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AP: Obama Kept Poker Face About Attack!

From an awestruck Associated Press:

Obama keeps poker face after bin Laden order

By Darlene Superville, Associated Press Mon May 2, 2011

WASHINGTON – In a remarkable 72 hours of his presidency, Barack Obama carried a momentous secret and gave no hint of it as he consoled tornado victims, delivered a college commencement address and cracked jokes at a black-tie dinner.

And played his 62nd round of golf.

What few insiders knew was that Obama gave the go-ahead Friday for the military operation that would end with the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, target of the world’s most intense manhunt

Obama wore a poker face throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, Obama attended the White House Correspondents’ Association annual dinner and lobbed a few barbs at Donald Trump after having endured weeks of attacks by the prospective Republican presidential candidate over whether Obama is U.S.-born.

"After having endured weeks of attacks"? We thought Mr. Trump just asked some questions. We don’t recall any "attacks." But then again, we aren’t as emotionally attached to Mr. Obama as Ms. Superville appears to be.

But now we know why he was so revoltingly cocky at the White House Correspondence Dinner.

On Sunday, Obama headed for the Andrews Air Force Base golf course, as he does on many weekends when the weather is nice. But he only played nine holes, instead of his customary 18, and left after about four hours. The reporters who accompany him on public outings thought the chilly, rainy weather played into his decision to leave hours earlier than usual.

Actually, Obama was headed for a meeting to review final preparations for the operation against bin Laden.

What courageous restraint. Cutting his golf game in half. Our grandchildren will regale their grandchildren with these tales of Mr. Obama’s steely resolve over this historic weekend.

In retrospect, there were some meager clues that something may have been going on. Obama went straight to the Oval Office in his golf shoes, instead of to the residence as he normally does after golf. Photos showed him looking tense and clench-jawed.

All became clear late Sunday when Obama told the nation shortly before midnight that bin Laden had been killed at the hands of U.S. forces.

Sorry, but if this was indeed a mission to kill Bin Laden, we still don’t understand the need to use special forces. We could have bombed his compound to smithereens without any risk to anyone in our military.

Any necessary DNA and potential intelligence material in the compound could be collected after the fact at our leisure.

Of course it might have been harder for the news media to convince us of Mr. Obama’s amazing courage.

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

25 Responses to “AP: Obama Kept Poker Face About Attack!”

  1. Reality Bytes says:

    While I appreciate the celebration over Usama’s demise, I can’t get out of my head him seeing God, Jesus Christ. What goes through the head of someone so convinced their life was dedicated to the Lord only to see in the eyes of Him the evil they have done.

    It’s never a good day when The Good Shepard looses even one like this.

  2. seandougsnyder says:

    “But he only played nine holes, instead of his customary 18, and left after about four hours” Not sure if there are too many golfers here on S&L, but does anyone else think its odd, and unacceptable that he spends 4 hours playing half a round of golf? Thats a fairly average pace for a full 18. I guess he just takes a long time on club selection…decisions decisions

    • dscam says:

      That’s what jumped out at me, too. I bet he loves Andrews because the marshal doesn’t have to guts to say, “Look, I know you love chasing balata, but you’ve got sixteen foursomes backed up behind you, which is strange because you’re only on the fifth hole!”

  3. TerryAnne says:

    So…is this a Lady Gaga poker face?

  4. jobeth says:

    This AP story is pathetically funny and pitifully lame. And it says a lot about this man who sits in the oval office.

    Looks like the AP story writer resources are getting closer and closer to the bottom of the barrel…Then again, it IS hard to make anything the “O” does look relevant and courageous….mainly because he doesn’t do anything relevant or courageous.

    The fact that Obalmy could carry on, playing golf and cracking jokes while an assassination is taking place at his direct order (self admitted) without an inking of a brow crease, just goes to show you what cold calculating actor and Cameleon he is.

    He has no conscious. If it is something he wants, he makes it happen without a second thought and then carries on with his day. Just like any other run of the mill self centered, dictator. “Assassinate that man” says the “O” in between swings of his golf club,

    Most people, especially Christians are not comfortable with killing anyone, esp a world leader even though in some cases it may very necessary to do so. Most of us become a bit uncomfortable with the idea. He appeared completely unaffected.

