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AP: Obama’s Re-Election Celebrated By World

From the Associated Press:

Obama’s re-election celebrated around world

By GREGORY KATZ and MARGIE MASON | Wed November 7, 2012

LONDON (AP) — From his old school in Indonesia to a Japanese beach town that happens to share his name, many around the world cheered President Barack Obama’s re-election Wednesday while others said stubborn conflicts and deepening economic and environmental woes will not be helped by his success.

Perhaps nowhere was the joy so simply expressed as at Jakarta’s Menteng 01 Elementary School, where a statue of the young Obama stands outside the school in tribute to its most famous alumni.

Jubiliant [sic] students happily marched with a poster of the president from one classroom to another after hearing that he had won a second term: "Obama wins … Obama wins again," they shouted. "I want to be like him, the president," said student Alexander Ananta…

Wasn’t our embassy in Indonesia attacked in September?

Mohammad Qassim, a carpet seller in the Afghan capital Kabul, said Obama’s first four years saw a substantial worsening of the bloodshed there.

"Obama hasn’t done anything good for Afghanistan," he said. "He didn’t bring pressure on Pakistan. The centers of terrorists are still active across the border. He must make sure that fighting ends before the troops leave in 2014."

Mohammad Wali, a paramilitary policeman, was more blunt: "We don’t care if he won or not," he said…

That is "celebrating"?

European leaders were generally happy to see Obama victorious, even though some complain that Europe is no longer considered a top priority by a U.S. leaders seen by many as the first "Pacific president" who sees Asia, with the rising economic superpower China in the lead, as more of a strategic focus…

That is "celebrating"?

Though Iranian media have long said the country saw little difference between Obama and Romney on tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program, that did not stop the semiofficial Fars news agency for rolling out the vivid headline, "Republican’s elephant crushed by Democrat’s donkey." …

Well, we can understand Iran celebrating.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has had a strained relationship with the American president over his policies on Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, congratulated the president in a text message to reporters. "I will continue to work with President Obama to preserve the strategic interests of Israel’s citizens," he said…

That doesn’t sound like a celebration to us. But what does Israel have to celebrate about an Obama victory?

The Western-backed Palestinian Authority has been disappointed that Obama did not pressure Israel to make greater efforts to make peace with the Palestinians, including a freeze on all settlement construction…

Still no celebrating.

In China, Obama’s re-election was good news for people concerned about Romney’s vow to label China a currency manipulator if elected…

"His re-election is in line with what the Chinese people want," said Hong Zihan, a graduate student who monitored the results at a U.S. Embassy event in Beijing.

So a student in a Communist dictatorship is happy.

In Russia, Fyodor Lukyanov, editor-in-chief of Russia in Global Affairs, said Obama’s second term should not bring any substantial change to Russian-American relations. He said he doesn’t expect Washington to reverse a plan to roll out a missile defense system in Europe, which has irritated Moscow for years.

"I don’t expect any breakthroughs," he said. "That’s just not possible."

So not even the Russkies are happy. Though they have every reason to be.

In Myanmar, which is pushing political reforms forward after five decades of military rule kept it isolated from much of the rest of the world, some said they were relieved Obama was re-elected because he chosen to engage rather than sanction their country.

"It is good that President Obama is re-elected. President Obama is very flexible and international relations have improved during his term," said Thit Oo, a 42-year-old car mechanic.

The Myanmar vote is in for Obama!

A spokesman for the main Syrian opposition bloc, the Syrian National Council, expressed hope that the election victory would prompt Obama to do more to support those trying to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad.

"We hope this victory for President Obama will make him free more to make the right decision to help freedom and dignity in Syria and all over the world," SNC spokesman George Sabra said…

In other words, the Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria hope Obama will keep shipping them weapons.

So, in reality, there is nothing in this article to justify the AP’s headline. But that doesn’t matter. Getting out the right headline for their leader is all that matters.

By the way, the ‘Dark Ages’ were preceded by the fall of Rome, which was also cheered by many nations in Europe the Middle East and Africa.

