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AP: Medicaid Is Obama-Care’s ‘Success Story’

From a cheering Associated Press:

Medicaid is health overhaul’s early success story

By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | November 12, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — The underdog of government health care programs is emerging as the rare early success story of President Barack Obama’s technologically challenged health overhaul.

Often dismissed, Medicaid has signed up 444,000 people in 10 states in the six weeks since open enrollment began, according to Avalere Health, a market analysis firm that compiled data from those states.

Which is around ten times the number of people who have signed up for Obama-Care via the federal run exchanges. Yippee!

But how come ten times as many people have been able to sign up for Medicaid as for Obama-Care? Why would the any website glitches cause that? Somehow the glitches don’t seem to have slowed them down.

The truth is the ex-ACORN and current SEIU navigators are pushing people into Medicaid. (More on this later.)

Twenty-five states are expanding their Medicaid programs, but data for all of them was not available…

Again, "expanding" Medicaid just mean lowering the income eligibility requirements. Which, again, we’re supposed to think is great news. After all, the more government dependency the better. And it’s not like Medicaid is broke or anything.

"Medicaid is exceeding expectations in most places," said Dan Mendelson, Avalere’s president. "It is definitely a bright picture in states that have chosen to expand." …

It might be a bright spot for the Democrat office holders, but not for the taxpayers.

Avalere’s statistic of at least 444,000 new Medicaid enrollees comes from 10 of the 25 states that accepted the expansion, so it only represents a partial count…

And even states that haven’t ‘expanded Medicaid’ are having massive increases in sign ups. So this number could be twice as high, or even higher.

In Colorado, Medicaid applications in October were six to nine times what they were the month before, said Sue Birch, who heads the state’s Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

A yearslong effort to reach eligible residents apparently succeeded in generating the increased demand. The state has installed self-service kiosks in community clinics, hospitals and libraries to sign people up…

Yippee! (again).

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that 9 million people will gain coverage through expanded Medicaid next year, with another 7 million signing up for private coverage through the online markets that are getting off to a slow start…

How wonderful. Another 9 million more people dependent on the government and voting Democrat.

Lest we forget, Obama’s ‘healthcare reform’ was supposed to save us money. But expanding Medicaid is going to be incredibly costly. Not to mention that fact that the number of doctors who will accept Medicaid is rapidly declining. So the upshot will be that more people will have fewer doctors to treat them.

But the AP thinks this is great news. And, by their lights, this ranks right up there with the increase in food stamp enrollment. And never mind that Medicaid is already worse than broke.

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3 Responses to “AP: Medicaid Is Obama-Care’s ‘Success Story’”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I’m dizzy from all the spinning

  2. dasher says:

    Two words GetBackJack….Single Payer. This silliness is just the tip of the iceberg. Pray the Republicans can keep the House after the 2014 elections.


  3. bousquem25 says:

    If its like Massachusetts then the new medicaid enrollees are going to find getting a doctor isn’t going to be easy. Alot of primary care providers don’t take new medicaid patients and good luck finding a specialist to cover them. Same thing if they are traveling out of state, their insurance isn’t going to be worth anything. Of course they’ll just do the same thing they always do and clog the emergency rooms for their healthcare. I remember working in retail pharmacy and seeing a huge group of people come in, all one family that decided to bring their entire clan down the ER because someone had a cold so everyone got prescriptions for children’s motrin and other OTC products that were now free to them because medicaid was picking up the bills.

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