    As I said…ICY COLD and calculating.

    Having said that, Fox released a photo of Obalmy and his advisors, watching in real time apparently, the actual event. Everyone else was sitting in chairs but the great courageous “O” was crouched in the back on a step or low chair…in almost a fetal position. Hillary at least looked a bit horrified and had her hand over her mouth. I can only imagine what was going through his head at the time. I’m sure his worry was centered on how he would repaint the picture if things went wrong…and just who, along with the Seals…he would throw under the bus in order to shed the blame…somewhere…anywhere.

    Also, am I the only one wondering about the “live’ transmission of this event.
    I first thought it was from confiscated security tapes but Fox said they watched it ‘live’ and in real time. Hope that was a mistake. I want to know who was busy holding a camcorder while all the fire power was zinging around the room.

  5. artboyusa says:

    Gee whiz, guys – can’t we take a day off from ragging on Obama and just enjoy our win? Normal service can resume later. This is good news! We never thought we’d get Osama and now his soul is in hell and his body is at the bottom of the ocean with a sandbag around its ankles and the fish will swim in and out of his bones.

    To me, that’s a good result and I don’t care how it was achieved or why or by whom or what anyone’s motivations may have been. Obama deserves the credit to the same extent that he’d have received the blame if it had gone wrong – and that would have been a lot of blame. A…lot…of…blame.

    Remember how much we hated it and how unfair we thought it was for the Left to blame Bush for every single little thing that did or did not go wrong and how nasty and bitter they seemed to us? We shouldn’t copy their bad behaviour. Obama did an okay job on this one and I won’t diss him for it. Now, if he doesn’t call in the Pakistani ambassador within the next 72 hours and demand some real answers to some serious questions, several billion dollars worth of questions, THEN I’ll diss him plenty.

    • BigOil says:

      Why should we? Barry and his minions do not take a day off working to destroy transform our country, I see no reason to take a day off defending it.

      Bin Laden tried unsuccessfully to take down our economy with a direct attack, while our Marxist President continues destroying our economy from the inside. Which one is currently a bigger threat to the survival of our free republic?

    • tranquil.night says:

      We are celebrating, our praise is just directed at those who actually deserve it: Bush, the Military and Intelligence. Obama gets credit for not fudging up the system that was already in place (like he says he would but couldn’t because it was pragmatically poltically stupid) and actually having the gumption to violate every belief he’s expressed about war and killing to do the right thing (which happened only because he realistically had no other choice). Besides that he gets to listen to himself and other Liberals who have screamed bloody murder about how the very policies that led to the greatest moment in the Obama Presidency were comparable to the Nazis.

      In other words, I’d celebrate more if the party actually were about the death of Osama, and not this dumb narrative that this successful operation equates to the Resurrection of the Messianic Obama Presidency.

      There was no sense of urgency in how this execution was carried out. Osama wasn’t constantly moving around. He had been hamming it up in that joint for months if not years and our intel knew he’d grown complacent there with whatever Pakistani network that had cloaked him for so long.

      If Obama really had fully actionable Intel back in August, he would’ve wanted to act on it then for the election, but if anything went wrong it could’ve really forked them, especially since this was so deep in Poke-e-stahn. It was better to do it right, but 7 months, 5 NSC meetings and a whole mock run of the operation? What other strike team gets the luxury of that type of preparation?

      No, this was specifically designed and practiced as a capture mission that the SEALs weren’t having anything to do with when it got down to the brass. Notice how officials are backing away now from the claim that OBL fired after being demanded to surrender, and even if they release pictures I doubt will see the full tape of the operation.

      Jo – spec. ops. often get equipped with a small camera now on their helmet for a real-time feed back to command. It’s very useful for a high stakes strike where you have a lot of analysts and advisors processing the situation.

      Anyway, Obama looked at this through the prism of politics from beginning to end. He’s not responsible for anyhing but being the guy in the chair when the good news came in. And from that point on the priority was to make HIM look as good as possible by, as Pro said, acquiring a prize showtrial to parade around the country until election day.

