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AP Misrepresents Breitbart, Even In Death

From a shameless Associated Press:

Conservative publisher Breitbart dies in LA at 43

March 1, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — Conservative media publisher and activist Andrew Breitbart, who was behind investigations that led to the resignations of former Rep. Anthony Weiner and former U.S. Agriculture Department official Shirley Sherrod, has died in Los Angeles.

We would say these are some of his lesser accomplishments, actually. For instance, this AP article never mentions Breitbart’s work building the Drudge Report. Or even his work helping to start the Huffington Post.

He was 43. Breitbart’s website, bigjournalism.com, announced Thursday he died of natural causes in Los Angeles in the early morning hours. His death was confirmed by Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Joel Pollak, who said he was at the hospital, and by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

Breitbart was walking near his house in the Brentwood neighborhood shortly after midnight Thursday when he collapsed, his father-in-law Orson Bean said.

Someone saw him fall and called paramedics, who tried to revive him. They rushed him to the emergency room at UCLA Medical Center, Bean said.

Breitbart had suffered heart problems a year earlier, but Bean said he could not pinpoint what happened… He is survived by his wife Susannah Bean Breitbart, 41, and four children.

Breitbart was an outspoken critic of the mainstream media but was lionized by his fans for his efforts at exposing government corruption and media bias.

Breitbart was at the center of two video controversies in recent years – one that led to the firing of an Agriculture Department employee over an edited video of what appeared to be a racist remark, and another that embarrassed the community group ACORN when workers were shown counseling actors posing as a prostitute and pimp.

Breitbart is known for disseminating an edited video that showed an Agriculture Department employee making what appeared to be racist remarks.

Sherrod, who is black, was fired from her job as Georgia state rural development director in July 2010 after the video surfaced. She is seen telling a local NAACP group that she was initially reluctant to help a white farmer save his farm more than two decades ago, long before she worked for USDA.

Missing from the clip was the rest of the speech, which was meant as a lesson in racial healing. Sherrod told the crowd she eventually realized her mistake and helped the farmer save his farm. She has since filed a lawsuit against Breitbart.

This is the kind of outright mendacity that Breitbart fought against. The clip, which has been available on YouTube before Breitbart posted it on his site, contained enough of Ms. Sherrod’s comments to make it clear that she was telling an anecdote to explain how she had become enlightened about racism.

Breitbart’s websites also featured a 2009 hidden-camera sting video that brought embarrassment to the community group ACORN. The videos show ACORN staffers offering advice on taxes and other issues to actors posing as a prostitute and pimp.

What a laugh. The ACORN staffers were doing a lot more than "offering advice on taxes and other issues."

But all of this just proves the need for more people like Andrew Breitbart.

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, March 1st, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

30 Responses to “AP Misrepresents Breitbart, Even In Death”

  1. geronl says:

    Why would we expect anything different?

    • River0 says:

      We have lost a great warrior for the righteous cause, and the hatred being spewed by the Leftist/’progressive’/crypto-Marxists proves the truth of Andrew’s viewpoint. The un-Liberal, Demonic Party is a corrupt fraud. They see the Constitution and America’s lofty ideals as an obstacle to be removed.

      Andrew Breitbart hated lies, especially sanctimonious and craven lies used by phony ‘leaders’ who are driving us toward tyranny.

  2. GetBackJack says:


    Breitbart has video of Obama from college.

    And he’s dead.

    Do the math.

    • jobeth says:

      My FIRST thought too.

      I was sick when I heard this today. May God Bless him and the family he leaves behind.

      I keep thinking about the Clinton years. There were dots to connect then too.

      Of course there could me no connection here could there? I mean young 40somethings die everyday….from natural causes. Right?….right?

      (heard this today and knew I had to check in here for real comments)

    • tranquil.night says:

      On the back of your question Jack, I wonder what ol’ Pro would be saying right now.

      It certainly was chilling listening back to Sean’s last interview with him and Tucker Carlson after the Bill Ayers/Bernadine Dorn rendezvous. And the CPAC speech.

      Hi Jo. Hope you and yours are well despite it all.

    • jobeth says:

      Hey TN! Good to hear from you! I’m doing great.

      What happened to pro?

      I haven’t been here lately so I’m not up on the latest…I’m had a lot going on lately. I miss you all! I’ll have to drop in more often. You guys are like my family that lives in another state. 8-)

      God Bless…*what did happen with Pro?

    • tranquil.night says:

      It’s always good to hear from you, too!

