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AP: GOP Budget Slashes Spending, Aid To Poor

From a shameless Associated Press:

GOP budget slashes spending, aid to poor

By ANDREW TAYLOR | April 2, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — A budget plan stuffed with familiar proposals to cut across a wide swath of the federal budget breezed through the House Budget Committee on Wednesday, but its sharp cuts to health care coverage for the middle class and the poor, food stamps and popular domestic programs are a nonstarter with President Barack Obama.

How is that for a nice unbiased headline and lead paragraph?

The GOP-controlled committee approved the plan by a party-line vote after swatting away numerous Democratic attempts to ease its cuts. The plan by Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., the committee chairman and the party’s former vice presidential nominee, promises $5.1 trillion in cuts over the coming decade to bring the government’s ledger into the black by 2024.

$5.1 trillion in cuts amounts to $500 billion a year. Which is chicken feed when the deficit is $17 trillion. Even if they ever happened. (And they won’t.)

The plan is a dead letter with the Democratic-controlled Senate and Obama, but gives Republicans a vehicle to polish their budget-cutting credentials in the run-up to fall midterm elections in which they’re counting on a big turnout from GOP conservatives and the tea party…

It’s also great excuse for the AP to write headlines like the above.

Ryan’s plan would wrestle the government’s chronic deficits under control after a decade, relying on deep cuts to Medicaid, highway construction, federal employee pension benefits, food and heating aid to the poor, and Pell Grants for college students from low-income families…

And never mind that these ‘cuts’ at best slow the rate of growth of these programs. And never mind that they never ever happen, anyway. (Cf. the Sequester.)

Republicans say such tough cuts are required to take on chronic deficits that threaten to sap the economy of its strength in coming years as government borrowing squeezes out savings and investment and spiraling costs of federal retirement and health care programs promise to swamp taxpayers…

How foolish of them. Don’t they know that Obama-Care and expanding Medicaid and raising the minimum wage and giving 11 million illegals amnesty are all going to cut the deficit?

"This dog-eat-dog budget is nothing short of an assault on Americans struggling to stay afloat economically. It absolutely decimates safety net programs — like (food stamps) and Medicaid — designed to stop people from falling into deep poverty," said Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the top Democrat on the budget panel…

While the Democrats want to trap people into the poverty of relying on food stamps and Medicaid forever.

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One Response to “AP: GOP Budget Slashes Spending, Aid To Poor”

  1. dasher says:

    I’m making a prediction today: I predict that from now until the elections EVERY report out of this Administration is going to be positive.

    If this Administration can come up with 7 million Obamacare signups and tout such numbers and not be held accountable, then what’s to stop them from cooking every other statistic? (Yes, I am fully aware the numbers have been massaged and cooked for years now….).

    GDP will be reported as going up, unemployment will be going down, gas prices will go down, food prices will go down, and wages will go UP.

    This is my prediction.


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