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AP: Obama-Care ‘Gets Real’ — 3.5M Cancellations

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Obamacare finally gets real for America: At least 3.5 million health insurance policies canceled

November 4, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Now is when Americans start figuring out that President Barack Obama’s health care law goes beyond political talk, and really does affect them and people they know…

Too bad our media watchdogs didn’t ‘figure it out’ a lot sooner.

A look at three groups impacted by the law’s rollout:


The Obama administration insists nobody will lose coverage as a result of cancellation notices going out to millions of people. At least 3.5 million Americans have been issued cancellations, but the exact number is unclearMainly they are people who buy directly from an insurer, instead of having workplace coverage.

And never mind that these are exactly the people who Obama-Care was supposed to help. That is, people without employer provided insurance.

Officials say these consumers aren’t getting "canceled" but "transitioned" or "migrated" to better plans because their current coverage doesn’t meet minimum standards. They won’t have to go uninsured…

Because having your plan suddenly triple the price of your premiums and triple your deductions isn’t cancelling your old plan. In fact, at least 3.5 million people have lost their coverage. And fewer people will be able to gain coverage because individual plans are ‘going away.’


Before the law’s online health care markets launched Oct. 1, the administration estimated nearly 500,000 people would enroll for subsidized private insurance within the first month. Despite high consumer interest, a computer system beset by gremlins has kept most from doing so…

BS. People aren’t signing up for Obama-Care in the state exchanges, either. And they haven’t been affected by ‘gremlins.’ They have only been signing up for Medicaid, which the AP inadvertently admits:

A different prong of Obama’s coverage expansion seems to be doing fairly well. It’s an expanded version of Medicaid… An informal survey of 14 of those states by The Associated Press shows that at least 240,000 people had enrolled in or applied for the expanded safety-net program as of the third week of October…

What a wonderful success story! And never mind that increasing Medicaid enrollment has nothing to do with "Obama’s coverage expansion." In fact, everyone who signs up for Medicaid is lost to Obama-Care. Instead of making Obama-Care more feasible, they are just a further drain on the already worse than broke Medicaid system and the US taxpayer.

Oh, and never mind, too, that it is nearly impossible to find a doctor who takes Medicaid patients.


Americans are still divided over the Affordable Care Act, with negative views outweighing positives…

Just as they have always been.

But they also lean against repealing it…


The final judgment may be in the hands of people who now have employer-provided health insurance. They’re about half the population, and they’ve noted Obama’s assurances that their coverage won’t be disrupted. Up to now, the changes for employer plans have been incremental. They tend to expand benefits, not take things away…

Oh, our sides. As we have noted, the Obama administration admitted back in 2010 that at least half of all current employer plans will not be ‘grandfathered.’ So they will have to be cancelled, just like the individual plans have been cancelled.

And that number will eventually include all employer plans, except for the union plans, which got a carve-out.

Expect cutbacks to be blamed on the law. Sorting out whether that’s warranted may be difficult…

Right. Because Obama-Care will have nothing to do with any of these ‘cutbacks.’ It will just be those evil insurance companies trying to rape their customers.

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2 Responses to “AP: Obama-Care ‘Gets Real’ — 3.5M Cancellations”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    It really spadaffles me that these insurance companies don’t realize the end-game is the total elimination of their business. How can they not see this?

    • captstubby says:

      “insurance companies don’t realize the end game …”

      they are well aware of the endplay , and collaboration with the “Change”, “Yes We Can” “redistribution of wealth”dictatorship,

      ( form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations)

      is a survival chose.
      and these insurance companies will part of “The Five Year Plan”.
      or the next election.





      Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese military understood that once they gained Supreme Power,it was imperative to have competent men to guide their War Machine.





      Albert Speer

      the brilliant architect, minister of armaments and war production for the Third Reich and a close friend to Hitler. Throughout World War II, Speer had directed an “armaments miracle,” doubling Hitler’s production orders and prolonging the German war effort while under relentless Allied air attacks. He did this through administrative genius and by exploiting millions of slave laborers who were starved and worked to death in his factories.

      Speer arrived in Flensburg aware that the Allies were targeting Nazi leaders for war-crimes trials. He—like many other Nazi Party members and SS officers—concluded that he could expect no mercy once captured. Unlike them, he did not commit suicide.

      The hunt for Albert Speer was unusual. The U.N. War Crimes Commission was determined to bring him to justice, but a U.S. government official hoped to reach the Nazi technocrat first. A former investment banker named Paul Nitze, who was then vice chairman of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, believed it was imperative to get to Speer. As the war in Europe was winding down, the Americans were hoping that strategic bombing in Japan could end the war in the Pacific. But in order to achieve that, they hoped to learn more about how Germany had maintained its war machine while withstanding heavy bombing. Thus Nitze needed Speer. In May 1945, the race was on to capture and interrogate one of Hitler’s most notorious henchmen.

      On May 15, American forces arrived in Flensburg and got to Speer first. Nitze arrived at Glucksburg Castle, where Speer was being held,

      He demonstrated an unparalleled understanding of the Nazi war machine. He told Nitze how he had reduced the influence of the military and the Nazi Party in decision-making, and how he had followed Henry Ford’s manufacturing principles to run the factories more efficiently. He told his interrogators why certain British and American air attacks had failed and why others had been effective. He explained how he’d traveled around Germany to urge his workers on in speeches he later termed “delusional,” because he already knew the war was lost.

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