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AP: MI Passes Right To Work, Despite Protests

From an outraged Associated Press:

Mich. becomes right-to-work state despite protests

By JOHN FLESHER and JEFF KAROUB | December 12, 2012

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — In a dizzyingly short time span, Republicans have converted Michigan from a seemingly impregnable fortress of organized labor into a right-to-work state, leaving outgunned Democrats and union activists with little recourse but to shake their fists and seek retribution at the ballot box.

What a biased headline and lead. You would never know that just last month Michigan voters overwhelmingly approved this exact move in a ballot initiative.

The state House swiftly approved two bills reducing unions’ strength Tuesday, one dealing with private-sector workers and the other with public employees, as thousands of furious protesters at the state Capitol roared in vain. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed the measures into law within hours, calling them "pro-worker and pro-Michigan." …

Lacking enough votes to block the measures or force a statewide referendum, opponents set their sights on the 2014 election…

The news media always pretend that the unions and the rest of the Left have the votes. They just have held back. But ‘just wait until next year.’

"Passing these bills is an act of war on Michigan’s middle class, and I hope the governor and the Republican legislators are ready for the fight that is about to ensue," said Gretchen Whitmer, the Senate Democratic leader…

This is probably one of the least bellicose threats from the Democrats yesterday.

Buried in the ninth paragraph of this article, we finally do learn that this is what the people of Michigan voted for:

Fearing the governor wouldn’t be able to restrain his allies in the Legislature, labor waged a pre-emptive strike with a ballot initiative known as Proposal 2 that would have made right-to-work laws unconstitutional. It was soundly defeated in last month’s election, and Snyder said Tuesday the unions had miscalculated by bringing the issue to center stage.

"I don’t believe we would be standing here in this time frame if it hadn’t been for Proposal 2," the governor said at a news conference after signing the bills. "After the election, there was an extreme escalation on right-to-work that was very divisive." …

In other words, the unions were hoisted on their own petard.

After days of private talks with legislative and union leaders, Snyder threw his support behind the measures last Thursday. Within hours, Senate Republicans had introduced and approved them without the usual committee hearings. After a mandatory five-day waiting period, the House did likewise Tuesday.

It happened so quickly that opponents had little time to generate the massive resistance put forward in Indiana, where right-to-work was approved earlier this year, and Wisconsin during consideration of a 2011 law curtailing collective bargaining rights for most state employees…

Massive resistance being news speak for bussed in union thugs. Which, by the way, did not stop Indiana or Wisconsin, either.

Still, Michigan unions mustered thousands of protesters who massed in the Capitol’s hallways, rotunda and front lawn. Crowds formed before dawn on a chilly morning. Four oversized, inflatable toy rats bearing the names of Snyder and GOP legislative leaders were on display.

"They’re selfish. They’re greedy. They’re Republican," said Susan Laurin, 60, of Saginaw, a secretary with the state Department of Transportation, wearing a hard hat like many fellow demonstrators.

Seventh-grade teacher Jack Johnson, of East Lansing, said the GOP’s goal was obvious: "You take away money from the unions and they can’t support the Democratic candidates, and the Republicans take over."

Those poor suffering state employees and teachers.

"No justice, no peace!" protesters chanted, the chorus reaching a deafening din as the House prepared to vote…

The last thing these people want is justice.

"A lot of people like to freeload," said Sharon McMullen, an employee of the state Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs…

Isn’t irony ironic?

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