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AP Loves ‘Obama’s Latest Playful Executive Order’

From a highly amused Associated Press:

‘House of Cards’ cast accepts Barack Obama’s endorsement


LOS ANGELES (AP) — President Barack Obama’s latest playful executive order is a tweeted effort to limit "House of Cards" plot spoilers.

That sentence should send a chill up the spine of every American. Not because of ‘Obama’s tweet,’ which was not even from him. But because of the way the AP is laughing off Obama’s executive orders. They are only too happy to grease the skids to authoritarian rule.

(By the way, it’s pretty safe for these actors to accept ‘Obama’s endorsement.’ They aren’t running for re-election.)

The second season of the political thriller about a power-hungry Washington couple premiered in its entirety Friday on Netflix. Obama’s official Twitter account notes the occasion along with the request: "No spoilers, please."

Cast members reveled in the real-life president’s support at a premiere event Thursday night. Robin Wright plays Claire Underwood, wife of Kevin Spacey’s vice president-to-be Frank Underwood. She says Obama "knows good stuff."

And Kate Mara, who plays reporter Zoe Barnes, double-checked the authenticity of the tweet before celebrating. She calls Obama’s message "one of the coolest things that’s happened to me." …

Apparently, neither the AP nor any of these fawning airheads are aware that "Obama’s Twitter account" is run by his former campaign crew, Organizing For Action. And that unless a tweet is signed ‘– BO’ it isn’t from the Messiah, but just one of the Messiah’s OFA lackeys. (Who probably don’t even make minimum wage.)

Though, maybe the AP does know that, but they  didn’t want to break the hearts of these low information celebrities.

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2 Responses to “AP Loves ‘Obama’s Latest Playful Executive Order’”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    Tired of Juan Williams et al comparing Obama’s EO’s to Bush’s? Me too so I thought I’d go to the archives. Not that I’ve evaluated everyone; I do have to make payroll today here in Reality World. That said, I’m sure you’ll find a pattern of lawlessness in Obama’s orders compared to the over all banal ones from Bush 43. Do pardoning turkeys on Thanksgiving count?

    One thing to keep in mind, Bush was a wartime president (compared to Obama, our Surrender in Chief) – you remember those buildings in downtown NYC don’t you. You know the one’s with tenants jumping out of them? Just checking. So on first look, I noticed a great deal having to do with protecting military & intelligence efforts in the Middle East & Afghanistan.

    On the other hand, seems an equal amount of orders under Obama have to do with salvaging Obama Care. Come to think of it, maybe he is a wartime president after all. The commander waging war against liberty, the constitution, our health & well being to name a few.

    First Obama’s:




    Let me know what jumps out at you.

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    On another facet of all this, the dalliance of not talking about his wrongdoing for fear of being called a racist is what keeps republicans quiet.

    At the same time, and I run into this at work with a co-worker who defends this idiot president solely on the basis of his race, that Juan Williams could witness,with his own eyes, Barack Hussein Obama (mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm), stab his wife, set her on fire, laugh about it and then deny it ——- And Juan Williams would be the FIRST to agree that it never happened.

    All day today, it kept rattling around in my head, “You can’t change their minds because from the first, they have decided to fight you” which means that no matter what you say, what you do, whatever evidence you may have, they will rationalize, deflect, redirect or otherwise put their fingers in their ears and slam their eyes shut.

    They cannot be reached. They are therefore lost forever in the alternate universe and should not be approached with the hope of changing them. The correct way to deal with them is to go about your business as if they don’t exist. Ignore them. Completely.

    Start a “conservatives only” football league. A “conservatives only” baseball league. If they want us out…then we’ll go OUT. And we will gladly separate ourselves from them.

    That old saw about…..the conservatives get half the country and the liberals the other half…where we take all the oil-producing lands, etc and our guns and all that…and let them have their liberal colleges and we keep the military, etc.

    Heck, we’re divided in everything but name only…so why not make it official?

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