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AP: O-Care Status Update (Backpedaling Begins)

From the Associated Press:

Q&A: Status update as health law marks a milestone

By NANCY BENAC April 1, 2014

WASHINGTON (AP) — Like so much about the government’s health care overhaul, Monday’s deadline to sign up for coverage in 2014 didn’t turn out quite as planned: Many people still are eligible for extensions that will let them enroll…

In fact, there are today about a dozen articles reporting this ‘news.’ Including this one from the Associated Press: ‘It’s not too late to get health coverage.’ Why is that?

Still, step by step, the law is taking effect.. It’s time for a status report as the law marks a milestone, although no one’s quite sure how to define success:

Q: How many people have gotten coverage?
A: That’s the big question, and the answer is a moving target…

Q: Do those numbers meet government expectations?
A: It depends on which expectations…

So the AP is already beginning to backpedal.

Q: What happened to the March 31 deadline?
A: It’s still there. It’s just that a lot of people don’t have to meet it…

Q: In general, who’s already signed up?
A: Mostly people who didn’t have insurance through their jobs, many of them with modest incomes. More than half are women…

How does the AP happen to know that when we don’t even know who has paid?

Q: How many of the people who have signed up are getting help paying their premiums?
A: Four out of five of those selecting plans through the insurance exchanges have been qualifying for federal subsidies…

Q: Does signing up for coverage seal the deal?
A: No. People still have to pay their premiums. There’s no definitive word yet on how many people are following through. Caroline Pearson of the market research firm Avalere Health estimates that between 10 percent and 20 percent have not paid, which could drop total enrollment down to between 5 million and 6 million people.

It’s a lot higher than that. In Washington state, for instance, over 40% have not paid.

Q: How many people are still uninsured?
A: That’s the flip side of the big enrollment question. There were about 47 million uninsured people in 2012… The Congressional Budget Office predicts there will still be 30 million people without insurance once the law is fully implemented.

Hilarious, if you like dark humor. Given that many previous estimates put the uninsured at 30 million, it looks like the MSM are now are ratcheting up the number of the un-insured so Obama-Care isn’t a complete wash.

Q: How come more people aren’t signing up?
A: For some, it’s just a matter of procrastination. But polls show that many of the uninsured are uninformed or confused about the new law or don’t think they can afford coverage. In addition, a third say they have tried to get coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. A very small slice say they don’t want or need coverage.

Notice how the AP buries the part about the coverage being too expensive. That is professional propagandizing.

Q: Is health insurance through the Affordable Care Act really affordable?
A: That depends on the particular plan and level of coverage that’s selected. Overall, premiums for plans offered through the exchanges have been lower than initially projected…

BS. Even the Obama administration admits as much. But they say the taxpayer subsidies will help make it more affordable.

Q: What ever happened to all those people who got insurance cancellation notices last fall?
A: Many have gotten a reprieve. Others found new coverage. More than 4.7 million people got cancellation notices because their policies weren’t good enough to meet the higher standards set in the health care law. After a public uproar, the government agreed to let states give those affected two years to switch to better coverage. That extension is good for policies issued up to Oct. 1, 2016.

More mendacity. There were a lot more than 4.7 million cancellations. (There were more than a million in California alone.)

Moreover, the states have to approve any extensions of the old plans, and many have not. And then the insurers have to decide to renew their policies, and many have not. In fact, most probably haven’t.

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