      Without getting to lost in the details (I don’t even know them all myself), I think the stress and frustration of the primary battles finally overwhelmed him a bit. We all have our limits. I know I’ve needed to disengage for a while and get back to firmer ground life outside the political stage at times. Hopefully good ol’ Pro will find his way back to the S&L at the end of the tunnel when he’s ready. His insight is missed.

    • canary says:

      Hi ya Jobeth, I miss Pro-Reason too.

    • jobeth says:

      Hey Canary! I miss all of you. Your posts are always full of so much informations. Love to read them!

      Thanks TN, for filling me in. This is plain nuts! How did this country get to this point? Even the stongest of us are needing R & R times just to cope. I fear this is only the beginning…regardless of the outcome of this election. The left won’t give up…ever And unfortunately thanks to ‘mush minded’…’me centered…lazy ‘gimmes’, they are going to be a force that needs beaten over and over.

      Wow…I can sure understand that it all got too much. God Bless him. He was the voice of reason that seemed to keep us all on balance. I’ll be keeping him in my prayers.

      To tell you the truth, that is a lot of what is behind my not being around. Sometimes you have to take ‘sanity breaks’. All this nonsense Obalmy is causing has a lot of us frustrated beyond anything we could have even dreamed we could be pushed to in this country. I still keep an S&L icon on my desk top and from time to time I lerk if a big topic comes up.

      This Breitbart death had me jumping back in though. This scares me to no end. I remember how many plane crashes, and all the ‘heart trouble” of the Clinton years that occured…Of course we know there couldn’t possibly be any foul play. Of course not…even with so much on the cusp that could derail O and his puppet masters.

      I have also been blessed with someone…a walking buddy that I can vent with who feels exactly like those of us on this site. Sooo, may God bless Pro…and the rest of you all. God and each other are all we have to rely on to somehow get out of the mess Obalmy has thrown us in. hugs to all my S&L bros and sisters!

  3. P. Aaron says:

    The narrative starts…typical lazy but destructive media. RIP Breitbart.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    I’m without words. All I got is three letters… WTF.

    First the devil burns Afghanistan, murders our boys in cold blood, then shoots up a school, now just for shits it seems he’s taken one of Conservatives’ greatest admirals…

    Andrew, you will be toasted around the world tonight. We’re now stuck trying to escape Hell without you.

    Sweet sleep, our dark angel. Evanescence – My Heart is Broken

    • tranquil.night says:

      The outporing from across the spectrum of the Republican coalition is unanimous and overwhelmingly moving. In rightly sphere, a bittersweet resolve, a sense of coming together and putting many of the recent petty squabbles into perspective..

      Insty has a good collection of memorials: http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/138157/

      It looks like Andrew is going to continue to inspire all the more now.. the hallmark of a true leader.

      And there’s no time to waste or let up. The world’s on fire and we’re in the midst of the greatest national crisis yet: contraceptalypse

    • GetBackJack says:

      Tranq – Great song. Had not heard before, though Evanescne “Bring Me To Life” I associate with Jesus and thrills me … this is great songwriting and production/mixing. Thanks for the heads up. Also, I have a sad.

      BTW – WTH is Proreason, people????

    • tranquil.night says:

      Glad it had a positive impact on you Jack. Amy Lee’s sound has been with me for quite a bit of the Road. At times she’s strayed too far into the dark and forlorn. But this most recent album, off which that was a song, reflects a solid growth and maturity in her lyric and sound.

      As far as I can tell she’s a big Lib, but not of the malignant variety as much the fooled by the good intentions bunch. Interesting point on that, she performed a song called “Lost in Paradise” at the Nobel Awards (gag): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkkSS_vi04E The song isn’t as good- a twist on Paradise Lost – but I find it fascinating in the context lately of “Ameritopia.”

      I try to keep music references to an appropriate minimum. Steve had me from the moment I heard the words “Sweetness & Light.” That’s all.

      But with regards to Andrew, as we know, he had a niche passion for urging Conservatives not to shy away from the battle on modern culture and pop culture. He loved co-opting their tactics, their soft propogandist and showboating techniques, even their popular rhetoric and imagery, in only ways that a reformed California cultural Liberal could, for the message of truth. He and folks like Bill Whittle at Declaration Entertainment (who have their own memorial to Andrew: http://declarationentertainment.com/rip-andrew-breitbart) were and are activists for a very important but very under-staffed battle. They’ve inspired a lot of self-reflection.

    • White_Polluter says:


      Proreason was a poster here who had a lot of good things to say and posted on almost every link.

  5. BigOil says:

    The best testament to the quality of Breitbart’s work was the fact that the liberals hated him with every fiber of their being. You will be missed, sir.

