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AP: None Of Obama’s Problems Are His Fault

From Obama’s press secretaries at the Associated Press:

Analysis: Obama tested by events outside control

March 13, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — This is the economy election, right? Tell that to the world. President Barack Obama is getting another dose of the reality of his job: the out-of-his-control events that shape whether he will keep it.

He is lobbying Israel not to launch on attack on Iran that could set the Middle East on fire and pull the United States into another war. He is struggling to get world powers to unite on halting a massacre in Syria. He is on the defensive about staying in Afghanistan after a U.S. soldier allegedly went on a killing spree against civilians.

You see, no other American President has ever been beset with so many problems not of his making. For instance, President Bush did not have any problems during this administration.

And back home, where the economy is king, everyone is talking about the price of gasoline. Which, as Obama can’t say enough, no one can control right now.

Which is something the AP and the rest of the Democrat Media Complex repeated endlessly during the Bush administration. Just kidding. In fact, they and the Democrats and even Senator Obama himself said exactly the opposite.

The Republican presidential candidates don’t have to worry as much about all this because they don’t have the responsibility of governing — a luxury Obama likes to note, although he enjoyed the same when he was the challenger.

Remember how the AP always said this whenever the Democrats criticized Bush? We don’t either.

The Republicans, though, are being drawn into events beyond their preferred message of the day.

Huh? So world events are hurting the Republican message that Obama is incompetent? How so?

For Obama, whose re-election bid looks rosier with every good month of job creation, the political risk in the least is that he gets knocked off message. That happened Monday when Obama and the White House spent a lot of effort trying to focus on energy, but the dominant news was the horrific rampage in Afghanistan.

Again, notice how the AP sees everything, no matter how horrible, through the prism of how it impacts Obama’s efforts to get re-elected.

The bigger worry for Obama is that all the outside events conspire to sour the public mood, give people more to worry about and create an opening for Republicans to challenge his leadership. Just because presidents may not be able to control problems does not mean they don’t get blamed for them

But, still, it is really unfair. (Sob.)

As one example, the price at the pump carries political risk for Obama, who is taking a pounding over the issue in the polls.

The average price for a gallon of gasoline is now about $3.80, the highest ever for this time of year. The White House says anyone suggesting a quick fix is lying to voters. Instead, Obama pushes energy exploration across the board and reminds folks he championed a payroll tax cut that kept money in their pockets…

That $20 a paycheck is really being stretched to pay for a lot of Obama’s screw-ups.

Good news has come before on the economy, only to be suffocated by outside events. Just a few months ago, Obama attributed a slowing economy to the Japanese tsunami, the Arab Spring and the European debt crisis (not to mention his ugly showdown with Congress over a near-government default)

It really just isn’t fair. Here the economy is going through the roof, and we don’t see it because of all the bad economic news.

Now sizable job growth has taken hold by the month, but that pattern is hardly assured through Election Day

This is simply a lie. We have not had any job growth above 250,000 a month, which is what it would take to begin to reduce our unemployment rate. The only reason that unemployment has gone down a few tenths of a percent is because of people giving up looking for work and ‘leaving the workforce.’

As even the AP admits at the bottom of every one of its otherwise ludicrously rosy jobs reports.

It was a telling sign when Obama held his first news conference of the year last week and got not one question on the economy writ large…

In other words, the AP is complaining that no one got to ask Obama, "isn’t it amazing how wonderful the economy is?"

So it goes for presidents. The big problems of the day are covered by the media, evaluated by pollsters and viewed within the election context

Like the AP is doing here. Like they always do. For the AP, all roads lead to Obama’s re-election.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, March 13th, 2012. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “AP: None Of Obama’s Problems Are His Fault”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    We were told Bamster was so smart & now the media’s making excuses for him.

  2. fallingpianos says:

    The same guy that said he’d lower the level of the seas can’t lower the price of gasoline.

    What a surprise.

  3. finebammer59 says:

    was it ’06 when president bush simply mentioned opening up more federal land for oil exploration and the saudis started pumping so that the price of a barrel dropped substantially???

    simply on the president’s word???

    and in an interview on the paul finebaum radio network mittens romney is asked about the peyton manning nfl sweepstakes and he claims to be “good friends” with the owners of the dolphins and jets.

    this after the regrettable quote about palling around with nascar team owners.

    this after the $10,000 bet.

    hey, wasn’t it newt who was going to say something stupid and implode his campaign???

    david axelrod is gonna mop the floor with this bonehead and not even break a sweat.

  4. Mithrandir says:

    I had to click on the link to make sure this story wasn’t a joke! What a bunch of slathering cry babies.

    Another easy argument to win

    1. This is the job he campaigned for! It’s clear these people don’t want to govern, they want to DICTATE. If they can’t dictate, they will let Rome burn, until the people get so desperate, they will have no choice but to allow it.

    2. These people beat George W. Bush up one side and down the other for every cough and sneeze that came out of his mouth. NOW they are whining that the job is “unexpectedly” harder than they thought? Nice going Harvard geniuses! ~Apologies to G.W.B.