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22 Responses to “AP: Obama’s Re-Election Celebrated By World”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Putting the Election into Perspective

    How are those “tinfoil hat” Ron Paul votes looking right now? Pretty good huh? While the democrats find 10,000 wedge issues to sell gov’t to any and everybody, and use straw man tactics when Republicans oppose, the Republican party decided to scoff at millions of fired up Libertarians, and decided not to attract disaffected Hillary supporters looking for revenge.

    How about those Republican voters (like me) who didn’t vote the ticket b/c the ONLY liberal candidate became our choice to appease those precious fence-sitters out there? How’d that work out for ‘ya? Amazing that we got stuck with a liberal and a conservative side-kick combination yet AGAIN!

    Is the Republican party run by 7th graders?

    Is there any short term plan? A ten year plan? A twenty? A 100 year plan? The democrats have one, and they stick to it. 100 years is not all that long, because socialism is for eternity, and it only takes 100 years to get there.

    I am no longer shocked that Republicans can’t reverse-engineer democrat strategy. Either cheat like them, or stop the cheating. Either funnel money like them, or stop the funneling. Either punish your enemies like them, or stop the punishing. Either start promising 30 pieces of silver to everyone to sell out their country, or stop democrats from raiding the treasury.

    You can be sure the House Republicans will scratch their heads for the next 2-4 years. State Republicans won’t hold any Constitutional Conventions. State Republicans aside from a few, won’t de-fund democratism, chase down illegals, secure the vote, or any of the other things you would expect them to do.

    Not shocked at the Romney/Ryan loss at all—-ZERO %. And you shouldn’t be either. If the Republicans can’t beat a guy named “Hussein” (of all names!) who crashed the economy, had a major international incident (Libya) embarrass him, have a major hurricane embarrass him even more, have businesses threaten to mass-fire employees if Obama is elected, and all the other misery that has increased since he was elected then by G*d they are even more awful at politics and running elections than I ever imagined.

    ‘After my election I have more flexibility’ -Barack Obama to the Russians 26 March 2012
    (and you don’t think elections are rigged)

  2. Astravogel says:

    It’s simple really, the Welfare States won and
    the others get to pay for it. Can debt peonage
    be far behind?

  3. Reality Bytes says:

    Et Tu Christi? Any quid pro quo per chance?

    Obama calls east coast governors for face time; no takers; except Christie.

    Instead of sounding like Bobby Jindal Fatboy goes oral on our opponent; for what?! Another Billion? Two? Five? “Oh and governor, if you say nice things for the next five days, we’ll double it!!

    Now for Bloomberg who didn’t meet with meet Obama; NO INSTEAD HE JUST WENT FULL FACE & ENDORSED HIM!

    Obama Drone: “Mayor, I noticed how much grief you’re getting about the marathon.”

    Doomberg: (hand outstretched while gazing up at the ceiling): “Well yes, but it does bring in 350 million dollars.”

    Obama Drone: “What do you say Mayor if we just take care of that for you & get you off the hook.”

    Doomberg: “Well that would be very helpful.”

    Obama Drone: “Hey, just a thought, what do you say we just round it up to an even billion. All we’d ask is for your endorsement.”

    Doomberg: “Well that would be very difficult given the president’s economic policy being opposite my own.” (with oustretched hand out again)

    Obama Drone: “Of course, we understand…course you could chaulk it up to Climate Change.”

    Doomberg: “Yes, yes I could.”

    And He Did.

    I would like to offer the following, let’s have a Guess Christi’s Weight Contest. The Winner gets to deliver that much in dead blue fish to the governor’s mansion / A SIGN THAT STEVE LONEGAN IS COMING BACK.


  4. yadayada says:

    I last checked the poll progress at about 2040 hrs. before going to bed. I saw that Romney & the ohole were tied at 153 electoral college votes. I knew the country had lost it because calif, oreg, and wash had not closed or counted and that in itself is enought EU (oops, I mean EC) votes to win. no brainer who they fall for every cycle.
    God please save us.

    then again, the book of Judges explains our plight.

