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AP: Obama Fix Just Like In Pre-Partisan Days

From the tireless whitewashers at the Associated Press:

Not so fast: Obama’s health care law is changing

By NANCY BENAC | November 15, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Just when you thought you had the president’s health care law figured out, it’s changing. Some questions and answers about what’s afoot and who’s affected:

Q: What’s the nub of the change, and why is President Barack Obama changing course at this late date?
A: The president is letting insurance companies offer people another year of coverage under their existing plans even if those plans don’t meet the requirements set out in his health care overhaul law. He’s doing so because of mounting frustration — even anger — over the millions of cancellation notices that have been going out to Americans whose plans don’t measure up to the law’s coverage standards.

Isn’t that kind of him? But notice how the AP neglects to mention that he is only permitting this for year. That is, until after the 2014 elections. In fact, the mid-terms and the Congressional Democrats fear of getting trounced, are never mentioned once in this entire article.

Q: Problem solved?
A: Not so fast. Obama’s so-called fix doesn’t force insurance companies to do anything. It just gives them the option of extending old plans for existing customers in the individual market, and only if state insurance commissioners also give their OK.

You see? Obama isn’t making anyone do anything. He’s so nice. Whatever bad happens will all be due to the evil insurance companies, or the evil states.

Q: Sounds like a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t insurance companies let people re-up?
A: The companies aren’t happy about being thrown a curve ball after they’ve already firmed up 2014 rates and plans. It will take a while to see how many of them agree to reinstate old plans for another year — and at what price…

Because they are greedy.

Q: Why not force insurance companies to extend those old policies, not just give them that option?
A: That’s a more radical step. Some Democrats want that to happen but it almost certainly would require legislation from Congress — not just a presidential decision [sic] — and Republicans would object to such a stiff new requirement on the insurance industry. More steps may be required, though, to restore coverage for people losing it.

And never mind that Obama forces all kinds of things via ‘presidential decisions.’ But this is exactly what the Democrats who are up for re-election are now demanding.

Q: The changes mainly affect the 5 percent of people who get their own insurance policies through the individual market. What’s the big deal?
A: In a country of more than 300 million people, 5 percent is a big number. Roughly 14 million people buy their own policies, and many of those plans are not just junk insurance, contrary to what White House officials suggest. Already, more than 4 million people have gotten cancellation notices. And some small businesses are losing coverage for their workers too…

It isn’t just 5%. It’s 15%. And it also would affect employer provided plans, as well.

Q: The health care law was signed into law in 2010. Why is this issue coming up at the last minute?
A: The Obama administration miscalculated — big time — how many people would lose coverage in the transition to the new health insurance marketplace…

This is major BS from the AP.  We know from the Federal Registry and elsewhere that the administration knew back in 2010 that 93 million policies would be cancelled because of the new Obama-Care requirements.

Q: The president says "this fix" won’t solve every problem and that doing more will require working with Congress. What else needs to be done? And is there any hope of Obama and the Congress agreeing on changes?

A: Before Washington became so politically polarized, major legislation was usually followed within a year or two by a "technical corrections" bill that addressed inevitable unintended consequences and shortcomings. A bill as massive as the Affordable Care Act has many such issues, which the administration has tried to address through regulations, "guidance" and other administrative steps. For example, the White House last summer delayed the law’s employer coverage requirement by one year to allow more time to work out regulatory issues.

Obama seems to be yearning for a return to earlier days, but Republicans are so adamant in opposing the health care law that it seems far from likely.

You see? It’s all the Republicans fault. The Laws Of The Land used to be re-written all the time. But now, because of the damn Tea Party types, they can’t quietly tweak them. So we all have to suffer.

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2 Responses to “AP: Obama Fix Just Like In Pre-Partisan Days”

  1. untrainable says:

    Pre partisan days? When was that again? There was partisanship run amok during the writing of the constitution. Calling pre-Obama days pre-partisan is simply ignorant.

    • captstubby says:

      in the old days the Democrats allowed the Republican the required protest time,

      and then preceded to caved in to all demands.
      today the Democrats find the Republicans most unruly and bring unneeded attention to things best left unsaid.
      and then they cave in.
      The National Socialists have no choice but to send a note home saying “does not work and play well with others.”
      and will go on their Permanent Record.

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