    3. Real Clear Politics warned us back in 2007 about a candidate who votes ‘present.’

    RCP: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2007/02/the_everpresent_obama.html
    Voting “present” is one of three options in the Illinois Legislature (along with “yes” and “no”), but it’s almost never an option for the occupant of the Oval Office.

    ~Wasn’t this obvious back in 2007? A guy with no resume who does little work other than voting “present?” How much more lazy can you possibly be here? Am I the only one who can pick up red flags anymore?

    As president, Obama will be faced with countless difficult decisions on numerous gray issues, and voting “present” will not be an option.

    NOT SO! Apparently you CAN do that as president. Showing up for work and doing nothing applies to all government workers. Obama will refute that, as soon as he finishes hole 15.

    4. “The Republican presidential candidates don’t have to worry as much about all this because they don’t have the responsibility of governing…” Other than when they ACTUALLY governed. You know, Mitt Romney governed a state, Newt Gingrich governed the House, Obama sat in a bigot’s pew for 20 years, never heard a bad word. Hmph, even in church he was lazy.

    5. You win The Nobel Peace Prize for what you WILL do, you darn sure better do something!

  5. artboyusa says:

    BARACK ‘n’ BIDEN! (rated R for Adult Situations, Mild Peril) Its time to check in with our nation’s “leadership”!

    A nervous Joe Biden is just outside Oval Office. He craves ingress, so let’s listen in…

    “Um, Mr President? Barack?”

    “Oh, it’s you. Hi, Joe”.

    “Can I come in?”

    “Crave ingress, do you? Sure, why not?” With obvious reluctance the president set down a heavy stack of paper. “I was just alphabetizing my Apologies List”.

    “Apologies List?”

    Lord, he really is as dumb as they say, thought the president. “Yes, Joe. It’s the list of all the things I have to apologize for as I travel the world with my positive message of hope. That’s what it’s called the Apologies List, see? “


    “It starts with A” explained the president. “’A – America, United States of. Apologize for existence of, cultural insensitivity of, past crimes of, current crimes of, crimes yet uncommitted by, overall lousy attitude of, bad eating habits of, poor dress sense of, ingratitude towards me of…’ there’s still quite a lot to add, of course”.

    “Of course. Say, Barack I was just wondering if you’d, um, given any more thought to, er, who your running mate might be?”

    “You mean my ‘VP pick’, as they say in the popular media?”

    “Uh, I guess so”.

    “And you’d like it to be you, wouldn’t you Joe? ‘Joe B gets VP nod’ – is that what you want to hear? As opposed to ‘Prez Nix Biden bid’?”

    “Absolutely! I mean, we make a great team, you and me. And we’ve done so much to America, I mean for America. The price of those obscene fossil fuels skyrocketing, more food banks and soup kitchens opening every day, millions and millions of Americans finding warmth and shelter under the generous fist of the government. Millions of dollars in food stamps distributed every day and billions of dollars in donations from unions and Hollywood retards sitting in the DNC offshore accounts” raved Joe, really selling it. “Every day we move ever closer to our unchanging goal of a world of fairness and equality that we can run!”

    The president chuckled softly. “Pretty words, Joe. Real pretty – but actions speak louder. How bad do you want the job, Joe? How far would you go? Because there’s one thing, one little thing, you could do that would totally guarantee your place on the ticket”.

    “There is? What? Name it and I’ll do it!” enthused the breathless Delawarian.

    “Well, you could l**k my b***s” said the president.

    “WHAT? Lick your balls? Is that what you said?”

    “No, I said l**k my b***s, Joe. You know I never descend to vulgar and obscene gutter language”.

    “Fuck you, Barack!” cursed Biden. “I won’t do it!”

    “Hillary would do it”.


    “Sure. I bet she’d make a great vice president too. She’s real qualified. What do you think, Joe? Huh?” The president leaned back in his chair and opened his legs in an invitational kind of way. “Huh?”

    Biden sighed heavily and dropped to his knees. He really wanted to be vice president some more. “Okay, I know when I’m licked” he grumbled. “Er, never mind…I mean, oh hell. Let’s just get it over with”.

    Obama laughed. “Oh my god! You were really gonna do it! You were! You so were! Oh my god! Hahahahahaha! Geezus Joe, don’t you have any self respect at all?”

    “No! I mean yes, I mean I do if you want me to. Do you want me to? Huh?”

    “No no no, that’s okay” said Obama reassuringly. “It’s just nice that you know your place. Don’t worry; you’re definitely my choice Joe. Definitely”.

    “Phew. Thanks. Can I get up now?”

    “No, not yet. You haven’t finished your l***ing”.

  6. tranquil.night says:

    Reuters, Pew, push laughably biased polls (even for them) in desperate effort to defend Precious and counter narrative from new lows yesterday.



    If you want the most accurate indicators, stick with Ras. Few others really have any credibility. Yesterday’s exit polls were just as bad.

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