    • Mithrandir says:

      That’s right, when I saw that they were tied before California was even counted, I knew it was sealed.

      However, I knew it was sealed when the liberal candidate was chosen for us, and he didn’t reach out to the Libertarian vote. Elementary school politics says you secure your BASE first, then they know to ignore everything you say after that because they know you are just trying to get elected. The democrats understand this. They don’t LOSE THEIR MINDS when their candidate slides to the middle and starts forsaking them. They are smart enough to know the wink & nod that’s going on. Conservatives start hand-wringing as soon as their candidate starts wandering off the plantation.

      *Additionally. The Republicans had the chance to jump on the TEA PARTY bandwagon and infuse new blood into the party. –clearly stand for something other than waiting for the new democrat wedge issue to come along then just make a watered down counter argument.
      What did they do? They kept geriatric John McCain, they allowed Murkowski to stay on. They didn’t find a replacement for the liberal RINO women in the Northeast, and so on.
      While democrats constantly hit the mine for new demographics to cater to, the Republicans don’t even look outside their own tent to see who might want to come in.

      John Boehner has already thrown up his hands in surrender to Obama, and it hasn’t even been 12 hours yet. It’s the Republican’s job to do all the heavy lifting now you know. Republicans should have voted Ron Paul as speaker of the house……not this trembling Newt Gingrich, “government shut-down” hold over.

  5. canary says:

    Mithrandir I wonder to about the Libertarians which I’ve recently had more contact with than I wish as some of them are idiots and insane. When they won’t answer if they’ll vote. And these are the Libertarians that are more polished and close to Ron Paul. They want to punish America and actually want things to go back to centuries and settle things with muskets. Like they are so stupid to understand just how helpless people in this country are even if they owned powerful guns.

    I’ll never know if they voted for the lesser of the two evils which is always my motto. And if they did not vote and did not stand by Romney in the end then they are just as bad as the Democrats and should get every bit if not more blame of their own selves.

    AP quoted

    “As Democratic Rep. Steve Israel of New York put it, “If you refuse to compromise, we are going to beat you.” Israel, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said the election showed “if you are an extremist tea party Republican, you are going to lose.”

    AP: It’s a 50-50 nation, give or take
    By Calvin Woodward

    Did Steve Israel notice that Obama did not win by a landslide in NY? What a bigoted statement to threaten.


    Who was it Glenn Beck quoted “These are the times that will try men…?”

    • Mithrandir says:

      Republicans decided to walk away with millions of votes left sitting on the table.

      THE LEAST Romney could have done was lie through his teeth and PRETEND to cater to the Libertarian vote, then blindly do whatever he wanted as soon as he was elected. He decided to ignore them.
      The establishment also kept trying to let out as much steam from the TEA PARTY as they possibly could. Instead of embracing them, and clearing out the dead wood, they decided to protect their own. I would have immediately defuned every singe Republican who spent 20 or more years in Washington, and said, “Time to go out to pasture, you did your service.”

      It’s time to prepare for an extended stay as the whiny toothless minority in Washington for the foreseeable future.

      *They left gettable votes on the table, —just sayin.

    • canary says:

      Mithrandir? You did not vote to get Obama out?

      “How about those Republican voters (like me) who didn’t vote the ticket b/c the ONLY liberal candidate became our choice to appease those precious fence-sitters out there?”

      I’m a bit confused. I understand Libertarians are Republicans. And I am a tea party person. While Romney was not my and many Republican’s pick, he was the lesser of two evils and I bit my tongue in full support for Romney.

      My simplest argument was probably vote the lesser of two evils.
      Also that possibly Romney was playing it safe and appealing to the liberals which he sure did.
      And the hope that if Romney was elected then we would put the heat on him big time to do the right things. And the card that he’d better as he’d run a second term for sure.

      The idea of cutting your nose to spite your face and punish the country for not choosing my candidate and allow the evil Obama to make a mess that may end this country is not something I would want to live with. How could I do that to my fellow Americans and our children.

