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AP: GOP Achieves Goal In Obama Tax-Cut

From an irate Associated Press:

Republicans achieve top goal in Obama tax-cut plan

By Charles Babington, Associated Press
December 6, 2010

WASHINGTON – Republicans control neither the House nor the Senate — and certainly not the White House. But they largely dictated the terms of President Barack Obama’s proposed tax-cut compromise, which disgruntled congressional Democrats want to discuss in closed meetings that are likely to be rowdy.

Republicans prevailed on their biggest demand: continuing Bush administration tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, despite Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to let them expire for households earning more than $250,000 a year.

Mr. Babington isn’t too subtle, is he? Even though they don’t control either house in Congress or the White House, the evil Republicans were still able to ram through this deal to help their rich pals.

Oh, and notice that the AP calls it the ‘Obama tax cut plan,’ when there are no tax cuts and Mr. Obama is personally opposed to the extension of the Bush tax rates for anybody.

Obama, while acknowledging Democratic unrest, agreed to extend the tax breaks for two years, whereas Republicans wanted a permanent extension.

There is no end to GOP’s greed. And never mind that employers are still going to think twice about expanding their businesses and hiring new workers when they know these giant tax hikes are just two years in the offing. (Along the the hit they will take on healthcare and the increases in the unemployment insurance tax.)

House and Senate Democratic leaders were noncommittal on the proposal, saying they would discuss it in closed caucus meetings Tuesday

Obama explained Monday that the concession was the only way to prevent a congressional impasse that would cause the tax cuts enacted in 2001 and 2003 to expire for all taxpayers. With 9.8 percent of Americans unemployed, he said, that would be "a chilling prospect."

Really? So now lower taxes are a good thing? We recall Mr. Biden, for instance, saying it was patriotic to pay more taxes.

Liberal groups were furious at his willingness to bend, but Obama said he rejects "symbolic victories" that hurt average Americans.

His plan also would renew jobless benefits for the long-term unemployed, and grant a one-year reduction in Social Security taxes paid by workers but not by employers.

Notice how the gigantic unemployment extension, which adds yet another 13 months to benefits is just mentioned in passing in this article.

Needless to say, the unemployment extension is a major victory for the Democrats, who want to make more of the middle class forever dependent upon the government.

The president had barely stopped speaking before top Republicans applauded his proposals, while most Democrats kept a sullen silence.

Of course, the Republicans didn’t applaud his proposal immediately after he finished speaking. Mr. Babington is taking poetic license to further point up how badly Mr. Obama ‘caved’ to the right.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., thanked Obama for "working with Republicans on a bipartisan plan to prevent a tax hike on any American and in creating incentives for economic growth."

For two whole years.

Because they hold solid majorities in both chambers, Democrats must provide many votes for the tax package to become law, even if Republicans overwhelmingly support it.

Translation: Come on, Democrats. You can still get everything you want without compromising. Keep fighting!

Some Democrats quickly denounced the plan. "Senate Republicans have successfully used the fragile economic security of our middle class and the hardship of millions of jobless Americans as bargaining chips to secure tax breaks for the very wealthiest among us," said Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa

The AP even shows the Democrats the line of argument they think would work best.

Addressing his liberal critics Monday, Obama said, "Sympathetic as I am to those who prefer a fight over compromise, as much as the political wisdom may dictate fighting over solving problems, it would be the wrong thing to do."

"I’m not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in Washington," he said.

Under his plan, unemployment benefits would remain in effect through the end of next year for workers who have been laid off for more than 26 weeks and less than 99 weeks. Without an extension, 2 million individuals would have lost their benefits over the holidays, the White House said, and 7 million would have done so by the end of next year.

Obama’s proposal also would extend a variety of other tax breaks for lower and middle-income families, including the Earned Income Tax Credit and the child tax credit.

Needless to say, the perversely named ‘Earned Income Tax Credit’ is simply another form of income redistribution. But, then again, so is the income tax in general.

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10 Responses to “AP: GOP Achieves Goal In Obama Tax-Cut”

  1. finebammer59 says:

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., thanked Obama for “working with Republicans on a bipartisan plan to prevent a tax hike on any American and in creating incentives for economic growth.”

    what in heaven’s name is “bipartisan” about working (caving in to) with republicans!!!

    rush has said it for years: “bipartisanship” to democrats means republicans giving in to their every whim for nothing in return. look at how mad they are now with their “historic” young president.

    and for what??? a two year temporary extension???

    just another classic example.