      He spent 3 hours at a correspondent’s dinner with the aforementioned “Poke Her Face” demeanor, ripping the guy that pressured him into showing his birth certificate so he can’t call people racist for asking for it during the campaign. Then the next day he pre-empts Donald’s show entirely with the press conference announcement which he then waits for a full hour to announce the results, a totally unmemorable moment in which he threw a small bone to his security team and the military but otherwise took credit as if he’d rambo’d into that complex balls deep on his own.

      Oh, yes! Congratulations Mr. President! Just – oh – so well done!

    • jobeth says:

      Thanks TN for the camera info. I had no idea…but its a great one.. These guys think of everything…

      On your comment about Obalmy getting back at The Donald….Sp typical of Chicago “mob” revenge…with a legal political twist. He’s once again using ridicule to politically assassinate anyone who has the audacity to question him.

      He can get so petulant and childish. And yet he stands up there (reading off his TOTUS) trying to act like the “Father” lecturing his children (us). One of his many irritating and annoying habits

      I noticed too, he is now beginning to use this situation on OBL to stress how he has “brought the county together” . ….gag… (one of his “promises”.) In reality…he has actually driven us apart.

  6. jobeth says:

    Artboy…I get why you might feel like you do and respect you for those feelings and opinions, but I still have many real questions that are based on Obama’s past and current behavior.

    If that qualifies as ragging on him, I guess I’m guilty but this man has done so much to try to destroy my life and my country I don’t feel like I owe him anything. I don’t feel I’m being unfair to be wary of his motives after all the slight of hand he has produced in these 2 1/2 years.

    I am glad he took out OBL.And yes, I’m glad he gave the go ahead. But there are way too many questions for me to just accept it at face value. I just don’t trust Trojan Horses. And I give 99% of the credit to the boots on the ground. Superb job as usual.

    I Am am glad that Obama, for a change, got out of the way and allowed our guys to do their job. Like he did when he allowed the snipers to do their work with the pirates a couple of years ago. Two great decisions on his part to allow the military to do what they are so well trained to do. But in my eyes, I don’t see too much more to be happy with, where he is concerned.

    BTW…It really is good to get to talk to you again… :-D Just don’t agree with you this time.

    • artboyusa says:

      Hey jobeth; nice to hear from you too. I don’t mind when we disagree among ourselves; its good for us and we know we’re all on the same side here.

      You know, the amount of psychic tension I’ve been carrying around since 2001 must have been even worse than I thought it was. Now I know what the phrase “a weight of my shoulders” really means, because that’s how it feels. A weight off my wrist actually, I wore that black band for years and when yesterday morning I took it off for the first time ever and put it on the shelf…well, it was emotional. Wearing that thing was like dragging an anchor around, I realize now. Anyway, an awful burden has been lifted and I’m so relaxed, so happy and pleased, that not even Obama can bug me now. He can keep. Right now I’m going to savor this thing and just enjoy the moment, imagining Osama in hell: sizzle, sizzle, crackle, crackle…

    • jobeth says:

      Hey there Artboy, I agree with you about disagreeing among ourselves. I think that’s how we learn. Many many times I’ve been enlightened by you all here and you all have shown me that my thoughts are off bead. But we all respect each other so that makes it all ok and good.

      I also know exactly what you are talking about when you speak of that weight and feeling happier without the weight of your wrist band. Not long before my recent surgeries, I recognize how “ratty” and grumpy I was becoming….know why? Too much emotional involvement in the politics of the day.