    • Mithrandir says:

      NOPE! Didn’t vote for Romney, as I have seen the Liberal Republican / Conservative side-kick carnival game fail before: Bush/Quayle, Dole/Kemp, Bush/Cheney, and now Romney/Ryan. (Yes, they all failed us miserably)

      Here is some sage advice from loser Bob Dole about CONFRONTING the Republican right wing: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/us-election/9495372/US-election-Bob-Dole-urges-Mitt-Romney-to-confront-Republican-party-right-wing.html

      I never donated 1 penny to their campaign, I hung up the phone on them, I didn’t spend 1 second of my time volunteering—-NOTHING. Embrace the Constitution, Bible values, the Tea Party, limited governance, or forget it.

      When you realize the carnival game is rigged, the candidates are pre-chosen, and the Republican string-pullers have about as much sense and organization as 7th graders, you will not bother to vote either.

    • Steve says:

      “NOPE! Didn’t vote for Romney.”

      Then you better not complain for the next four years.

    • canary says:

      Mithrandir you can’t complain when things grow worse. I’m so sick of Ron Paul “carnival” b.s.
      I am in a local organization we started a couple of years ago. It is active local and local people running for state positions. It’s been a really bad four years for this country. But, we backed Mitt Romney as any candidate would be better than Obama.

      And what’s been very troubling and tiring us worst the last couple of months are the libertarian
      Ron Paul followers who have made us miserable. They don’t stay on topic, they don’t do anything but cause disturbance and bring up things irrelevant. They don’t lift a finger, just start arguments how 9/11 was an inside job. And argue about legalizing Heroin. They don’t believe in the Holocaust. It’s so difficult to be around them or to get them to stop their ranting. It usually takes saying you’ve not been helping out. They are like in this world of make believe where they want to have a civil war using muskets. So, I’ve just been more stressed and tired lately because of some local Ron Paul followers and I am telling you as nicely as I can how disappointed I am in you for aiding evil.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Well, everybody is upset, that’s for sure, but none of this matters now because reason, debate, and intellectual content is DEAD! –as of 2008.


      As with the NFL, the media, and politics, Supreme Court etc, you have seen and will see a steady stream of the template they know works:

      The first (liberal) black ____________ to ___________.
      The first (liberal) Hispanic woman to _______________.
      The first (liberal) gay man/woman to _______________.
      The first (liberal) _____________to _______________.

      Be prepared for the democrats to prep “the next liberal up” to parade around the media as “progress” instead of intellectual content—as clearly, that seems to carry a lot of weight with people.

      There is NO WAY Romney really should have lost. Obama had so much damage done to him, mostly by himself, and Romney was the business man for a needed business economy. BUT, people voted for tribalism. They voted for race. They voted for party. They voted for government welfare. They voted for their tribe. Just like in Africa, the biggest tribe wins, not tribes with better ideas.

      I voted Ron Paul, and we can only guess what the outcome could have been if we would have selected him or some other conservative instead of catering to the unpopular minority of people who actually like liberal Republicans.

      What I could have done with 1 billion dollars! Tisk tisk. I could have changed and done so many positive things with a mere 1 million dollars, than what the Republicans have wasted this presidential cycle. If you look at some of my old posts, I warned you that Romney was a stinker.

      On to 2016! or maybe 2020!

    • Petronius says:

      Mithrandir : “NOW STARTS THE AGE OF TRIBALISM. * * * Romney was the business man for a needed business economy. BUT, people voted for tribalism. They voted for race. They voted for party. They voted for government welfare. They voted for their tribe. Just like in Africa, the biggest tribe wins, not tribes with better ideas.”

      Concur. Great post. This was not a triumph of Liberal ideas over conservative ideas. It was not about the quality of governance. It was simply a back-to-blood triumph of nonwhites over whites. It was sticking their thumbs in our eye. It was their “revenge.”

    • Mithrandir says:


      *Already Marco Rubio is getting ready for 2016. It’s now all about race. It will be Republicanism with a tan face, which is fine, however the tan face is 90% of it. It’s identity politics now, and balkanization of our country over issues similar to those that plagued the run-up to the Civil War.

