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AP: Obama Issues Waiver On Health Care Penalty

From an irony proof Associated Press:

White House OKs limited waiver on health penalty


WASHINGTON (AP) — With website woes ongoing, the Obama administration Monday granted a six-week extension until March 31 for Americans to sign up for coverage next year and avoid new tax penalties under the president’s health care overhaul law.

The move had been expected since White House spokesman Jay Carney promised quick action last week to resolve a "disconnect" in the implementation of the law…

Under the latest policy change, people who sign up by the end of open enrollment season on March 31 will not face a penalty. That means procrastinators get a grace period.

We thought this had already happened last week. The news media acted like it was a done deal. (And never mind that this is yet another change to the ‘Law Of The Land.’)

Republican lawmakers, and some Democrats as well, are calling for a one-year delay in the penalties most Americans will face starting next year if they remain uninsured. Monday’s action by the administration stops well short of that, and amounts only to a limited adjustment.

Still, the fact remains that Obama and the Democrats in the Senate shut down the government rather than delay the individual mandate. But after the government re-opened, Obama happily delayed the deadline for the individual mandate. But it’s just a "limited" delay.

Meanwhile, lest we forget, a couple of weeks ago we had this story from the Associated Press:

Obama health target: 500,000 signups by Oct. 31


WASHINGTON (AP) — For the first month alone, the Obama administration projected that nearly a half million people would sign up for the new health insurance markets, according to an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press. But that was before the markets opened to a cascade of computer problems.

If the glitches persist and frustrated consumers give up trying, that initial goal, described as modest in the memo, could slip out of reach.

Sometimes the AP are masters of understatement.

The Sept. 5 memo, for Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, lists monthly enrollment targets for each state and Washington, D.C., through March 31, the last day of the initial open enrollment period under President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul…

In the memo, officials estimated that 494,620 people would sign up for health insurance under the program by Oct. 31. And that was portrayed as a slow start. "We expect enrollment in the initial months to be low," said the memo titled "Projected Monthly Enrollment Targets for Health Insurance Marketplaces in 2014."

Once again, what if the website’s ‘glitches’ are just a fig leaf to cover up what they knew would be dismal numbers?

A big jump was expected after Thanksgiving, since Dec. 15 is the last day people can sign up so their coverage will take effect Jan. 1. Starting in the new year, the health care law requires virtually all Americans to have insurance or face fines. At the same time, insurance companies will be forbidden from turning away people in poor health.

The memo projected enrollment would reach 3.3 million nationally by Dec. 31…

And never mind that even the completely unrealistic goal of 3.3 million sign ups is only half of the seven million enrollees we have been  would be necessary to make Obama-Care viable.

So it looks like we have been sold a bill of goods. Where is the outrage?

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4 Responses to “AP: Obama Issues Waiver On Health Care Penalty”

  1. tosler says:

    Why is there absolutely no outrage at the fact that, once again, this administration unilaterally changes federal law with the snap of Obama’s fingers? Clearly an Ivy League, Constitutional scholar, such as Barrack, knows that the legislators do the legislating, the executive branch simply executes. (oh, that pesky constitution-thing again!)

    Since WE have allowed our legislative branch to become irrelevant, can we please send Reid, Pelosi, Boehner and McConnell home. There is no point in keeping either chamber of Congress open. The White House will ‘handle’ anything that comes up!

    • Noyzmakr says:

      He gets away with this because not a single member of the GOP leadership has gone on TV and raised hell about this regime constantly ‘legislating’ from the oval office. Not once!

      If a lawbreaker isn’t punished or even as much as reprimanded for their lawlessness then that only serves to reinforce the behavior. I’m not surprised the regime is continuously breaking the law. There’s no Sherriff in town. Nobody cares but us and we’re irrelevant, except every two years for about two months around election time. The rest of the time, we’re just considered the ‘loony’ base.

  2. mr_bill says:

    Having just as much legislative authority as nerobama, I, mr_bill, declare the ACA to be null, void, and of no force or effect. I further declare it to be unconstitutional (as nerobama did with DOMA), and I instruct the government not to defend any challenges to the law.

    This is easy. Next problem…

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