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AP: Most Don’t Care Which Party Controls Congress

From the Associated Press:

Meh: Nearly half don’t care who controls Congress


WASHINGTON (AP) — Who cares which party controls Congress? Only about half of Americans. The other 46 percent, not so much, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.

Ask people whom they would rather see in charge on Capitol Hill, and Republicans finish in a dead heat with "doesn’t matter." Democrats fare only a little better: 37 percent would prefer their leadership, compared with 31 percent each for the GOP and whatever…

According to the poll data, the party affiliation of the respondents was: 43% Democrat, 34% Republican and 7% Independent. So the Democrats had a 9% advantage.

With Republicans making a strong push to seize control of the Senate, only a slim majority of Americans, 53 percent, say they care a good deal about which party wins…

Still, history suggests most people won’t go to the polls to decide who runs Congress during the last two years of a presidency marked by remarkably bitter standoffs between the two political parties. Midterm elections usually draw about 40 percent of eligible voters…

And never mind that Presidential elections average around 50% turnout. So there isn’t that much drop off. Only weirdoes care about who controls the Senate or who will run Congress during the last two years of a Presidency.

Because contests for the House and Senate are fought district by district and state by state, and only a third of Senate seats are involved in this year’s election, nationwide polls are of limited utility in predicting who will take the legislative majorities…

So pay no attention to the polls that are predicting gloom for the Democrats. Believe polls like this one.

Overall, those who care a good deal about party control are evenly split between the Democrats and the Republicans…

People who say it doesn’t matter so much are nearly twice as likely to be Democrats as Republicans, and they skew younger… A big majority of political independents fall into this whatever group…

Alas, this is the slackjaw low information Democrat base. Which means the Democrats are sunk unless they can find some way to get them to turnout. Like a push to legalize marijuana nationally.

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2 Responses to “AP: Most Don’t Care Which Party Controls Congress”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    For once the AP speaks the truth. (though they of course mean it differently)

    There’s only One Party .. The Party of Power.
    The NFL is a miniature of its Power Model.
    The Party of Power (POP) fields two divisions same as the NFL. Democrats and Republicans or AFC and NFC.
    Within these two divisions are a myriad of competing smaller parties seeking to take the prizes offered by POP. Or the prize offered by the NFL.
    But the NFL ultimately is owned by 32 Owners and all flows from these 32 owners. Who hash out Agreements and rules between themselves irrespective of the outside world. But don’t pay no never mind that this mirrors POP. To a T.
    Play for whichever team pays you the most. It doesn’t matter. You’re still lining the pockets of the NFL .. I mean POP.
    This truth even embraces the Line out of Vegas; the weekly Injury Report; the ups and downs of Public Relations battles and maintaining the fig leaf of Non-Profit status. Adulation by fans and vile humors of detractors. Opinion journalism or sports writers, its all the same game just with different levels of Consequence.

    It’s all right there. Right in front of us.

    If voting had any real effect it would be outlawed as a Threat to National Security. I’m pretty sure John Roberts has that on his office wall.

  2. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    Since Obama has effectively marginalized Congress and coalesced all their power in the Presidency, does it really matter who runs Congress from here on out?

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