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AP: LA GOP Chair Is Pushing McAllister To Resign

From the Associated Press:

AP source: GOP chair pushes McAllister resignation

By MELINDA DESLATTE | April 9, 2014

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Captured on tape kissing another man’s wife, a married Republican congressman was urged Wednesday by the leader of the Louisiana GOP to resign from the seat he’s only held since November…

A person close to the Republican Party of Louisiana told The Associated Press that party chairman Roger Villere was trying to persuade McAllister to step aside immediately. The source asked not to be named because Villere hadn’t spoken directly with McAllister and conversations continue with the congressman’s staff.

So this is a second hand story from an anonymous source. But that’s good enough for the AP. Of course the sad thing is, it is probably true. After all, the Republicans are obsessed with maintaining their high standards. So that they can maintain their high moral standing with media guardians.

By the way, do you remember how the AP hounded William Jefferson to resign, after he was caught with $90,000 in his freezer? Or how they hounded Ray Nagin to resign after his incompetence and corruption was exposed? We don’t either.

A brief statement from McAllister on Wednesday offered no answers to the questions that have swirled about his private life — or political future — since the videotape surfaced of him kissing a woman identified as Melissa Peacock, who resigned Monday from his congressional payroll.

But the AP won’t give up. They know an important story when they find one.

Sen. David Vitter, who survived a prostitution scandal a few years ago, didn’t offer political guidance. Instead, he issued a statement saying, "My sole focus and reaction is about the McAllister family and the other family directly involved. My thoughts and prayers go out to them, and I wish them real and deep comfort and healing." …

‘David Vitter’? The AP are so subtle, aren’t they? Why didn’t they get some comments from Messrs Jefferson or Nagin?

The businessman won his congressional seat in an upset last fall in to the seat held by former Rep. Rodney Alexander, who resigned. McAllister was able to finance much of his campaign on his own, and he also benefited from an endorsement from the bearded men of the popular "Duck Dynasty" reality TV show

Which is his real crime. That is, apart from being a Republican and a conservative and a Christian.

McAllister’s campaign website says he "was taught at a young age the importance of faith, family, and hard work." In a campaign commercial that aired in last fall’s race, he was shown with his wife, Kelly, and their five children, and said: "We have a big family breakfast every Sunday before church."

He said in the ad that he and his wife try to instill "the values of faith, family and country" at home. "If you will trust me with your vote, you can count on me to take those values to Washington and defend our Christian way of life," he added…

Gosh, the AP is relentless when it comes to exposing the hypocrisy of self-styled Christians. By the way, do you remember all their articles about the Reverend Jesse Jackson’s love child? We don’t either.

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