      Every so often I find I have to fade back and other than keeping track of what is happening via Fox, I don’t listen to Rush, Bortz, Hannity, or anything too involved. When I get like that I almost become truly depressed. So I backed off in December to take a brief “happy” break to get my thoughts and emotions back on a more even keal. When I got out of the hospital I had other things to deal with and then as soon as I was feeling better I was back in for my back. More things to deal with. Just trying to find ways to move…lay…and sit…lol. And trying to find out how to pick up something I dropped with that dang ‘grabber’ lol Yep I was busy! ;-B

      Once this thing happened on OBL I was so full of glee and opinion I just had to let fly…lol. And so full of questions on what the heck just happened and how. Anyway…I do appreciate what you are saying and oft noted the difference between a conservative blog and a progressive lib blog. So its good for us to be reminded every so often to keep it real and not a sling fest. You’re a good friend…friend. :-D

      ” imagining Osama in hell: sizzle, sizzle, crackle, crackle…”
      I’m thinking he smells just like a big ol’ pork roast!….lol

  7. proreason says:

    Steve has a good point asking why special forces were involved.

    They knew exactly where he was, and cruise missiles are pin-point accurate. Any kind of ground operation, not to speak of one deep inside an “allie’s” territory is high risk. Note that reports now are that they lost a helicopter and had to blow it up, but they had two in reserve. They probably expected some casualties as well.

    Was the value of taking the body away worth the risk? It looks suspiciously like somebody wanted some glory doesn’t it? Cruise missiles aren’t very glorious. I wonder what the military’s recommendation was…bet we’ll never learn what that was.

    • jobeth says:

      “It looks suspiciously like somebody wanted some glory doesn’t it?”

      Especially since they went to a lot of trouble to kill him and then ditch the body so quickly anyway. Doesn’t sound like he wanted to bring him in alive. The surgical missile strike would have been the safest way to go for our troops.

      But the important thing is….The “1” gets his glory. That’s paramount.

      Low poll %’s + another run for office = obviously risking the precious lives of Americans for glory of the One. Clear to me…

    • tranquil.night says:

      I think they ditched the body to make any further forensics a non-factor.

      Pro’s right. It was either a kill or capture mission, but why would Obama abandon all his policy beliefs, risk OBL catching wind of the tightenng noose, AND risk American lives and equipment in an operation he might well have to disavow if anything were to go wrong, when he’s got satellite guided bombs?

      Let’s put it this way. We’ve taken out dozens if not hundreds of high-value targets with payloads. I’m not aware of us ever having a problem with whether we’ve hit our target. We either did or didn’t.

      So Barry is just the luckiest idiot hypocrite ever, or he knew he had OBL served on a plate and was looking to chain and tame the monster to be his own campaign pet. Instead, America’s finest put that cynical ploy to rest with a nice double-tap and then sending it a thousand leagues below the sea.

    • proreason says:

      Let’s not forget the the movies will be coming out in the summer of 2012, just in time to remind people of our hero’s courageious decision-making.

  8. Chase says:

    I have read that to ensure OBL’s demise it would have taken a number of 2,000lbs bombs. There would also have been no means then to verify his death, who went with him, or to capture any of the potential sources of intelligence to be found in notebooks, on computers, or discs which he had stored.

    Just wait when they find George Soros’ name on his list of financial benefactors. Or the names of a few Saudi Princes and Pakistani generals.

    No, we bombed Saddam’s bunkers, and did not know whether he was there at the moment….if we had bombed Abbottabad we would know a lot less than we do now. I have absolutely no qualms about what we did, who did it, and the circumstances….I just wish I did not have to hear the Won’s press secretary calling it a “gutsy” decision, or people crowing about another feather to Obamys cap of accomplishments. The right people did the right thing, and I hope that enough Opsec is kept on what happened to prevent the NYSlimes from seditiously giving away any more intell gleaned from this Op.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Good points Chase. As peeved as the Pakistanis are now, heavy bombs going off in one of their ‘upscale’ regions would be even less appreciated, especially by the locals.

      I’ve seen the ‘mansion’ though and it’s hardly one of Sadaam’s bunkers.

    • proreason says:

      We didn’t know we would get a treasure trove of intelligence, and it’s not even certain now, despite the MBM crowing about it. Those computers might not have squat on them. The compound had no tv or internet; since we knew that, we might have also suspected that there wouldn’t be computers or even much paper.

      And even if it was suspected they were using computers, Seals are extremely valuable military assets. Plus consider that political risk if the mission had gone awry.

