’s team has given every indication it will engage lawmakers, including Republicans, on the issue. Graham and McCain were among several Republicans briefed last week by White House counsel Greg Craig and handed drafts of the executive orders.

But once the two sides begin delving into details, there will be ample room for dispute.

Among the unknowns is how many of the 245 detainees now at Guantanamo Bay will be prosecuted.

Administration officials said that, pending an internal review, federal and military courts may be used. But, the officials added, a version of the secretive military tribunals, as established under President George W. Bush with the help of McCain, remains an option, too.

Officials say the tribunals may be needed to prosecute suspected terrorists who are too dangerous to release but whose cases would otherwise fail, either because evidence was coerced or trying them in a less secretive court would expose classified information.

Obama could take a page from the Bush administration and try to revamp the system on his own, through executive order. But that approach failed for Bush, who angered members of his own party and wound up seeking congressional approval anyway after the Supreme Court in June 2006 ruled his tribunal system was unconstitutional.

Obama’s other option is to seek legislation on the issue, potentially exposing his administration to a bruising fight with Republicans on how to handle the most dangerous of terrorism suspects.

A narrow majority of Americans supports shutting down Guantanamo Bay on a priority basis. But people are likely to become much less sympathetic to detainee rights if there is another terrorism attack inside the United States or if the new system is portrayed as too lenient on suspected al-Qaida members

Human rights groups and Democrats said the system still gave too much power to the president. But now, Republicans are worried Obama will swing too far in the other direction.

Graham, a colonel in the Air Force Reserves assigned to the service’s Judge Advocate General School, said he is concerned that Obama will wind up giving civilian courts too heavy a hand in dealing with terrorists handled by the military and CIA.

"Federal judges in my opinion should not be making battlefield decisions. … I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that we are at war," he said.

The Associated Press has been relentless in their efforts to give Mr. Obama cover for stalling on  his pledge to close Guantanamo and to release its terrorists denizens.

(You see, he really has to worry about those vicious Republican attack dogs, Messrs McCain and Graham.)

Sure, the AP might not be much when it comes to being a “watchdog media.”

But you have to admit they are excellent lickspittle lackeys.

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9 Responses to “AP Gives Obama Yet More Cover On Gitmo”

  1. proreason says:

    “people are likely to become much less sympathetic to detainee rights if there is another terrorism attack inside the United States ”

    no shit?

    • JohnMG says:

      This moron is so bright his momma calls him ‘son’, but my guess is he ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. Still……….?

  2. artpa says:

    Graham and McCain, tools!

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    Lickspittle lackeys?
    More like Butt Munchers since the ass kissing is for sycophant “Yes” persons.(Piglosi, Reid, Fienstein, Rangle, Franks,Dodd, etal)
    Gotta admit …..Lickspittle…..I like it…..I like it alot!!

  4. TickTock says:

    What about the RIGHTS of the AMERICAN PEOPLE?

    We pay taxes to support our military to protect us.. these goons should be taken up on charges of treason. They’re playing a dangerous game with their “roll-over and surrender” ideology… But these are the same godless vermin who are spending OUR TAX DOLLARS TO FUND UNIVERSAL ABORTION.

    Now they will make all of us vulnerable to attack, and respond with internationally approved arrest warrants. Our enemies must be grinning from filthy ear to filthy ear, and praising Allah for hand delivering America into their bloody clutches…

    It’s only a matter of time.

    Filthy stinking %@#*&% liberals.

  5. Odie44 says:

    Here’s the problem: “terrorists rights”

    Can someone please spell out the terrorists rights within our Constitution or (gasp) Geneva Convention.

    Oddly enough, I didnt think this “issue” has been opined, sans dimwit, spineless Dems and libs of the world. Then again, anything and everything is a “right” to Dems, unless it goes against them.

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