      *“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free.–Abraham Lincoln
      –Well, 47% slave to the government, and 53% also a slave to the government on behalf of the 47%.

      *Ayn Rand Center: The Pied Pipers of Tribalism

      ~Umoja (Unity): To strive for and to maintain unity in the family, community, nation, and race.
      ~Imani (Faith): To believe with all our heart in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle. (Mein Kampf)

      Watch your back. They are gunning for you. You will continue to experience either physical terrorism, legal terrorism, or some other form of governmental harassment / terrorism. The permission to do so opened up a little bit more recently.

      (ok, now I am REALLY finished with this thread)

  6. captstubby says:

    “you will not bother to vote either.”


    The Population of the People’s Republic of China: 1,316,562,729
    did not” bother” to vote either
    .you see ,
    all they can do is
    “or forget it. ”
    this is what a REAL
    ” carnival game is rigged, the candidates are pre-chosen, ”
    looks like.

    “China’s most powerful people – state leaders, cabinet ministers, top military generals, provincial party chiefs and governors, mayors of major cities, managers of large state-owned enterprises, and state bankers – are meeting in Beijing to install the country’s fifth generation of leaders.

    In theory, the delegates will elect China’s next generation of leaders.

    Behind the scenes
    The week-long event began on the eighth – considered an auspicious number in China.
    The Congress that installed president Hu Jintao as party chief 10 years ago started on the same date, while the Beijing Olympics opened on 08/08/2008.
    Tiananmen Square is the centre of a huge security operation, with military police, regular police, and plain-clothes officers on duty alongside 1.4 million volunteers.
    Some police are equipped with fire extinguishers, possibly because of fears that Tibetans could try to set themselves on fire in protest against Chinese rule.
    Objects recently banned include fruit knives, balloons, ping-pong balls (which might bear “reactionary” messages) as well as toy planes and helicopters, according to reports.
    Pigeon owners have been warned to lock up their birds and concerts and gatherings in public parks have been halted.
    Buses have been instructed to lock their windows, possibly to prevent passengers from throwing leaflets with political messages into the square.
    Taxi drivers were told to deactivate their back windows, apparently for the same reason.

    But in practice, the appointments for senior posts are apparently decided on by top party leaders and retired officials in an opaque bargaining process which intensifies during the months running up to the Congress.

    Actual elections are only held after Congress delegates indicate that they will vote for the pre-chosen candidates.

    The Congress will appoint about 370 members of the party’s elite Central Committee.

    The Committee’s first session, held the day after the Congress ends, then selects around two dozen members of the decision-making Politburo.

    The new Politburo Standing Committee, the party’s top echelon of power which currently has nine members, will then be unveiled after the one-day Central Committee meeting ends.”

    • canary says:


      What would our forefathers think about people enabling and aiding this country’s enemy, an anti-constitutionalist preside for 4 more years. Very likely that you aided Obama be elected the first term and the four years of misery and setting this country back.

      What would the revolutionists think about a group that picked out a reason of dis-agreement as an excuse not to fight for our Independence.

      Could you not have at least have compensated for our U.S. Military who are risking their lives and getting blown-up, who were cheated out of voting. We knew weeks ahead.

      You could have told your buddies that for an excuse. And if they told you we have no business being in war anyways, and volunteers deserve what they get, you need to understand that unemployment for these young teen mean are the worst in history and many have had little choice in joining. And many who stay in have reasons as simple as to use their experience to aid these young men.

      The behavior of Ron Paul followers at the Republican Convention was as embarrassing as Code Pink. Worse, is that the time was already shortened, and Ron Paul followers disruptions only wasted time.

      There is this idea by many Ron Paul followers that everyone who doesn’t follow him are dumb.

      Talking about inside jobs fish stories. For Ron Paul’s followers to aid Obama in getting re-elected is an inside job to destroy this country. Do you really think that your punishment of this country is going to get the man you want elected to win.

    • Mithrandir says:


      You make it sound like my non-vote for Romney lost the election for him.

