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AP: GOP Recall Victory Means ‘Partisan Split’

From the Associated Press:

Wis. Democrats hope to hold ground in 2 recalls

By SCOTT BAUER – Associated Press
August 16, 2011

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin Democrats sought Tuesday to hold the ground they gained in last week’s recall elections by fending off Republican attempts to oust two senators who fled the state in opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal curbing public employee collective bargaining rights.

Democrats needed to win at least three of six recalls last week targeting Republicans, but they only captured two. That means the best they can manage from Tuesday’s elections is to keep the ground they gained, which left the Senate in Republican control by a narrow 17-16 margin…

A pair of Republican wins Tuesday would leave the Senate in the same partisan split as it was before the recalls.

Apparently, if the Democrats had won in the recalls and taken control of the Senate that would not produce a "partisan split." Even though that would have given Wisconsin a divided government — with Democrats controlling the Senate and Republicans controlling the House and the Governor’s mansion.

On the ballot were [sic] Sens. Bob Wirch of Pleasant Prairie and Jim Holperin of Conover. Holperin is the first state-level elected official in U.S. history to have faced two recall attempts

He sounds wonderful.

[Holperin has] spent at least $319,000 and combined with spending from outside groups and his tea party Republican opponent Kim Simac, total spending is estimated to be at least $4.5 million

Again, note how artfully this is written. Doesn’t it sound like the Republicans are vastly outspending the Democrats with all their outside money? In fact, it is probably the opposite.

Holperin, who served 12 years in the Assembly between 1983 and 1995 before being elected to the Senate in 2008, faces Simac of Eagle River. She founded the Northwoods Patriots and would be the first tea party candidate elected to the Wisconsin state Senate if she wins

Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t the AP capitalize the name Tea Party? They capitalize any term that is even remotely associated with Islam. After all, Ms. Simac did not found a group that sits around sipping tea.

Wisconsin Democratic party leaders say they are moving ahead with plans to mount an effort to recall Walker next year, even though Republicans retained their majority in the Senate.

Why not? They’ve still got union money to burn.

In contrast, here is how the Associated Press began their preview of the GOP recall elections last week, in an article that was carried by most mainstream outlets:

Wisconsin recalls center of fight over GOP agenda

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press – Aug 7, 2011

RIPON, Wis. (AP) — In the very building where the modern Republican Party was founded more than 150 years ago, the worker collecting the entry fee from tourists said that he, for one, has had enough of what the party is up to these days. And he says he plans to show it when he goes to the polls Tuesday in a legislative recall election that will help determine the fate of the conservative revolution in Wisconsin.

New Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s aggressive agenda, especially his move to strip public employees’ unions of most collective bargaining rights, has "kind of jump-started a lot of people’s awareness of what’s going on in the state," said Brian Reilly, 28, who said he intends to vote against the Republican state senator he supported in the past

What media bias?

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2 Responses to “AP: GOP Recall Victory Means ‘Partisan Split’”

  1. JohnMG says:

    Yep! If retaining seats that the people of Wisconsin duly elected them to means the populastion is partisan, wear the appelation like a crown. I don’t get irked anymore when people attempt to hang a perjorative title on me. I just smile at them and agree, much the same as I do when acused of racism because I disagree with Obama’s policies.

    People hurling these accusations know it’s bullshit, and if you ignore them, what do they have left. It is the equivalent of them wearing a sandwich board that says “I’m stupid….and I don’t care who knows it”.

  2. Right of the People says:

    “Just out of curiosity, why doesn’t the AP capitalize the name Tea Party? They capitalize any term that is even remotely associated with Islam.”

    Exactly Steve especially since TEA is an acronym for Taxed Enough Already but of course the Lame Stream Media would never spell out what it means. Their addled-minded readers might actually pick up on that and decide that maybe they too have been taxed enough already. The Dims and their minions are all for raising other peoples taxes but not their own.

    I hope Warren Buffet follows through on his claim that the rich need to pay more taxes by setting a good example and ginning up a few billion. I can’t believe the man was actually a capitalist at one time.

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