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AP: Nixon Sought Dirt On Ted Kennedy

From a still (and perpetually) outraged Associated Press:

Nixon dug deep for dirt on Ted Kennedy

By Calvin Woodward, Associated Press Writer Fri Aug 28

WASHINGTON – President Richard Nixon considered Ted Kennedy such a threat that he tried to catch Kennedy cheating on his wife, even ordering aides to recruit Secret Service agents to spill secrets on the senator’s behavior.

"Do you have anybody in the Secret Service that you can get to?" Nixon asked his aide John Ehrlichman in a stark series of Oval Office conversations about Kennedy before the 1972 election. "Yeah, yeah," Ehrlichman replied.

"Plant one," Nixon said. "Plant two guys on him. This could be very useful."

Nixon made clear that the Secret Service protection afforded Kennedy before the 1972 election would be rescinded after. Then, said the president, "If he gets shot, it’s too damn bad." His aides disdainfully referred to Kennedy supporters as "super swinger jet set types."

Tape recordings from the Nixon White House betray a preoccupation with the Kennedy mystique and how that might be used against the Republican president by the last surviving brother, who died Tuesday at age 77. Nixon wanted a sharp and private eye kept on Ted Kennedy’s movements after the Chappaquiddick scandal, hoping to expose another misstep with a woman other than his wife, Joan

Sigh. If only Mr. Nixon had intervened sooner, maybe Miss Kopechne would be alive today. (Albeit, perhaps reluctantly.)

Still, the Democrats have to dig up Richard Nixon again?

They really have to get over him.

By the way, we seem to recall that Mr. Kennedy’s brothers did much the same thing to their political opponents and friends – even to Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

But the article somehow neglected to mention that detail.

But thankfully neither they nor their media are using/politicizing Mr. Kennedy’s death.

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5 Responses to “AP: Nixon Sought Dirt On Ted Kennedy”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Nixon at least, got a much better, more meaningful and publicized funeral than Ted KKKennedy will get.

    That’s gotta rub the commie lib left raw.

    Yeah, it’s a small victory, but we’ll take ’em where we get ’em.

    P.S. Piss off a lib, advertise on Glenn Beck! Do it whether he’s right or wrong.

  2. neocon mom says:

    Calvin Woodward any relation to ol’ Bob?

  3. MinnesotaRush says:

    “AP: Nixon Sought Dirt On Ted Kennedy”

    Gosh. How hard was that??? Dirt on a Kennedy??? Fish to water???

  4. Howard Roark says:

    Still, the Democrats have to dig up Richard Nixon again?
    They really have to get over him.
    By the way, we seem to recall that Mr. Kennedy’s brothers did much the same thing to their political opponents and friends – even to Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

    So true, SG. Nixon’s ghost lives on for the Left. When it’s not the spectre of racism that they are shrieking over, it’s the various actors from Right to interchange and uglify at their whim.

    “Who gives a damn about personal issues at a time of memorializing over Kennedy’s passing?”, one hears from them, until it’s some kind of red meat they can’t refuse: Reagan, Nixon, McCarthy, Jesse Helms, Ed Meese, Ollie North, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, etc…

    Then the sneering likes of Calvin Woodward come alive from their sobbing pose of supposed tremble and cry in order to latch onto Richard Nixon, as if anything Nixon tried or accomplished rises to the level of the weakest of Kennedy’s victims.

    When you look at the totality of Nixon’s record versus Ted Kennedy’s…well, let’s just say that an embarrassing difference of gravity emerges.

    While Ted paid someone to take his test for him at UVA, Richard Nixon had been facing down myriad foes from the FDR and Truman Justice and State Departments, various agencies, and the White House itself for years over charges that Communism had infiltrated our government.

    The rest of both their lives can be patterned out thusly from those two starts. Nixon cared about preserving America’s founding principles at all costs to himself, and understood the evil of Communism before most even knew it was already across our backyard fence.

    Ted Kennedy cared only about himself, and didn’t think there was any principle so sacred that it couldn’t be bought off for any price. Whether it was cheating on exams, cheating on his wife, or cheating the local Chappaquiddic Police and Mass. State Police departments, Ted Kennedy looked at life a LOT differently than how his brother asked us to “Ask NOT what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

    When you have an active, important role in something like the Hiss trial vs whatever courtroom trials Ted found himself in, I’ll take the words of someone like Whittaker Chambers’ word for Nixon’s character:

    I watched the [HUAC] Committee’s members behave with conspicuous patience and compusure in the face of repeated, insolent provocation that no body of civil life would have endured. My own treatment by the Committee was uniformly courteous and deeply understanding.
    One of its members, Congressman (now Senator) Richard M. Nixon, and his family became my valued friends. With two others, Congressman (now Senator) Karl E. Mundt and Congressman John McDowell, a most cordial feeling developed.
    For Congressman F. Edward Hebert (of Louisiana), the most unsparing of interrogators, I developed a respect based upon what I felt to be his firm grasp of the human factors in the Hiss Case, and his equally firm grasp of reality that made him at last extremely skeptical of the antics of Alger Hiss. [p. 537, Witness 50th Anniversary Ed., Whittaker Chambers]

    By the way, we seem to recall that Mr. Kennedy’s brothers did much the same thing to their political opponents and friends – even to Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Again, very true.

