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AP Highlights ‘Obama = Hitler’ Sign

From the always dependable Associated Press:

AP Sat Sep 12, 3:31 PM ET

A demonstrators holds up a portrait of President Barack Obama on Capitol Hill in Washington, Saturday, Sept. 12,2009, during a taxpayer rally.

There were hundreds of thousands of ‘demonstrators’ in Washington yesterday. And the Associated Press just happened to feature a photograph of this sign.

Note, too, how they just happened to get a photo with a hand blocking (radical leftwing Democrat) Lyndon LaRouche’s name.

Meanwhile, we will once again note that during leftwing radical demonstrations our fair and balanced media never publishes photographs of their more lurid signs.

Why is that?

Indeed, the wire service photographs seemed to go out of their way to find ‘mean spirited’ signs at the 9/12 rally:

Meanwhile, the wire service photographs of Mr. Obama’s Minneapolis healthcare rally paint a very different sort of picture:

And the way Yahoo News chose to juxtapose their photos is also telling:

(Click to enlarge)

But of course even in Minnesota a “heckler” had to try to disrupt the lovefest:

Reuters Sat Sep 12, 6:19 PM ET

A heckler shouts at US President Barack Obama during a rally for his health insurance reform initiatives at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 12, 2009.

Remember all the times the media called Code Pink and their ilk “hecklers”?

We don’t either.

But the strangest thing about the wire services is that there would seem to be far more photographs from Mr. Obama’s astroturfed rally than there are of the real grassroots gathering of hundreds of thousands of people in Washington.

Apparently, the latter just wasn’t as newsworthy.

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12 Responses to “AP Highlights ‘Obama = Hitler’ Sign”

  1. proreason says:

    Drudge has linked to the UK DailyMail online with the identical picture in black and white, but that sign has the LaRouche bottom border removed.

    Maybe grannies have started shopping at the LaRouche website.

    The DailyMail shows 6 pictures. Two others are variations on the Joker Poster. So 50% of the pictures show the most extreme signs there, which no doubt were less than 1% of the total poster.

  2. Steve says:

    BTW, note the NEA union members in the front rows.

    Mr. Obama has to have his claque.

    • proreason says:

      Note the image of the woman raising her crutch in adoration of the Messiah.

      It can’t be much more blatant than that.

      The Moron is going to make the crippled walk again………..while oh-so-gently encouraging elderly white grannies to do their patriotic duty and die so his Acorn followers can extend the limits of obesity..

  3. Laree says:


    Yeah who is advising the President? The people he needs to convince were in D.C. yesterday…hearts and minds this is really basic. If you really want bi partisanship you have to speak to ALL Americans – not just your echo chamber.

    • proreason says:

      “If you really want bi partisanship ”

      He doesn’t want it.

      Was Alinsky bi-partisan? Was Lenin? Was Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Fidel, Chavez, Mao, later Chinese communists, later Russion communists, Kings, Emperors.

      They are all the same. Absolute rulers.

      That is who he emulates.

      Just like the Constitution is “flawed” and an inconvenience, democratic forms of government are inconvient.

      If all of that were not true, he would have adjusted his approach to ramming big-government health care down the country’s throat.

      The fact that he hasn’t adjusted his approach in the slightest despite overwhelming public disapproval is proof positive that he is a wannabe dictator.

  4. WendyB says:

    My husband and two children were at the march yesterday. Most of the signs said things such as “keep your hands off health care” or “stop socialism” or “read the constitution.” I saw the sign with the pictures of Stalin, Lenin, etc., and a few of the Joker signs, but don’t remember seeing any Hitler signs. I did see a couple of the King Obama signs. Only saw one “birther” group )3-4 people) but my husband commented that they would be the only thing CNN showed. In fact, the most notable thing about the whole day was that the only media presence we saw was a Fox News truck and a local ABC News truck.

  5. bill says:

    The ways of the State run media propagandists.

    Just like the age old commie elite trick of promising the downtrodden lots of other people’s stuff for free if they will only vote for them.

    Seems not much ever changes, doesn’t it.

  6. beautyofreason says:

    The bias in the mainstream media is atrocious. I did not even realize that such a bias existed until recent years, when I became a conservative and parted with the relativistic liberalism that I held in my teen years.

    With the double standard and coddling given to anti-Bush extremists, I’m starting to feel like I’m not in my own country any longer. The mainstream news channels are hell bent on disenfranchising the tea party protesters and every core conservative principle they stand for. And the media will not stop until all conservatives (save for apologetic back benders such as John McCain) appear to be no more than rancorous, extreme fringe.

  7. adlsupporter says:

    For more info on Lyndon LaRouche and his organization’s involvement in the health care debate, check out http://www.contemporaryantisemitism.blogspot.com

  8. Reality Bytes says:

    First came “Springtime for Hitler.” Now here comes “Autumn for Obama” If you thought Hitler did a lot of good at first, THEN YOU’RE GONNA LOVE BARRY! He’s tall, good looking, he can dance and he eats meat! Other than that, they’re pretty much the same.

    Well at least he won’t throw the Jews under the bus. What’s that? Prime Minister Netenyahu’s on the phone? Hey, gotta go. Benny’s pissed about somethin’. I’ll get back to you later.

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