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AP Insists Securing US Border Is Impossible

From the DNC’s lickspittle minions at the Associated Press:

PROMISES, PROMISES: Securing US border impossible

December 6, 2011

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have promised to complete a nearly 1,950-mile fence. Michele Bachmann wants a double fence. Ron Paul pledges to secure the nation’s southern border by any means necessary, and Rick Perry says he can secure it without a fence — and do so within a year of taking office as president.

But a border that is sealed off to all illegal immigrants and drugs flowing north is a promise none of them could keep.

Mind you, this is not an AP editorial. This is supposed to be a news article. Not a Democrat Party talking point.

"Securing the border is a wonderful slogan, but that’s pretty much all it is," said Ted Galen Carpenter, a senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute. "Even to come close would require measures that would make legal commerce with Mexico impossible. That’s an enormous price for what would still be a very leaky system."

The Cato Institute is a libertarian think tank. It is a strident advocate for ‘open borders.’ (Cf. their article: ‘Let Them In: The Case For Open Borders.’)

The U.S. Border Patrol says 873 miles of the border, about 44 percent, have been brought under operational control. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has said that "the border is better now than it ever has been."

And this the AP believes.

But notice AP’s argument here. The border can’t be secured. And, anyway, Obama has already done it.

Still, that means full control isn’t even half met. And even getting this far required bolstering the ranks of the Border Patrol to the highest levels ever, from about 9,500 along the border in 2004 to 18,152 today. Immigration and Customs Enforcement also has a record number of agents on the border, and five Predator drones now patrol strategic parts of it, with a sixth coming by the end of the year.

Many of these border agents have desk jobs.

About 650 miles of fencing has been constructed, and 1,200 National Guard soldiers dispatched last year to Texas, California, Arizona and New Mexico have had their deployment extended through the end of the year.

Almost all of these National Guard soldiers have desk jobs.

By some measures, U.S. authorities already have made strides toward that goal [of securing the border]. The Pew Hispanic Center says the number of illegal immigrants in the United States peaked at 12 million in 2007, but then dropped by almost 1 million through 2009, and has largely held steady since then at about 11.1 million.

And never mind that this could be a matter of the recession causing higher unemployment, even among illegal aliens.

Border Patrol apprehensions of illegal immigrants have also fallen sharply. In fiscal year 2011, which ended Sept. 30, the Border Patrol captured 327,577 illegal immigrants on the southwestern border — the lowest total in four decades

And never mind that this could be a matter of the Obama administration having issued orders to go easy on arrests. As they have in immigration arrests in general.

After all, in the eyes of the Democrat party these are not illegal aliens, they are undocumented voters.

Carpenter, who has written extensively on the increasing brutality of Mexican drug cartels, called the presidential candidates’ pledges to secure the border "mainly defensive."

"If you don’t take a strong position on border security, you leave yourself open to allegations that you’re soft on immigration or drugs," he said

Again, Mr. Carpenter, like most crackpot libertarians is for open borders. He is also adamantly in favor of legalizing drugs. He is by no means an objective observer here.

But the AP will resort to any ‘expert’ to mock the GOP’s candidates, and to help import more voters for their bosses at the DNC.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “AP Insists Securing US Border Is Impossible”

  1. tranquil.night says:

    What is this open borders non-sense lately? Where in our Founding Documents does it say everybody has a right to be American? Right to Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness. Unfortunately in much of the world you have total tyranny in any number of its forms. It’s just the way it is. In Ameritopia everyone could be an American. In my Ameritopia every country and individual would embrace Enlightened Americanism.

    But when we squash scum, we in turn are called the villain, then chastised for not opening the gates, then mortified when it all leads to innocent people dying.

    This is all thinking straight out of the 60’s Peace movement. Some became academic radicals. Some remained hippy gypsies. Some became fighters for Democracy everywhere via the military and diplomatic complexes, called themselves neo-conservatives, and don’t ever run across a big government scheme they won’t drop billions on. Some became businesspeople and economists and discovered “fiscal conservatism,” but all have elements to their idealism that root back to that time.

    And they call today’s Tea Party Conservatives unpragmatic. Heh. Ru Paul’s 6-point Immigration talking points sounds pretty reasonable, right? Until the first time you hear him deviate into the real Paul mode and say the real reason he’s against a border fence is because he’s paranoid the Federal Government could use it to cage it’s citizens in.

    I heard them try and make the case Ronaldus Magnus was for open borders. Ugh. He was for Amnesty for family’s with long established roots similar to Newt’s view, and the Republicans got conned in the deal on the enforcement end. Also, the economy was humming and while Mexico has hardly ever been paradise, now it’s teetering on failed state status and our border is a fat ‘welcome’ mat for jihadist murderers and a multi-billion underground drug market.

  2. proreason says:

    The border could be secured in a month.

    It’s about 2,000 miles including the Rio Grande. 200 3-person tems in Humvees can do it. It would take 4 shifts of National Guardsmen for 10 mile stretch. That’s only 2400 people. At one group per 10 mile stretch, the number is probably higher than would actually be necessary.

    Of course, you could cut the time in half with a few more people and 50 calibers every 2 miles. That would save a lot of gas.