  2. BigOil says:

    It looks like the crank of socialism was ratchetted up another notch. What was achieved:

    Income tax increases were delayed for two years.
    Unemployment insurance is now cemented in as a welfare program.
    More wealth will be redistributed to people that do not pay Federal income tax.

    That’s quite a victory Republicans. I guess they are just happy now to actually be in the room when they get rolled.

  3. untrainable says:

    Obama said he rejects “symbolic victories” that hurt average Americans.
    “I’m not willing to let working families across this country become collateral damage for political warfare here in Washington,”

    That’s funny, “symbolic victories” is a phrase I would use to describe Oblamer’s entire reign thusfar. From the bailouts to healthcare to financial reform. All symbolic victories and all hurt average Americans whether they know it or not. And to say that working families aren’t already collateral damage of the Oblamer presidency (economy, unemployment, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, take your pick) goes to further illustrate the widening disconnect between Barry and reality. Classic deflection, classic liberal pap.

  4. proreason says:

    This “big victory” needs to be put in perspective:

    On the one hand, you have: Obamycare, the stick-it-to-us, 20% unemployment, millions more people on the dole, government takeover of 45% of the economy, 2 young marxists on the Supreme Court, a $3 trillion addition to the deficit, the total destruction of the US foreign affairs stategy of the last 60 years, bowing to every thug on the planet….nose thumbing at our closest allies, and adminstration stuffed with radicals

    On the other hand, you have: no change in tax brackets, so taxes will be increased in dozens of other ways.

    Don’t get too excited about it.

  5. tranquil.night says:

    Amateur hour. Unsatisfactory. A D+ just to be generous. But that’s what happens when you go into negotiations after having only been fighting and talking about one objective, which was just to KEEP TAXES THE SAME.

    We got stable tax rates and a stipend Social Security (bankrupt) rate reduction at the cost of locking in unemployment welfare spending and more wealth redistribution that was intentionally kicked down the road till after the election so we would have to debate on their premise.

    And this is some huge victory? I mean Obama just got shellacked and everyone knew he had to cave on this, yet he still manages to carve out a major entitlement and some other malfunctioning political sweetners? All this confirms is how clueless and incompetent our political leadership really was during the 111th.

    If this passes, it will have to be swollowed with the realization that this Lame Duck Congress could’ve been much worse, there probably would’ve been serious consequences to the economy without action, and at least the Republocrats didn’t cave on the tax banner around which they rallied.

    Still completely unsastisfactory. If this is what we’re going to be seeing from Boehner/Cantor and McConnell after our voices get seated, then they know what they’ll be facing in 2012.

  6. Laree says:

    Bill O’Reilly is right, politically come 2012 if you are a far left zealot it’s not like you are going to chose the Republican candidate over Obama.

    Imus Guest Bill O’Reilly, Frank Rich is A pinhead for his: All the President’s Captors article. Mr Rich’s theory the President suffers from Stockholm Syndrome, the Republicans have taken him hostage.


    • tranquil.night says:

      The Country Class have slain the anti-American Marxist agenda. It’s our boy-king using its zombie corpse to hold US hostage on board the sinking ship of the debt it assimilated in life. That’s an angle innocent ol’ Bill seems unwilling to process.

      Let us also not forget it was Democrats who purposely sought to politically position themselves by kicking the can down the road on having the vote, until after the election and in the Lame Duck session.

    • proreason says:

      A commenter at PJM named ETAB has an interesting theory about Obamy. He takes the Malignant Narcissist idea further and says that the Moron isn’t idealogical at all. He will do whatever it takes him to feel like he is in control. But that doesn’t involve formulating policy. He delegates everthing and only enters the fray at the point when he can take control and credit.

      This explains why he easily caved on taxes. He was fine with far left policies with the libwits controlling congress, but now that the republicans have control, the only way the Moron can get his narcissistic jolies is to go with them. If he resists the repubs, nothing will happen and he won’t feel like the master of the universe. Better right than dead, in other words.

      If ETAB is right, Obamy WILL have to move to the center because his narcissism compels him to. The left will hate him, but he might get reelected.

      His posts are easy to find at PJM and he usually repeats the core of his theory. I’ve been giving him encouragement for a few weeks now because the theory makes a lot of sense. We are coming into a period now where the proof is in the pudding. Check him out at PJM.

    • proreason says:

      and right on cue…..here’s an article from Hot Air about the Moron signalling willingness to compromise about coal and nuclar


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