  6. xdannyh says:

    RIP : Andrew Breitbart………But may I suggest that only after a private autopsy conducted by paid for by non-governmental stooges should this patriot so hated by the left, who passed among us for so few years, expiring at the age of 43, concludes as to the actual cause of death, that he be laid to rest, until then we can only surmise.

  7. MZmaj7 says:

    Moreover, re: Sherrod… Breitbart’s most crucial point was that the NAACP crowd she addressed clearly expressed agreement with Sherrod’s racial comments, well before her epiphany of racial healing was related.

    At the time, the NAACP was vocal in calling for the Tea Party to police its fringe racists. Breitbart’s posting this video was his way of telling the NAACP, “I can’t hear your words over the sound of your actions.”

    Sherrod only became the center of the story when the media picked it up and when the White House ignominiously fired her. That was also when Breitbart became the center of the story. Unfortunately, the most important detail in the clip was lost to the comments section of Sweetness and Light.

    Which only goes to further solidify Breitbart’s critique of the media. RIP

    • White_Polluter says:

      Thank you!!! Main point of the Sherrod episode was that the crowd cheered when she said she didn’t want to help whitey. The MSM has distorted this so that the focal point of Breitbart’s story was twisted into something not intended. Doing a little research on the matter and a little thinking for yourself would have cleared this up, but it was much easier for the MSM just to twist this into a racial attack on Breitbart. Another disgusting chapter in the MSM’s media bias.

  8. untrainable says:

    I think Obama should apologize.

    • jobeth says:

      If he did, it would only be because he was sorry it didn’t happen sooner…as in before ACORN was exposed.

  9. Anonymoose says:

    Yes, truly a sad day. The conservative moment needed him; someone young, full of ideas, and most importantly, independent. Someone who spoke what he felt, not a party message.

    Already the liberals are flaming–the people of peace and love and good feelings are raking him over the coals. Paradoxically the same people are screaming about how there is no liberal media or bias, it was all a smoke screen. Well, I guess for extremists of the Occupy movement who don’t believe in private property, work, or basic hygiene, then I guess the world is right wing. The rest of us know better.

    So long Andrew, you will be missed.

  10. tranquil.night says:

    Famous last tweet: (via Jim Treacher)

    “I called you a putz cause I thought you were being intentionally disingenuous. If not I apologize.”

    That really sums it up in 180 characters or less.

  11. finebammer59 says:

    damn. just damn.

    RIP Andrew.

    i first heard of this watching cnn at newark/liberty this morning. they struggled to hide their glee. the celebration on the left says a lot.

    a great conservative warrior is lost.


  12. canary says:

    (From the unofficial wikipedia)
    Bean was blacklisted by the Hollywood movie studios in the 1950s for attending two Communist Party meetings, but made numerous appearances on television and in the theater.[4] A conservative Christian, he came out in support of the Proposition 8 ballot initiative in California.[5][6] He was father-in-law to the late Andrew Breitbart and jokingly describes his own children, who are all married, as “little communists[7]”. He was once a proponent of Orgone therapy and published a book about it titled Me and the Orgone.

    Bean has been married three times. His first wife was actress Jacqueline de Sibour (stage name Rain Winslow),[8] whom he married in 1956 and divorced in 1962. She was the daughter of Vicomte Jacques J. de Sibour, a French nobleman and pilot, and his wife, Violette B. Selfridge (later Mrs Frederick T. Bedford), who was a daughter of British department-store magnate Harry Gordon Selfridge.[9][10] Jacqueline and Bean had one child, Michele.

    His second wife was fashion designer Carolyn Maxwell.[11] They married in 1965 and divorced in 1981. They had three children: Max, Susannah, and Ezekiel.

    He now lives in Los Angeles with his third wife, actress Alley Mills, who is twenty-three years his junior and whom he married in 1993.


  13. artboyusa says:

    Sad news, but let’s not be too quick with the speculation please. Our thoughts should be for his family right now. People do die of natural causes, you know. Even at 43.

    • jobeth says:

      Of course you are right, My son in law dropped dead at 40 of a sudden heart attack…we later found out that he also had cancer although it had nothing to do with his death at the time.

      However…a short trip down memory lane can raise so many questions how odd it was the certain key people seemed to develop heart trouble, have plane crashes and a multitude of suicides….jes’ sayin’ 8-(

  14. wirenut says:

    He will surly be missed. My humble regrets, to his family. What a voice. Thank-you, for your time. Mr. Breitbart!

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