    Either way, no more illegals. And I’ll bet it would be cheaper than a fence too. It would be a nice easy assignment for the Guard or regular troops when they weren’t deployed elsewhere. Most of them are already used to desert environments anyway. It would be safe for them as well after the first few incidents. The cartels are not going to go to war with the US military.

    As a bonus, probably half or more of the illegals already here would leave. They would get the idea real quick. That’s likely to save enough in gubamint benfits to pay for the patrols. If the soldiers were regular army, we’re already paying for them and feeding them, aren’t we? Seems to me that the only additional expense would be combat pay, gasoline, and about 12 bullets.

    After a dozen border hoppers were shot, only your sporadic mentally ill 15-minutes of fame seekers would be hurt.

  3. Astravogel says:

    Perhaps we could get the Isralies to cater it? They
    seem to have some expertise in border security.

  4. Astravogel says:

    One technique I haven’t seen addressed is stopping the
    flow of money from the US to the folks back home south of
    the border. Cut this off and see how attractive working here
    would be. It could be done with a few Bills in Congress. If the
    illegals and the drug suppliers had to move money in bulk, it
    should be easier to interdict, and we could confiscate it as well.

  5. sticks says:

    I notice that since Obama’s been in office illegal immigration is falling off, even though enforcement of the law has gone lax. Obamanomics, paving the way to a brighter future for everyone. Just find a way to take the money out of comming here illegaly and you will not need a fence.

  6. beautyofreason says:

    Paper pushers don’t want to do much outside of their desks. The Chinese erected enormous stone walls as early as 500 B.C. to keep nomadic hoards from invading their land. It would seem that our contemporary bureaucrats lack the self-interest that protect their own.

    Paper pusher solution: Stop arrests of illegals. Voila! Fewer border crimes on paper.
    Change the definitions for the unemployed. Phew, economy ain’t so bad.
    Exclude several figures on inflation. Great, keep printing!

    The libs cover for their base all the time – not just the illegals. Take the Folsom Street Fair, a gay bondage event in San Francisco. There is both nudity and sex in public, worse than what is shown in the newspapers. Often the revelers do it while surrounded by photographers. But the police just stand around. Nobody is arrested. I guess by lib standards CA has record few cases of public obscenity.

  7. David says:

    The liberal plan seems to be effective. Tank the economy and make the US a third world cesspool and they’ll stop coming!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Indeed. If I remember correctly, immigration into the former USSR was close to nil. How about immigration to China, Nork, Cuba, etc., etc.?

      Mexicans come here because they know it’s the land of opportunity. Of all the illegal immigrants who’ve come here, I’d really like to hear some of the success stories from those who, although entered illegally, decided to make up for that and went legit. I’m sure there are such tales. However, do not be mistaken that I’m a fan of illegal immigration. No.

      Additionally, tanking the economy is one way the democrats (pronounced soh-shuh-lists) can claim that “See? Capitalism is an utter failure so we’re going to have to go about it differently, starting with the Ministry of Health and then on to the Ministry of Everything Else where you will have to be told when and what to eat, how much and also when to sleep and what your job in the new world order will be. Only that way can you be truly free.”

      Seriously…this is what they desire. What’s remarkable is that there are so many in this nation who seem to ignore the completeness of misery in such a nation as the former USSR. No one had any money or anything. That is, 99% had nothing. The other 1% working for the party, whether begrudgingly or dutifully, had a little more. Only those at the very top had the luxury, privilege and the closest thing to freedom the average people of this nation have in abundance.

      If the socialists are truly successful, you will see a new iron curtain descend. But, again, unlike the Bolsheviks, Americans have LOTS of guns and the American military will categorically disobey orders to disarm their fellow countrymen. Thus, the socialists have to go about things in ever more underhanded ways. But, please note the police evicting and arresting the Occupy lizards. No such action took place during Tea Party rallies.

      As much socialism as we’re being forced to swallow these days, and though we’re close to the tipping point…the socialists have had the advantage of time on their hands for everything they’ve done so far, people have gotten used to, even agreed to as can be seen in the establishment republican mentality where they actually believe it’s their job to tell people what to eat, where to go, what to drive, how much to make, etc etc.

      I won’t go on about it but the genesis of that thinking comes from the fact that most politicians have no concept that they were elected to SERVE the people. They use those words as a punchline. Much the way the arrogant policeman treats a person at a traffic stop like a child and lectures them, this is the most dangerous aspect of giving anyone authority. Elected or not, they act as if it’s their birthright and do not comprehend the responsibilities, but love the perks and live in a make-believe world where everyone kisses their asses. Thus, they believe they are there to make laws, make laws, make laws as it’s the only thing they CAN do. They ignore that they are there to uphold a thing called the Constitution….which is EXISTING law.

      But nobody gets re-elected upholding the law. They get re-elected by redirecting money to certain voting blocs.

      Well, we have come to a point in the nation, again, as we have before, where graft, corruption, greed, lack of scruples, ill-manners, etc etc are too prevalent. As for this election…it’s not that there’s a perfect candidate to vote for…certainly not a candidate who’s perfect but I shall endeavor to vote for the least corrupt and most scrupulous.

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