      I’m not arguing against what was done, but I’m with Steve in suggesting that the decision to use Seals might have been based on politics rather than the best military option.

      I think the most compelling reason for a manual operation would have been the ability to prove we killed Osama. But so far, the body was dumped, the only witnesses are American military people, no pictures have been produced, and the dna evidence isn’t something the world can see.

      I don’t think it was staged, but Get Back Jack is arguing that it was, and he isn’t alone by a long shot. One thing for sure, that level of lying isn’t beneath the Moron. The only reason I believe it is that I’m convinced that someone who is in the Seal unit or someone who is familiar with the unit would break ranks and go to Fox News or somebody if the Seals hadn’t been deployed. Those people are too honorable to let themselves be involved in a lie of this magnitude.

  9. Chase says:

    A Predator also does not carry a large enough payload to assure the complete destruction of a concrete building. A couple of Hellfires would leave enough of the house standing or walls intact enough to prop up fallen ceilings and leave doubt as to the final demise of anyone inside. The only was to assure death of all on site would be several 1-ton bombs that would turn the concrete to dust, with concussive force known to burst organs, and heat to immolate those within.

    I could care less about the neighbors. As I posted earlier elsewhere here, Abbottabad is the hometown of Gen Khalid M. Wynne, their equivalent to our Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who incidentally met with our Adm Mullen just recently and assured him Pakistan’s ISI was not aiding the Haqqani Network, another of the large groups fighting us from Pakistan and in Afghanistan. A couple other of current prominent generals in the Pakistani Army are also listed as having attended public school in Abbottabad, leaving me very skeptical that they would not be aware of things going on in their home town. So to hell with collateral damage…..but I am optimistic that the intell gathered on site will open up avenues and new lines of information on those behind Al Qaeda financially and its current operatives and leaders.

    I hope we get the American-born cleric hiding in Yemen next. He is one who would be good to bring to trial.

    • proreason says:

      The other option would have been Cruise missiles, no? One would probably have been enough.

      I suppose collateral damage must have been a consideration, but it would have been very easy to argue that anybody living in that neighborhood would know who was living in the house with the 17 foot high concrete fence. Does anybody have one of those in your neighborhood? Would you be curious if they did?

  10. Chase says:

    “Those people are too honorable to let themselves be involved in a lie of this magnitude.”

    I agree. I don’t think even Obama would be so self-absorbed to believe he could pull off a scam on the world and do so with the complicity of the men of a Seal team.

    Osama did not allow access to phones or internet, true. But that does not mean that he would not use computers and encrypted CDs to tranfer his messages, voiced or written, directions, and communications via CD or thumb drives. That is all both very plausible and to be expected, especially if he were to have his voice recorded in message to verify his authenticity to his intimate associates, or to store messages to be played as he saw fit.

    By the way, I read one account that said there were 79 people involved in the operation….they would have had to use something far bigger than a Blackhawk (total capacity, 12 pax, two side gunners and the two pilots) to bring in that many people in 4 aircraft. Someone speculating, or some low-level person wanting to get some street cred leaking inside information but who got it way wrong….

  11. proreason says:

    I’ve been wondering why the compound has been described as a luxury mansion. It looks like a dump, even allowing for the firefight damage.

    But now that the incessant reports about Osama living there for 5 or 6 years are starting to appear, I see the reason.

    It’s to discredit Bush. In other words, Osama was living in luxury for YEARS before our heroic boy king was annointed. And just two years, later, he captured the evil mastermind without an American even getting a hangnail.

    And of course, now Holder is saying that he doesn’t know the interrogation techniques had anything to do with it. I suspose the smartest man who has ever lived just figured it out between gold rounds on Sunday.

  12. Chase says:

    Most of the homes in the Middle East/Afghanistan are constructed like this, with walls. Such friendly, neighborly people, right? This way their daughters and women can move about performing their slaver….um, their household chores without being observed or looked upon by men not of their family. I suppose it also keeps their goats from getting away….

    I am told that the height of the walls is not really that remarkable –

  13. Mithrandir says:

    When someone is cold, emotionless, LAWYER, their whole life is a poker face.

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