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AP: Obama’s Toned Down Agenda (I.e, Amnesty)

From the Associated Press:

No safe bets for Obama despite toned-down agenda

By JOSH LEDERMAN and JIM KUHNHENN | October 18, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Regrouping after a feud with Congress stalled his agenda, President Barack Obama is laying down a three-item to-do list for Congress that seems meager when compared with the bold, progressive agenda he envisioned at the start of his second term.

But given the capital’s partisanship, the complexities of the issues and the limited time left, even those items — immigration, farm legislation and a budget — amount to ambitious goals that will take political muscle, skill and ever-elusive compromise to execute.

Note that this "toned down agenda" still includes amnesty, giving away even more food stamps, and killing the sequester, plus raising taxes and increasing government spending on ‘infrastructure’ (aka his constituents).

"Those are three specific things that would make a huge difference in our economy right now," Obama said. "And we could get them done by the end of the year if our focus is on what’s good for the American people."

Yes, nothing will help our economy like putting 11 million more people on the job market. Putting 11 million more people into Obama-Care. Putting more people on food stamps. And increasing taxes and expanding the federal government.

A breakthrough on any of the three issues would be a welcome development for a political system whose utter dysfunction was put on full display when the government was partially shut down for 16 days and the nation came perilously close to default…

Remember, this is supposed to be a news report, not an editorial. In fact, our political system is supposed to have checks and balances. But the AP thinks it’s supposed to be a monarchy, at least whenever there is a Democrat in the White House.

Oh, and there was never any risk of default.

Obama began the year calling for gun control legislation, expanded preschool education, an immigration overhaul, a higher minimum wage and for initiatives to address climate change. But like other moments in Obama’s presidency, fierce interparty divisions and fiscal showdowns have at times overwhelmed the capital and sapped it of any energy to move on other legislation…

And never mind that the American public overwhelmingly opposed all of these plans. The AP is crying because Obama couldn’t ram them through Congress against the expressed will of the people.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama will continue to press other priorities like college affordability, gun control and climate change, where the president has resorted to executive action after determining Congress was unlikely to act…

And the AP cheers Obama’s assumption of dictatorial powers.

By focusing on the budget, immigration and the farm bill, which combines agriculture policy with anti-hunger measures [sic], Obama chose three heavy lifts that are already in the congressional pipeline. Yet each is fraught with difficulties, and chances of success for each one are limited…

And the White House is hoping the hangover from the shutdown, which both sides acknowledge accomplished little, will produce a thaw in the intense pursuit of ideological posturing, creating an atmosphere more conducive to compromise and progress…

Which is why Obama has spent the last two days crowing over his victory and mocking the Republicans.

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2 Responses to “AP: Obama’s Toned Down Agenda (I.e, Amnesty)”

  1. Petronius says:

    We will immigrate our way to prosperity.

    Immigration is “good for the American people.” (Nerobama)

    So we want all the immigrants we can get. The more the better.

    We want all the immigrants the rest of the world can send us.

    We’ll take all of Haiti, Pakistan, and Somalia as well.

    We want more Democrat voters. More people on unemployment. More people who can’t sign up for ObamaCare (in Spanish, Nahuatl, Urdu, Aymara, or whatever). More people on disability. More people on EBT cards.

    Yes, more grist for Nerobama’s mills.

    Because it’s “good for the American people.”

    • Noyzmakr says:

      If all these ‘diverse’ peoples from around the world would be such a great boost to our economy, why aren’t they helping their own country’s economies?

      I’ll save GBJ the trouble….

      There I go being logical again.

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