      Why is it when a conservative is possibly the candidate, the liberal Republican establishment wrings their hands, threatens not to support etc. But when the liberal Republican is selected, they run around saying, “You better hold your nose and vote for this guy if you want to win!” Why don’t they hold their nose and support the conservative? Did Murkowski do that in her primary? Graciously step aside the Tea Party candidate could win? Did McCain? Did Dede Scozzafava? How about Arlen Specter? How about Jim Jeffords? –reliable Republicans eh?

      What would the revolutionists think about a group that picked out a reason of dis-agreement as an excuse not to fight for our Independence.

      You mean like Ben Franklin?

      For Ron Paul’s followers to aid Obama in getting re-elected is an inside job to destroy this country.

      Then you should have at least appeased them like the Republicans DIDN’T do with Ross Perot. And the democrats didn’t do with Ralph Nader. Crazy people vote, you have to get them on board. Democrats register the blind/crippled/crazy, b/c they can vote. The least Romney could have done for the party is appease the libertarian crowd. Don’t blame me, not my fault.

  7. canary says:

    Mirthrandir “You make it sound like my non-vote for Romney lost the election for him.’

    Do you want me to give the lecture the high school Seniors were giving that Kerry lost to Bush because so many didn’t think their “one vote” would be significant.

    As I said about your “carnival” rhetoric; Many Ron Paul followers are coming out laughing they didn’t vote and we deserve Obama.

    Do you want me to drop down to elementary school in explaining the mentality of saying one vote doesn’t matter when there are millions and million of others that say this.

    One of the most frightening things to hear the last 4 years is that there was no way Obama would be re-elected. How many people said to me when I said to vote “oh you don’t really think he’ll get re-elected. No way.”

    “The least Romney could have done for the party is appease the libertarian crowd. Don’t blame me, not my fault.”

    I’ve heard Ron Paul followers say that our fore-fathers did heroin. That’s alarming to me because I don’t think all the heroin addicts in this country were capable of voting yet alone do anything sane. You can’t legalized heroin with no regulations. Little heroin babies, little toddlers overdosing. We aren’t talking marijuana here. We are talking about an extremely physically addicting drug with extreme deadly withdrawals. Everyone would be growing it, and house insurance, car insurance, and medical insurance would sky rocket.

    So, if Ron Paul can’t listen to the majority of the people who don’t believe it’s their God given right to ignore the govt and do drugs all the time crippling this country to likes of Afghanistan cave people and many other primitive countries and unstable countries, Haiti, the list is to long.

    If you don’t think people would do heroin election day and not make it to the poll or even being able to aim a weapon and hit the target! Can you see our military who have their own grief training all those heroin addicts to be police men.

    So, when Paul Ron can’t change a few ludicrous unrealistic ideas and is so narcissistic that everyone should think exactly like him. When he can’t listen to the majority but only his way that is not American values.

    And I do blame you, more so than the other ignorant people out there that didn’t vote. Your act was deliberate, spiteful, careless, and you hurt everyone on this board you’ve watched suffer under Obama’s reign. How could you watch us suffer and pray so, and arrogantly brag you didn’t try to run Obama out.

    • Mithrandir says:

      Ok, this is the final word I am going to have on this thread, as it’s not exactly a reasonable adult conversation anymore. If you disagree fine, it’s still a healthy debate, but getting less so.

      1. Breitbart claims 14 million people didn’t vote. Less people voted for Romney than McCain. Romney lost the female vote by a larger margin than McCain did. As I said, PLENTY of votes were left on the table.

      2. Finding a one-issue fault with Libertarians, and not supporting them, is the same concept you blame me for, for not supporting Romney. Aren’t you equally as guilty? You had more reasons to get on board with my candidate, than I had with yours. Why am I the traitor and not you? –I also would have accepted Newt Gringrich, win or lose.
      (*Note: the heroin issue is actually a metaphor for personal freedom and personal choices than actually putting it on the shelves at Wal*Mart, silly)

