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AP: No More Threat Of Muslim Extremism

From the Associated Press, just last week:

Terror Takes Back Seat; Americans Safer Now

By the Associated Press | Saturday Sept 8, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Americans debate whether they are better off now than they were four years ago, there is a similar question with a somewhat easier answer: Are you safer now than you were when President Barack Obama took office?

By most measures, the answer is yes.

Who can doubt it? Just look at the success of the ‘Arab Spring.’ It speaks for itself.

More than a decade after terrorists slammed planes into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania countryside, Americans have stopped fretting daily about a possible attack or stockpiling duct tape and water. Getting through airport security has become a routine irritation, not a grim foreboding.

But until Obama killed Bin Laden we were all still stockpiling duct tape and water.

By the way, how many terrorist attempts have their been in the last almost four years under Obama? Did we imagine all of them?

While the threat of a terrorist attack has not disappeared, the combined military, intelligence, diplomatic and financial efforts to hobble al-Qaida and its affiliates have escalated over the past four years and paid off. Terrorist leaders, including Osama bin Laden, are dead and their networks in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia disrupted…

Obama has saved us. The ‘War On Terror’ is over.

As a result, terrorism worries have taken a back seat to the nation’s economic woes.

They are both ‘man caused disasters.’

Unlike previous elections, national security is not a big campaign issue this year

Something tells us that might change.

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2 Responses to “AP: No More Threat Of Muslim Extremism”

  1. Right of the People says:

    AP, how’s that statement working out for you now.

    At least come November 6th we can remove the terrorist from the White House.

  2. untrainable says:

    No More Threat Of Muslim Extremism…

    So does the AP have it’s head in the sand, or just up it’s ass? Being lefties, I’m betting on the latter.

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