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AP: Obama-Care ‘Is A Victim Of Its Own Success’

From an unfazed Associated Press:

Hussein Daoud and his wife and one of their six children and their ‘navigator.’

A bumpy first day for new insurance marketplaces

By CARLA K. JOHNSON | October 2, 2013

CHICAGO (AP) — For millions of Americans trying to log in, the online insurance marketplaces created by the new health care law began with a stalled website, an error message or a menu that didn’t work.

But the debut of the new insurance marketplaces might have been a victim of the law’s own success. The initial sign-up day appeared to draw heavy interest that suggested pent-up demand for just the kind of coverage now being offered.

Maybe Obama should have hired Matt Drudge to run the government’s exchange website. They claim to have gotten 2.8 million visitors and that swamped them. Drudge probably gets that in an hour.

By the way, in view of Obama’s comparisons to Apple, how many heads would roll at Apple if they had spent untold hundreds of millions of dollars advertising for a website that then turned out to be nearly impossible to access?

Tennessee State University student Sam Rutherford, 31, said he signed up for a policy on Tuesday, some 15 years after a sledding accident that resulted in him losing several organs. "I’ve been virtually uninsurable since that time," he said.

Imagine, the AP managed to find someone who got through. And not only that, he has the perfect sob story. What are the odds?

In 36 states where the federal government is running the marketplaces, a snag involving security questions on users’ accounts cropped up repeatedly, preventing many from completing their enrollment…

But it was just a "snag."

In some states, trained health care guides resorted to old-school means of signing people up: paper or telephone.

Except the phone lines didn’t work, either.

Katie League, an outreach and enrollment manager at Health Care for the Homeless in Baltimore, used paper applications to register people when the website developed problems…

How? Did she just go out onto the street and start telling homeless people to sign up with her?

Officials in President Barack Obama’s administration said they are pleased with the strong consumer interest, but on a day of glitches they refused to say how many people actually succeeded in signing up for coverage.

Gee, we wonder why? We have yet to see tangible proof that anyone has actually signed up.

By Tuesday afternoon, at least 2.8 million people had visited the healthcare.gov website, said Medicare administrator Marilyn Tavenner, whose office is overseeing the introduction of the Affordable Care Act…

But at most only a handful of people had been able to successfully enroll online through the federal website in that time period, according to two industry officials with knowledge of the situation…

The technical trouble couldn’t dampen the relief Hussein Daoud felt for himself, his wife and their six children.

The 51-year-old Detroit man came to apply for insurance at the Dearborn-based nonprofit organization ACCESS. With the help of counselors, he learned that his annual income of $14,500 made him eligible for Medicaid, and he likely won’t have to pay for a plan that covers his family.

The AP is so desperate for Obama-Care success stories, they are giving stories about people getting Medicaid. Which Mr. Daoud was eligible for, all along.

Minnesota got its site running after a delay of several hours. Rhode Island’s site recovered after a temporary crash. A spokesman for the New York Department of Health blamed difficulties on the 2 million visits to the website in the first 90 minutes after its launch.

We could not get anything to work on the New York State site all day.

Washington state’s marketplace used Twitter to thank users for their patience.

Exchange officials in Colorado said their website would not be fully functional for the first month, although consumers will be able to get help applying for government subsidies during that time. Hawaii’s marketplace wasn’t allowing people to compare plans and prices

In Portsmouth, N.H., Deborah Lielasus tried to sign up for coverage but got only as far as creating an account before the website stopped working…

These are what the AP calls "snags."

Lielasus, a 54-year-old self-employed grant writer, currently spends about $8,500 a year in premiums and more than $10,000 for out-of-pocket expenses because she has a health condition and her only option has been a state high-risk insurance pool. She said she expects those costs to decrease significantly…

Boy, is she in for a shock.

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2 Responses to “AP: Obama-Care ‘Is A Victim Of Its Own Success’”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    A handful of successful sign-ups out of 2.8 million attempts. At least the government IS getting more efficient.

  2. yadayada says:

    in Colorado the sites won’t allow for you to sign up (or even apply) for any option, but you can be approved for subsidies? if they can’t pick a plan, how do they know how much to subsidize? no chance for corruption there.

    also, how much potential for shenanigans exists when “outreach/enrollment managers” (read activists) start signing up the “homeless” (read untraceable/non-existent).
    apparently they have learned much from their election chicanery. next we’ll see black panther thugs scaring little old white ladies away from the exchange centers.

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