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‘Misconceptions’ Helped To Kill Australia’s Carbon Tax

From the Associated Press:

Misconceptions helped kill Australian carbon tax

By ROD McGUIRK | July 6, 2014

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — In 2007, Australians were ready to do something to combat climate change, even if it was expensive. More than two-thirds of them said so in a poll, and both major political parties vowed to make industries pay for greenhouse-gas emissions.

Because media created push-polls matter far more than actual elections. So it shouldn’t matter that in the last elections, the candidates who promised to kill the carbon tax won in landslides.

The undoing of that perspective will likely be complete after a new Senate is sworn in Monday. It’s expected to give Prime Minister Tony Abbott the votes he needs to repeal a 2-year-old tax charged to around 350 of Australia’s biggest carbon polluters. Three top political leaders lost their jobs over the issue as support for climate-change measures plummeted.

Because they believed their own (lying) press.

A global recession, political miscalculations and failed negotiations only partially explain the dramatic change.

Opponents of the carbon tax implemented in 2012 had the media largely on their side. Electricity prices soared — not mainly because of the tax, but because power companies were spending billions on infrastructure.

And we believe that, too.

Most electricity users were compensated for the added cost of the tax, but many of them didn’t know that.

Stupid ungrateful people. Don’t they believe in the social justice of income redistribution, vis ‘climate change’?

And rising gas prices fed the fury — even though the tax didn’t apply to gasoline.

What morons!

Australia’s experience illustrates how easy it is to scuttle complicated environmental laws, and serves as a warning to President Barack Obama, whose recent proposal to force a 30 percent cut in power plants’ carbon emissions is drawing anger from both sides of politics.

Everything everywhere is always about Obama. But why should the AP worry. He is great at telling good stories to the great unwashed.

"One of the keys was the fact that we did lose bipartisan support for emissions trading as one of the solutions," said John Connor, CEO of the Sydney-based Climate Institute think tank. "And that then threw this issue into the sort of political and cultural trench warfare that you see in the U.S., but not so much of elsewhere." …

You see? Their beautiful carbon tax may be lost because of the issue becoming too partisan. Like things are in the bad old US of A. We need to all get together and agree that we need a carbon tax.

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One Response to “‘Misconceptions’ Helped To Kill Australia’s Carbon Tax”

  1. canary says:

    If the Liberals were really worried about climate change they would not allow illegals to pour in.

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