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AP: Obama Must Be More Partisan This Time

From an utterly shameless Associated Press:

Obama grapples with memories of 2008 hope, change

By ERICA WERNER, Associated Press
September 27, 2011

DENVER (AP) — Remember when Barack Obama first ran for president and people were really into him?

This is what passes for a ‘lead’ in today’s world of journalism.

Obama remembers it, too, but not the same way some of his supporters do.

Bidding for re-election in tough economic times, Obama says there is some "revisionist history" going on about how great that first race was.

Apparently, just about everyone is mistaken about just everything – except for Mr. Obama. By the way, this is also what sociopaths think.

His strategy is to bring disillusioned supporters back into the fold by addressing their feelings of discouragement head-on and reminding them they signed up for something tough to begin with — even if now they just remember the "hope" and "change" posters…

The approach is one Obama almost has to take if he’s to reconcile memories of his historic 2008 campaign with the dispiriting realities of governing a divided country amid a sagging economy and unemployment topping 9 percent.

Especially, since he promised to unite the country and turn around the economy.

On Tuesday, Obama was in Denver, the city where he accepted the Democratic presidential nomination three years ago before an adoring crowd of 80,000…

It’s a far cry from three years ago in Denver when the president told the huge crowd, "It’s time for us to change America." …

The problem is most Americans do not like the way Obama has changed the country. They did not sign on for this.

It would have been tough for the realities of the Obama presidency, with its deal-making and compromises, to compete with the inspirations of the Obama campaign under the best of circumstances. He’s encountered far from the best [sic], with the tough economy and Republicans attacking him at every turn.

What "deal-making and compromises"? Obama never even met with the Republican leadership until January of this year. But, again, this is the kind of endless mendacity that the Associated Press puts out in the guise of reporting the news.

But for Obama, the disillusionment goes even deeper than the political reality that governing is harder and uglier than campaigning.

Obama’s campaign was premised on the notion of uniting the country and changing the very way Washington worked. But that’s something he’s acknowledged he failed to do

Obama has never acknowledged any such thing. Moreover, he has never tried to unite the country or change the way Washington works. He is and always has been a highly partisan political hack, in the worst Chicago tradition.

Obama, with his approval ratings sinking into the 40s, appears to recognize as well as anyone the disconnect between the lofty rhetoric of then and the partisan reality of now

Which is why he is ratcheting up the partisan rhetoric.

This time around, he tells supporters, he will be focused on painting a clear contrast between his vision of America and the GOP approach, which he charged would "cripple" the country over the long term. That one pivot — from campaigning on hope and unity to attacking the GOP — sums up just how different things are this time around for Obama

You see, Obama’s complete and utter failure as a President has nothing to do with his re-election problems.

No, his problems are all because of the new and unprecedented partisanship in the country. There was no such partisanship in the country in 2008 or 2004 or 2001 campaigns.

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5 Responses to “AP: Obama Must Be More Partisan This Time”

  1. Tater Salad says:

    Here is a video of a future Democratic voter. Maxine Waters Al Sharpton and Louis Farakhann would be proud of this kid and his parents! As Barack Obama told all of us, “Republicans to the rear of the bus”!!!!!


  2. Mithrandir says:

    Hmmm, NOW there are misgivings about Obama? –NOW? after 3 years of disaster?

    Youtube: Democrat’s Tried to Warn Us:

    ~Biden admits Obama wasn’t ready: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpjAs4vtc1w&feature=related

    ~Hillary Clinton admits Obama wasn’t ready: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2DECDKOFnw

    ~Bill Clinton admits Obama wasn’t ready: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGFb4BsY1S0

    ~Obama admits Obama wasn’t ready: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K4yCwqtuv5Q&feature=related

  3. P. Aaron says:

    Heh. Obama says ‘revisionist history’. Things have simply changed Unexpectedly!

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Rush did an excellent commentary on this, using this piece. It’s great when he addresses Steve’s uptake directly. His added vocal emphasis makes it that more glaring and clear.

    By stating that it smells like an article in a teen girl magazine pretty much does two things: It flames the writer and makes it clear that all the hormone-laden excitement over this clown was nothing more than a teen crush more akin to that along the lines of a new ‘tween boy band than a viable political candidate.

    And, that he’s proven to be a marxist with an unfinished brain, also a typical attribute to most teenagers. Half-baked thoughts, unchecked emotions, acting out, smart-ass comments, petulance, arrogance, unfounded anger…all the characteristics of a spoiled teen. Yup, that’s little Barry. 100%.

  5. proreason says:

    I have a more simplistic view.

    They plotted and schemed for 60 years to get their criminal in the white house. But they didn’t plan on him actually revealing who he is once he got there. So now they are surrounded. And desperate. But they aren’t going to give up something that they have worked so hard for.

    2012 is Armageddon for them, and it’s Armageddon for us. The victor will rule for generations.

    Either they win, or the people win. It’s that simple.

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