    Whenever Robert Kennedy gets trotted out from the Left, it’s always the long-hair, 1968 version of good ‘ol Bobby that they love to sing folk songs over, forever forgetful of the fact that Robert was working like a crazed zealot to identify Communists of any degree in the American Left for at least ten years before the Hoover association to deprive Martin Luther King his 4th Ammendment rights because of his ties to communism. (*gasp* what about the racial ellement of it all?)

    I always like to add to their eye-glazing Kennedy worship, “Yeah, I liked Robert when he named Joe Mccarthy as godfather of his first born, and went on to encourage his brother to escalate the defense forces we were sending to south Vietnam to face down the communist march across Asia. He was responsible for a lot of good.”

  5. Tater Salad says:

    The REAL Obituary:

    The Kennedy you will not hear about this week as the media tells you what a great man he was.

    The Last of The Kennedy Dynasty

    As soon as his cancer was detected, I noticed the immediate attempt at the “canonization” of old Teddy Kennedy by the mainstream media. They are saying what a “great American” he is. I say, let’s get a couple things clear & not twist the facts to change the real history.

    1. He was caught cheating at Harvard when he attended it. He was expelled twice, once for cheating on a test, and once for paying a classmate to cheat for him.

    2. While expelled, Kennedy enlisted in the Army, but mistakenly signed up for four years instead of two. Oops! The man can’t count to four! His father, Joseph P. Kennedy, former U.S. Ambassador to England (a step up from bootlegging liquor into the US from Canada during prohibition), pulled the necessary strings to have his enlistment shortened to two years, and to ensure that he served in Europe, not Korea , where a war was raging. No preferential treatment for him? (like he charged that President Bush received).

    3. Kennedy was assigned to Paris , never advanced beyond the rank of Private, and returned to Harvard upon being discharged. Imagine a person of his “education” NEVER advancing past the rank of Private!

    4. While attending law school at the University of Virginia , he was cited for reckless driving four times, including once when he was clocked driving 90 miles per hour in a residential neighborhood with his headlights off after dark. Yet his Virginia driver’s license was never revoked. Coincidentally, he passed the bar exam in 1959. Amazing!

    5. In 1964, he was seriously injured in a plane crash, and hospitalized for several months. Test results done by the hospital at the time he was admitted had shown he was legally intoxicated. The results of those tests remained a “state secret” until in the 1980’s when the report was unsealed. Didn’t hear about that from the unbiased media, did we?

    6. On July 19, 1969, Kennedy attended a party on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts . At about 11:00 PM, he borrowed his chauffeur’s keys to his Oldsmobile limousine, and offered to give a ride home to Mary Jo Kopechne, a campaign worker. Leaving the island via an unlit bridge with no guard rail, Kennedy steered the car off the bridge, flipped, and into Poucha Pond.

    7. He swam to shore and walked back to the party, passing several houses and a fire station. Two friends then returned with him to the scene of the accident. According to their later testimony, they told him what he already knew – that he was required by law to immediately report the accident to the authorities. Instead Kennedy made his way to his hotel, called his lawyer, and went to sleep. Kennedy called the police the next morning and by then the wreck had already been discovered. Before dying, Kopechne had scratched at the upholstered floor above her head in the upside-down car.

    The Kennedy family began “calling in favors”, ensuring that any inquiry would be contained. Her corpse was whisked out-of-state to her family, before an autopsy could be conducted. Further details are uncertain, but after the accident Kennedy says he repeatedly dove under the water trying to rescue Kopechne and he didn’t call police because he was in a state of shock. It is widely assumed Kennedy was drunk, and he held off calling police in hopes that his family could fix the problem overnight. Since the accident, Kennedy’s “political enemies” have referred to him as the distinguished Senator from Chappaquiddick. He pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident, and was given a SUSPENDED SENTENCE OF TWO MONTHS. Kopechne’s family received a small payout from the Kennedy’s insurance policy, and never sued. There was later an effort to have her body exhumed and autopsied, but her family successfully fought against this in court, and Kennedy’s family paid their attorney’s bills… a “token of friendship”?

    8. Kennedy has held his Senate seat for more than forty years, but considering his longevity, his accomplishments seem scant. He authored or argued for legislation that ensured a variety of civil rights, increased the minimum wage in 1981, made access to health care easier for the indigent, and funded Meals on Wheels for fixed-income seniors and is widely held as the “standard-bearer for liberalism” In his very first Senate roll, he was the floor manager for the bill that turned U.S. immigration policy upside down and opened the floodgate for immigrants from third world countries.

    9. Since that time, he has been the prime instigator and author of every expansion of an increase in immigration, up to and including the latest attempt to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. Not to mention the pious grilling he gave the last two Supreme Court nominees, as if he was the standard bearer for the nation in matters of “what’s right”. What a pompous ass!

    10. He is known around Washington as a public drunk, loud, boisterous and very disrespectful to ladies. JERK is a better description than “great American”. “A blonde in every pond” is his motto.

    Let’s not allow the spin doctors make this jerk a hero — how quickly the American public forgets what his real legacy is.

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