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AP: GOP Hawks Lining Up Against The Tea Party

From the Associated Press:

Congress signals tough fight for Pentagon plan

By Bradley Klapper | February 25, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers signaled a difficult battle ahead for the Obama administration’s plan to dramatically overhaul the nation’s military, voicing opposition Tuesday to proposed cuts in benefit packages, long-standing weapons programs and bases that mean money and jobs across America.

The skepticism from both Republicans and Democrats augured poorly for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s vision [sic] of shrinking the Army to its smallest size in three-quarters of a century and creating a nimbler force more suited to future threats than the large land wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade…

Notice how, just like the NYT, the AP insists on calling this "Chuck Hagel’s vision." You see? It’s really Hagel’s plan entirely. In fact, just you wait until Obama finds out Hagel wants to gut the military behind his back. He will be furious.

The cuts "will weaken our nation’s security while the threats we face around the world are becoming more dangerous and complex," Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two leading GOP hawks, said in a joint statement. "Now is not the time to embrace a defense posture reminiscent of the years prior to World War II," they said, without outlining substitute cost reductions.

Isn’t it funny how Republicans always have to come up with "substitute cost reductions," and Democrats never have to.

Although Congress has agreed on keeping next year’s military budget just under $500 billion, major tradeoffs must still be made to get under the cap.

And isn’t it also funny that the sequester is still in effect for the military but not for domestic spending. Since the Republicans threw in the towel in the last budget deal.

Tensions exist in both parties. GOP hawks are lining up against tea party supporters keen to rein in spending, while Democrats backing the Obama administration must deal with colleagues from military-heavy districts and states fretful about the potential fallout.

You didn’t know that the Tea Party wanted to help Obama gut the military?

Automatic spending cuts that landed heavily on the military were only eased somewhat by a budget agreement two months ago…

Once again, the sequester spending cuts were only eased on the domestic side. (Where they were, for all intents and purposes, done away with.)

But they are still in full effect for the military. Why is that?

The evidence since then suggests appetite is waning for difficult decisions on defense reductions, especially as the nation gears up for congressional elections in November…

Don’t worry. The Tea Party will force the Obama administration to make even more draconian cuts to the military.

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3 Responses to “AP: GOP Hawks Lining Up Against The Tea Party”

  1. Petronius says:

    “and creating a nimbler force more suitable for future threats….”

    Ever notice that when they talk about Nerobama’s reductions in US military forces it’s always a good thing because the smaller force will be “nimbler”?

    And that this remains true no matter how many times the US military is cut. So that even after Nerobama’s third or fourth cut, each successive new cut still makes the remaining force “nimbler.”

    So when we reduce the Navy from, say, 600 ships to 200, the 200 ships will be somehow “nimbler” or “more agile” or “smarter” and “more suitable for future threats.”

    And how do we know that they will be “more suitable for future threats”? Well, because we just know. That’s why. Besides, we’re pivoting. So shut up and trust us.

    Even Rumsfeld pulled this smaller-is-better crap before the surge.

    I bet if the Denver Broncos had played with a six man squad instead of eleven they would have beaten the socks off the Seahawks in the Superbowl because the Broncos would have been “nimbler.”

    • GetBackJack says:

      Chuck Hagel, Sunday 2/23: “In an increasingly technological world we can no longer assume American military dominance.”
      Chuck Hagel Monday 2/24: Therefore, we must reduce to size of the military to pre-WWII levels.”

      Yes. He said that.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    One of the things I learned in the military was:

    “We, the few, have been doing so much with so little for so long, we are now able to do anything with nothing.”

    Petronius, I liked your analogy of the “nimbler” Broncos. However, in 1984 speak, “Less is more”, right?

    I have to repeat that Charlie Brown line once again, that comes to mind every time I hear a politician selling their particular brand of BS: “It’s not that I mind your dishonesty so much as I mind your opinion of me; You must think I’m stupid.”

    And yes, because there are so many completely and utterly stupid people about these days, such crap sells. Being an outcast, to me means having a working intellect, living in a world of lesser IQ’s and achievements while being presumed to be stupid. It’s painful and frustrating to watch people in authority do things I would get punished for.

    Wanting justice for it is an empty vessel so, as I posted on another topic, the best I can do is simply avoid the idiots as best I can, be even more self-sufficient and interact with as few morons as possible.

    It’s called “mainstream media” because the “mainstream population” watches and listens to it. They are largely an emotional lot who eschewed the hard-thinking in school to party and get D’s and then there were those politically-connected types who went to more expensive schools but only instilled them with the absurd notion that they were somehow intelligent.

    The mutual admiration society took care of the rest and they believe they know better because they ARE better than you or I, see?

    Pecking order in society is far more a driver than I could have ever imagined. This is why an idiot who sings for a living but who has eleventy-bazillion platinum albums gets to say whatever damn fool thing they want on TV and get away with it.

    However, the inmates are now running the asylum. It’s a big asylum and I hope they don’t notice me too much. I’ll just go about my business and ignore them. I avoid any of the “new shiny” things that seem to get people all worked up and I’m gonna be that boring old guy who keeps to himself that no one knows much about.

    And so it goes…

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