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AP: Ocean Can Handle Radioactive Leaks

From an amazingly sanguine Associated Press:

Experts: Ocean life can handle radioactive leaks

By Malcolm Ritter, AP Science Writer Mon Apr 4, 2011

NEW YORK – Releases of radioactive water into the ocean near Japan’s stricken nuclear complex shouldn’t pose a widespread danger to sea animals or people who might eat them, experts say.

That’s basically because of dilution. "It’s a very large ocean," noted William Burnett of Florida State University.

Very close to the nuclear plant — less than half a mile or so — sea creatures might be in danger of problems like genetic mutations if the dumping goes on a long time, he said. But there shouldn’t be any serious hazard farther away "unless this escalates into something much, much larger than it has so far," he said…

Igor Linkov, an adjunct professor of engineering and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University, also said he did not expect any major impact on ocean wildlife or people who eat seafood

How did this news item ever make it into the Associated Press? And where were these scientists during the height of the hysteria over the BP spill?

After all, oil is not even toxic, let alone radioactive.

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3 Responses to “AP: Ocean Can Handle Radioactive Leaks”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Since it isn’t happening here and Barry can’t make any political hay over it, AP feels it’s safe to tell the truth for once.

    Let some nuke plant here release a couple of rads into some small stream and your hear a totally different story about two-head kids and cancer rates 10,000 times higher than average.

  2. proreason says:

    Yeah, but what if you drank a trillion trillion gallons of sea water? You would get radiation poisoning for sure.

    This nuclear holacaust must end.

  3. yadayada says:

    doesn’t matter. you are still going to get fear mongering whenever, wherever they can find it. today several Boise media outlets hyped that radiation from Japan contaminates Boise.
    here is one Boise headline;

    Low levels of radiation detected in Boise’s drinking water
    by Kim Fields
    Posted on April 5, 2011 at 6:01 PM

    you literally must get to the last paragraph to find out, “The EPA says the amount of radiation detected in Boise’s drinking water is… about 0.2 picocuries per liter.

    in other words–barely detectable.


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