      3. Did I tell Romney to disavow the Tea Party?
      Did I tell him to ignore Ron Paul?
      Did I tell him to not reach out to the Constitution Party or any of the dozens of parties that put forth a presidential candidate every year?
      Did I tell Romney to NOT make a clear distinction between him and the democrats?
      Did I tell him to NOT make the Constitution a key element in his campaign?
      Did I tell him NOT to bring in European conservatives to warn us the perils of socialism?
      Did I tell Romney NOT to point to Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain (P.I.G.S.) as a blue print of where Obama is taking us?
      Did I tell Romney NOT to compare democrats to the communist party platform?
      Did I tell Romney to low-key his Christianity?
      Did I tell Romney to NOT get in the gutter with the democrats and start slinging poo around?
      Dredge up Reverend Wright, his college documents, his “present” votes, his fast and furious snafu? Libya?
      Did I tell Republicans to lazily ignore the obvious voter fraud that exists every year that can be fixed with a simple MICROSOFT EXCEL CONDITIONAL FORMATTING FORMULA, using any I.D. number such as SS#, driver’s license number that could be used at the polls? http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/locate-duplicates-by-using-conditional-formatting-HA001136616.aspx
      “Oh no, the inner-cities are NOT known for crime, fraud, illegal activity, no reason to require them to have voter I.D.”

      You have to be honest with yourself (selves). The Republicans see a political storm brewing out in the ocean, but decide to wait for it to make landfall before boarding up their windows with plywood. Then wonder why they can’t reverse the storm? Health care has been broken for decades, and now it’s too late. The voters desperately decided gov’t control is better than medical bankruptcy. (my friend’s mom had a terrible accident, almost died. Guess how much that cost? $175,000! And the insurance company refuse to pay until they got a lawyer {also expensive}) Socialized medicine isn’t the answer, but neither is losing your house and savings over an accident.

      Now the homosexuality storm is starting to brush our coasts, and again, the Republicans can’t even bring themselves to make a counter-argument with THE EASIEST argument to win. State by state is slowly falling to the sodomites. Our schools, churches, the military, and the only hold-out is the freakin’ Boy Scouts!
      Look on the horizon, there are other storms brewing, global warming, incest, NAMBLA, and other sexual taboos are making their trial balloons known. Are you prepared? What are the Republican top 10 strategies to counter them? Is there even 1?

      Finally, there are MANY TOOLS left in the Republican toolbox, MANY!– especially in the states where Republicans dominate. But will they use them? I have a huge laundry list of “to do’s” but I can’t leave my email address on here, and don’t want to post them. Anyone serious about strategy, I am interested in helping out.

      Sorry for the loss, but you can’t prepare for a democrat storm if the Republican establishment doesn’t want to even look out the window.

    • captstubby says:

      Mirthrandir “You make it sound like my non-vote for Romney lost the election for him.’

      the morning after the 2010 mid term election,
      i was looking on line at the voting results on a local contest.

      one challenger won by A SINGLE VOTE!
      was it my vote?
      and this is my final word.

  8. canary says:

    Mithrandir the local idiots that worship Ron Paul as the savior of the world instead of finding a different one this election are bragging millions of Ron Paul followers did not vote. Their feelings were hurt. And I did not see you as idiotic as the local Ron Paul followers here who I guess are so heroined out of their gore, insisting that our forefathers did heroin.

    I have more respect for people I know voted for Obama than I do the Ron Paul Zombie cult.

    A strong military can ward off wars.
    And Mitt Romney could have banned partial-birth abortion slitting the necks of newborn baby’s.
    Wait til Obama comes for your muskets. If you think the first 4 years were bad, you’ve not seen anything yet.

    Couldn’t you have voted for some soldier overseas trying not to get blown up with Obama’s insanity in of tying their hands behind their backs.

    Ties their hands behind their backs and then keeps them from voting.

    The military wanted Obama out period.

    We don’t need 18 year olds joining the military for Obama because there aren’t any jobs.

    Wait til Obama comes for your muskets.

  9. canary says:

    Mithrander, Ron Paul blew it last election. Ron Paul and all of his followers should have put someone else out there. Ron Paul is not going to save this country. So, find someone new, and you’d better start now and Ron Paul better start financing him. Ya can’t beat a dead horse.

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