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AP: Mobs Resist Needed O-Care Reform

From an outraged (at the citizenry) Associated Press:

[AP photo and caption:] Supporters of health care reform rally outside the office of U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., in Miami, Friday Aug. 7, 2009.

Health-care outbursts foreshadow a hot August

Sun Aug 9

DES MOINES, Iowa – Loud outbursts, hot tempers and pleas for civility at town hall meetings around the country Saturday foreshadowed a long, hot August as Democratic lawmakers returning home faced resistance to proposals to reform the nation’s costly health care system.

At a meeting in Des Moines, Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa, was interrupted several times by people in the audience shouting criticism and questions, even though he said he didn’t expect Iowans to take part in what he called "scare tactics, misinformation and obstruction."

"As we have seen in recent days, opponents are pulling out all stops to kill the reform effort. This is a shame," Harkin said.

But his words didn’t stop some in the estimated crowd of 200 from disrupting the meeting, where uniformed police officers were present. Des Moines police said no one was arrested.

At one point, a man from the audience yelled: "This is not health reform, this is control, control over our lives."

Harkin responded to one man shouting criticisms by saying, "As I said, there is a nationally coordinated effort to disrupt these meetings."

The man responded that no one had sent him to the meeting.

Similar exchanges have recently taken place at town halls nationwide, as Democratic lawmakers return home for the August recess to rally support for President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority — revamping a costly health care system that leaves millions without insurance.

The episodes have drawn widespread media attention, and Republicans have seized on them as well as polls showing a decline in support for President Barack Obama and his agenda as evidence that public support is lacking for his signature legislation.

Pushing back, Democrats have accused Republicans of sanctioning mob tactics and trying to sabotage the democratic process.

The Republican Party has said it’s not behind the protests, but some conservative groups have encouraged people to show up at the meetings and let the lawmakers know about their opposition.

The tension over pending health care reform legislation boiled over at other meetings Saturday.

Hundreds of people crowded into a meeting in Memphis hosted by Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn. The forum was scheduled to address constituents’ concerns about Social Security and veterans’ benefits, but it quickly turned into a shouting match over health care reform.

Democratic Rep. Ed Perlmutter was at a grocery store in Brighton, Colo., on Saturday for informal chats with constituents. Some people protested the proposed health care overhaul and likened it to socialism.

What media bias?

By the way, look at the photo that the AP has accompanying this article.

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3 Responses to “AP: Mobs Resist Needed O-Care Reform”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …..”The Republican Party has said it’s not behind the protests, but some conservative groups have encouraged people to show up at the meetings and let the lawmakers know about their opposition…..”

    Idiots! Morons!

    What would be the purpose of a Town Hal meeting, if not as a forum for constituents to let their feelings be known?

    Typical liberal stupidity on display. Let me see if I’ve got this right. Unless I agree wholeheartedly agree with what my ‘representative’ wants, I shouldn’t attend, right?

    Fools! They’re in for a rude awakening.

  2. proreason says:

    This is the key question that needs to be answered about Health Care:

    – polls show that over 80% of Americans are satisfied with their health care, and
    – since only about 3% of American citizens cannot afford health insurance, and
    – since people flock to this country for health care they cannot get in their own country’s, and
    – since reams of data points show health care is better here than in the systems in Canada and the UK, and
    – since the roots of the “high cost” of health care are well understood (Medical mal-practice suits, government prevention of competition, mis-use of health insurance, and the recovery costs of life-saving innovations), and
    – since every form of government health care we know about is an abysmal disaster (VA, Medicare, Medicaid, American Indians, Workman’s Comp, Canada, UK, Europe), and
    – since the country is already head-over-heals in debt………..

    why are we even discussing the most radical non-wartime change to American life ever?”

    As everybody knows, cost is the issue, and costs are driven by mal-practice suits, competitive restrictions, “free” health insurance, and the natural desire for longer life.

    Since the desire to live longer is not going to go away, all that needs to be done is to control mal-practice lawsuits, remove competitive restrictions, and gradually eliminate the practices that make health insurance appear “free”. Doing those simple actions will result in one of two things: 1) costs will drop like a rock or 2) costs will remain high because new life-saving innovations will flower.

    Either outcome is infinitely better than what has been proposed by the fascists.

    And the changes required to fix those problems will not threaten our entire way of life.

    Oh yes, almost forgot, here is the answer to the key question. The reason the most radical change to American life ever proposed is being discussed is that Health Care is a means to another goal. The goal is to enable the radical fascists to destroy the American way of life, and control your life forever.

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